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  1. I need a break away from all this.
  2. He scored a brilliant header in my first game aged 12, a 2-1 defeat v. Aberdeen in 1979.
  3. Consistently making the right decision as to when and when not to come off your line to collect a cross is the hallmark of a top class keeper. We're never going to have a keeper that can do that. Sneddon has not had much of a chance after a howler against Morton a year and a half ago. I think he's worth a punt.
  4. Listen to what they are saying about the letter on Sportsound. Tom English describes it as "jaw dropping".
  5. We need to help with the funding of this and I mean everyone who can afford to. Otherwise what are we?
  6. You might be right Norvge. It is the differebce between bumping your (virtual) gums on a forum and a sober, coherent and robust series of actions that properly expresses the disgust that I hope is felt by every Thistle fan today. I hope we do do it if only to show that we really care about what has been done to us today. What about approaching the supporters buses and asking them to absent themselves for a season. If we sre all keyboard warriors with no teeth then let's have no more from anyone about the board being weak and lacking direction.
  7. I think this is the point. The idea that the new leagues wiill,start as normal in August may be fanciful. Social distancing is likely to continue long after lockdown finishes. Some clubs may have gone to the wall by the time football actually kicks off again. I would always say that I would never want any club to go bankrupt because i thought at root, underneath all the slagging and the banter we were all a part of a community. It doesn't look like that today. At a time when every other walk of life is coming together in unprecedented adversity Scottish football shows itself to be mean spirited and venal.
  8. Scandalous outcome even if it was not unexpected. Legal action and total boycott of away games must be considered. We cannot take this lying down.
  9. Is Hardy Buggers in Norway another playet we should be looking at?