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  1. That is not what happened. A quick google search will tell you that, though to be frank I seriously doubt your ability to do even that.
  2. He has never been convicted of rape in a criminal court. The standard of evidence for a civil case is different and the decision was made by one judge on the balance of probability rather than a jury agreeing beyond reasonable doubt. Can’t help but think that the scenario is maybe not a million miles away from the accusations levelled at ciaran McKenna once upon a time. He said consensual, she said not…..should we punish him forever more too?
  3. Don’t let the facts get in the way of a good bit of predjudice.. £250k of legal fees is the reason she didn’t get any compensation. Sure the solicitors feathering their nests are not losing any sleep.. https://www.sundaypost.com/fp/shamed-footballers-david-goodwillie-and-david-robertson-dodge-rape-victim-denise-clairs-100000-compensation-claim/
  4. Nothing like a good bit of mob rule. Do you want to see him boiled in oil as well? If rovers were silly enough to sign him on a two and a half year contract then that is not his fault
  5. Hopefully McAllister fit for this one. Likely to be McKenna at full back whose strength is not in attacking
  6. I’m not defending him, nor condoning what he has done. Val mcdermid’s statement is opinion, not fact as far as I can see.
  7. I do not condone any form of violence whatsoever. I do think however that the reaction to goodwillie signing for Raith is over the top. He was not convicted in a criminal court as there was not enough evidence. He was convicted in a civil court and was fined £100k. That was the punishment given to him by society. He presumably has paid that. If he is remorseful for his actions surely he should then be allowed to get on with his life
  8. Credit where it’s due, was a great pass. More of the same required
  9. Good to get the win but the football was awful. Pitch is horrendous - hard to see how it can stand up to the number of games scheduled this month
  10. Grim viewing. Not sure what Crawford brings to the party beyond slowing the play down and some sideways passes
  11. Not sure if it’s possible but megginson from cove would be pleasing. Did hear McCall mention him in an interview after we won the league.
  12. Rudden obviously wants to continue playing in the championship next year. No great loss. Take what’s offered this month and get another striker in dundee have lost Cummings and Griffiths this month so will want him in now
  13. Completely agree. Maciver is exceptional in the air. Let’s see what he can do. If we get a decent offer for Rudden, bite their hand off. Sure McCall has one or two lined up to come in
  14. I think it’s likely Rudden will move on in this window. Whenever I’ve heard him speaking he’s never given the impression he would be at firhill beyond his current contract, which is fair enough. Undoubtedly there is a player there but in a significant proportion of games he doesn’t contribute enough. Take the cash and re-invest in the team.