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  1. Not sure that holds up as a reliable source! Also the notion that our players don’t or shouldn’t have supported one of the old firm is romantic nonsense.
  2. Couldn’t agree more!
  3. I’m sorry to hear that. Also sad to think that people can’t make mistakes and be given a second chance
  4. Maybe we do lack a bit of steel in midfield- in recent matches though the problem hasn’t been conceding goals. The team is unbalanced as smith or Turner are shoe horned into the midfield playing on the opposite side from tiffoney. They do not offer width. Our two fullbacks don’t offer much either. If tiffoney is off his game or teams double up on him and Graham has a poor game we don’t have much threat. Rudden will improve but he needs to be far more clinical. So to answer your question I think he’d bring width creativity and goals!
  5. We should be driving hastie back to Ibrox and doing what we can to sign lawless. I think the problem is two fold. First is that the squad, although improved from last season is not as strong as some of the others in the division. Second is that McCall now seems set on playing 442 and we dont have a player equivalent to tiffoney to balance it up on the other side.
  6. What I took from today is that we won’t be anywhere close to winning the league. Inverness were significantly better than us. Gardyne, Doran, Walsh and Mackay are quality players at this level and I think caley will be there or there about come the end of the season. i had been keen to see more of hastie but on that showing I don’t think he’s got any interest in being at firhill. We’ll need a few tweaks to the squad in January to stay in contention for a play off spot.
  7. Could well be that there is an attitude or confidence issue- only the management team will know. But, he must have ability and to be honest I don’t think he’s had a chance to demonstrate that since he joined on loan
  8. I think teams have sussed us a bit since the hamton match. Stop tiffoney and we struggle to create. I’d be in favour of starting hastie in addition to tiffoney and going for it. Especially at home
  9. A very comfortable win. That back four looked really solid. Like Akinola, and holt was good at left back. Think the criticism foster gets at times is a little harsh. Although Turner came on when the game was won I thought he looked far more effective in the centre than playing wide. Good to see Hastie get on as well, hopefully he has a lot to offer between now and the end of his loan.
  10. Managing to make zanatta look like a player really did rub salt in the wound.
  11. I thought we were poor. McKenna is not a fullback. Putting Mayo to right back in the second half means that’s the fourth player to play there so far. Squad is unbalanced and light in midfield. Thought we should have had at least one pen at 1-0 but even then we were well beaten and the final score flattered us.
  12. Mayo gave a clear shout it was his ball to head clear and then missed it completely. Thought we were a bit unlucky with the og, and the first goal proved to be crucial
  13. Agreed. Had also forgotten how frustrating it is to watch a tommy Wright team when they get in front. We could definitely learn something there
  14. One of the problems is McCall doesn’t yet know his best team or formation. Not convinced by Docherty this season so far and don’t think there is an obvious replacement for him