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  1. That second half was abysmal. At what point do you realise that long, aimless balls are not the answer? The 57th time? Arbroath embarass us yet again.
  2. A guy behind me just shouted " Blow the whistle ref, there's hot pies inside." This is a terrible game of football.
  3. Hmm. But how do you know it's a curious statistic if you don't have the data on other teams' goals to corner kicks ratio? That said we could definitely improve our crossing, both at set pieces and in open play.
  4. Brought 12 pals to the game today from my football team. None of them are Thistle fans. Their thoughts as follows: 1. Poor use of space: left flank often open to attack from through Foster but his space frequently ignored. 2. Over reliance on hopeful balls to strikers which were easily dealt with by Killie defence. 3. Midfield often fragile and vulnerable to tackles or blocks which killed moves stone dead. 4. Lack of guile in possession when attacking. Predictable and easily read passes on every attack.
  5. Agreed. Too many long balls that went nowhere. Thought Sneddon was very solid though.
  6. Any straws in the wind as to when non-season ticket holders will be able to get into Firhill? Can't see anything from the club on this. Maybe I've missed it?
  7. Winning 5 games in a row with 5 clean sheets is not "the Thistle way" . Let's hope this is the new way.
  8. We've just won four games in a row and scored 12 without reply. I know these have been hard times but there really is cause for optimism now. If we can't take any joy in doing well then what is the point of following the team?
  9. If McCall stays in a job then we are basically saying that this level of performance is acceptable.
  10. East Fife look a division above us.