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  1. That's why Lyons doesn't start. He can't beat a defender.
  2. I like "He's got a great third touch."
  3. In the QOS commentary they said that we were easily the best side they'd played against so far. I know it's really early days but there are good signs.
  4. Disappointingly few shots on target but bonus is that Sneddon looked realky good
  5. Same here. Really poor.
  6. Shit Graham sent off
  7. Good intensity and work rate but lacking the guile to break down a well drilled Queens midfield
  8. Yep. Really pleased with the first half in spite of the goal.
  9. I need a break away from all this.
  10. He scored a brilliant header in my first game aged 12, a 2-1 defeat v. Aberdeen in 1979.