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  1. Superb jags, coming in to form at the business end of the season. Well played
  2. I don’t think the issue is whether he was under the influence or not, more that he may have broken the law by travelling to Carlisle to sink a few pints
  3. Great time for him to be playing himself into form. Go on zac!
  4. Is he the fat balding gent who is offering to get Neil Lennon home? Don’t like the video or social media justice that it provokes but I have to say it doesn’t look good.
  5. Thought we totally controlled the game without making many chances until Rudden’s first goal. Thursday is going to be more difficult not least because of fatigue and the inevitable changes to the starting line up
  6. Cardle’s delivery is 99% mince
  7. Completely agree we are a poor team in a poor league. What is frustrating though is that after a good result away at airdrie we had the chance to build confidence and momentum against Forfar and we blew it. Confidence is key, but right now we have a lot of overpaid underperforming footballers
  8. You’re right the key thing is to get out of this league. Have the team demonstrated they might be capable of this? Quite frankly putting in a ‘nearly’ performance against a team you are not expected to beat is easy. Grinding out results against teams you should beat is much harder and requires the right mentality. Nothing I have seen this season suggests we are equipped for this.
  9. Don’t think there are any positives from that tbh. Another loss, which fails to justify McCall’s selection on Tuesday. We are a total irrelevance and fans are now well out of the habit of going to firhill. Part time football beckons....
  10. Have to agree, his stewardship of the club has been utterly disastrous
  11. Forfar more organised, more motivated, more skilful, fitter. Any momentum well and truly lost.
  12. What an absolute shambles we have become
  13. This team is on a par with the thistle of Tommy Bryce. Absolutely honking
  14. Their overweight immobile part time journey man striker is several levels above Rudden/Graham/ maciver