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  1. I took a plane to Brussels which connected with a wee plane on to Luxembourg. There I met two German thistle fans from the Bobby Barnes Supporters club. We took the train to Metz and there we met the other Bobby Barnes German jags fans. One of them had brought a supply of irn brew which he got in Germany and handed it round. Well received! They had all been at University in Glasgow. What a hot night it was. We nearly got a draw when Derek McWilliams hit the post but it would have been a bit of a steal. Great night mingling with the Metz fans after the game. I got a very late train back to Luxembourg where I stayed for a day. On the local TV next night they had a big report on the game including highlights. Near the end of their report the two panellists talked about the fans and showed a clip of the jags fans. They seemed to be saying "fantastic support" . They then had a discussion on how to pronounce our name. "Parteek heessell" said one . "No" said the other pundit it is "Parteek seezel" . Even in Luxembourg city before I left next day I saw several Thistle fans.
  2. The SPFL statement almost sounds gleeful, but they do say they have sympathy for us. Gee thanks.! I suggest we do not enter the challenge cup as this has cost us very dearly.
  3. I read each of the club's cut and paste statements. So Dundee United, Raith Rovers and Cove want to ensure the "sporting integrity of the SPFL". They had two chances to uphold ssome sporting integrity and failed to do so. Their votes to effectively relegate PTFC , who had a game in hand as they had to play in a SPFL competition, was a million miles away from upholding sporting integrity.
  4. It's a fix, it's a fix, it's a fix! Seriously, well done Caroline. Very much deserved.
  5. Alas, yes it does look doomed to fail and so we will be demoted/ relegated. Extremely harsh on Hearts, Partick Thistle and, Stranraer. But it's great news for Brechin. They will not be relegated!
  6. The games were one after the other. I was at the two games on the first day. City and Southampton played out a "friendly type" draw and it went to penalties. After 11-11 on penalties it was going to be too much of a delayed kick of for Jags and Rangers so they tossed a coin. Jags then lost 2-0. It was a long night of football and we were late home. I didn't go to the third place play off and final the next day.
  7. I was a ball boy when big John Freebairn made his debut for the Jags. He commanded the penalty area really well. He could jump so high catching the ball in his chest but with a leg high out in front him. This intimidated opposition attackers. At first when he kicked the ball up the park it went high and well into the opposition half - not common at that time. I remember the crowd always giving his kick out clearances a big roar. He became a regular in the team which seemed to be the same every week - Freebairn, Hogan, Baird, Wright Harvey, Donlevy, etc. As ball boys we got free tickets for the Glasgow cup final and John had a great game that day in our 2-0 win over Celtic. It was common during my time there for ball boys to take in autograph books to the dressing room. The first time I dit it, I forgot a pen. John kindly gave me his good fountain pen for all the players to sign. Great memories for a wee ten year old at that time. Condolences to big John's family.
  8. As a boy I went to Cathkin a few times, mostly to watch the jags when they were playing there. Our school, Hyndland , reached a cup final which was played there in about 1964. The stand was quite new. It was a good ground with a great playing surface. Thirds had some great players around that time. How sad that they folded.
  9. Yes indeed. I waited till the end of sportscene. Fairly lengthy highlights for three games and for the other game, EF v PTFC, we got a short match report. Pathetic BBC. Interesting passback decision in the game by the referee!
  10. Well, someone who has watched the jags as long as me! I agree 100%. Thanks for the memories, Chris. I hope you create chances and bang in a few goals for Livi
  11. I was a ballboy at that 10-2 game. We were 5-0 down to Hibs at half time. In the dressing room at half time I heard the manager Willie Thornton shout at the players. He was raging and demanded a big fightback. Sure enough we came back to 5-2 in no time and I thought we could do it but alas the Hibs forward line that day was absolutely devastating. It was not a happy dressing room at the end of the game.
  12. Boy do I appreciate this thread. Can I also add that four games within easy distance of Balintore is something to look forward to.
  13. At the end of the game that was also the thought running through my mind. The foul on Nicky Henderson was much more clear cut than the one not given tonight. Although it was probably a foul Simon Murray did dive again. His fist dive in the match was absolutely shameful. I have sympathy with tonight's referee but still no sympathy for Mottram.
  14. Great performance by jags. Not a failure in the team. Edwards perhaps not at his best but he did put in a shift. We controlled the game in the first half and they rarely threatened. The highlight was probably the ball hitting the steward on the napper. In the second half we completely dominated. A great corner from Welsh met superbly by Liam. About six yards out on the wing we won a tackle and Booth crossed to Doolan who picked his spot with a good header. Erskine, who was back to his best, bamboozled their defenders and fired in the third. There was a“Devine” intervention and a great stop from Czerny. Late on they got their consolation goal but, seriously, it was one way traffic. All credit to the Jagsfans who came up from Glasgow and made much more noise than County fans. The singing was fantastic especially that catchy little number to the tune of the 12 days of Christmas. Merry Christmas to all Jags fans.
  15. Thistle were at home to Killie in the cup around 1968. Unfortunately we drew. But many jags fans headed down to Rugby park for the replay. I passed my driving test about two weeks before but my mum and dad allowed me to take the car and drive with friends to the game. It was a foul night and near the ground I bashed into the car in front. We still went to the game of course. Thistle used the wind in the first half and with our powerful half back Tommy Gibb dominating we went two up by half time. I think he scored our second. The gale helped Killie in the second half but they only pulled one goal back. Tommy Gibb was man of the match and Jags progressed to the next round. When I got home I told my dad that we won 2-1 - to put him in a good mood - and "by the way I have bashed the car". We would have won the cup that year but for bad luck and an amazing display by Bent Martin in the Dunfermlne goal in the quarter final. Dunfermllne won the cup that year.