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  1. Where was Rudden today- injured again?
  2. Let’s be honest - that is a terrible start to the season. McCall doesn’t have much longer to prove himself for me. Britton too for that matter- he’s presided over complete failure
  3. St Mirren looked a poor team to me. Docherty and Banzo bossed the midfield. Composed finish from spittal though the balance of the team looked poorer after he came on. Don’t feel confident at all in sneddon sadly, hope he proves me wrong. The second two goals that thistle conceded were completely self inflicted and amateurish. Very early days, and definitely some positive signs but that definitely felt like I was watching a movie I’ve seen many times before....
  4. I can assure you there was a shortage of adequate PPE in Scotland. That provided did not equate to standards outlined by WHO and along with that batches of PPE supplied to Primary care later had to be recalled due to deficiencies, which meant that lots of health care workers had to source their own equipment.
  5. Nice to be talking about some football news again. Seems on the face of it a positive move, the club must’ve convinced him we would be playing this season. Either that or Ayr couldn’t afford to keep him
  6. Again, sorry to hear that. Death certificates in the UK allow more than one cause of death to be listed. Obviously difficult to comment on individual circumstances without knowing details, but it could be the case that Covid was the tipping point beyond the underlying issues they had, therefore would need to be on the certificate.
  7. Mate, I sympathise with your friends. I do think though that the experience you have had in Norway is very different to what has happened in the UK. I would question too whether relatives are in a better position than a medical professional when it comes to deciding upon a cause of death.
  8. The AZ vaccine sounds like a game changer. First doses due in September. Health care workers and most vulnerable will get it first, then rolled out to the rest of the population. If that comes then Football as we know it could be back by Christmas
  9. So what are you trying to say? You’ve just highlighted that two of the managers had good track records. This would seem to suggest that even good managers can have bad spells. There is no guarantee of success. All the managers we have had in this time seem to have been backed financially by the board. it has undoubtedly been a terrible three years- but no one could have predicted the end to this season.
  10. I think that’s a good response, within it justifying the steps the club took at each stage of the process. Scottish football really is an utter shambles. A dinosaur of outdated policies, religious discrimination and corruption, composed of individuals on the whole who are at best described as morally questionable.
  11. The problem with legal action is not simply whether the club can afford to pay legal expenses but also if they can survive for longer without the SPFL money. Presumably the governments furlough scheme would help to some extent
  12. I think that’s me finished with football. This outcome is completely unfair and absolutely corrupt. At a time when communities are trying to work together for the benefit of others, this leaves a particularly bad taste in the mouth. Nothing changes in the murky world of Scottish football. Good riddance
  13. Yes- Forfar chairman was a diddy- after he said that he claimed no one had voted for financial reasons. Inverness chairman on the other hand- what a guy. Beacon of light in an otherwise very murky world