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  1. No but it was my nickname all the way through school!
  2. To be fair, it does display a modicum of sense that they won’t put their name to their spouting.
  3. Dave Donnelly, 43, currently living in Rutherglen though was born in Edinburgh, schooled in Dumbarton, then onto uni in Glasgow. Was fairly uninterested in football for my school days but thanks to school segregation I had a vague affiliation with one of the ugly sisters. After school I began to take more of an interest in the national team’s fortunes and noticed how much sweeter victory felt when it came more rarely. Well, I probably took that to an extreme by choosing Thistle as my club but I was living in the west end and they were the obvious choice. Never looked back. (Used to be in a band called The Marcia Blaine School For Girls, hence the username) I’ve noted with some disappointment that none of this site’s resident keyboard hard-men have opted to identify themselves on this thread yet. Shame, it’s a nice idea.
  4. Kettlewell shaves his widow’s peak off in a wee triangle on his forehead, and it’s the weirdest thing I’ve ever seen. Therefore it’s a cast iron “no” from me.
  5. Game 14 of the season and we’re only three points off top spot. I feel better about the Clyde game now
  6. I saw that too in Gerry’s vid, but the Albion Rovers site has them playing Caledonian New Braves this Saturday.
  7. I tend to agree in the main. There’s nothing in the letter that’s factually incorrect. But as I said I think the letter implies a limited route to getting sight of the documents. If there is another route that does not involve becoming a respondent or allying with the respondents then the letter would be misleading by omission. Does anyone actually know of such a route?
  8. We do know the contents now. The letter leaked last night https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/hearts-partick-thistle-astonished-leaked-22264335
  9. The letter advises clubs that if they want to see the details of the case, they have to either tell the court that they’re respondents to the complaint or formally ally themselves with the answers that the league or the 3 promoted clubs have provided to the complaint. It’s very clear that the league are advising this is the only purported route to seeing the documents. To me, the notable thing in the letter is that it does not advise clubs of any other potential route to seeing the documents - such as the route of formally associating themselves with the Hearts/Thistle position. However I’m not sure if, legally, that’s possible - perhaps some other legal minds can advise? If it is, then Doncaster’s letter says “if you want to see these documents, you’ll have to ally yourselves with us in the case as a respondent” which is misleading and decidedly fishy. It coerces clubs into getting involved in a certain way just to be informed on the basics of a case that no doubt interests them greatly. It probably doesn’t make a lot of difference to the case itself but it does seem like an attempt to make it ‘everybody Vs Thistle and Hearts’ and you can see why we’d dislike it.
  10. I don’t tend to go to many away games so it’s a bit academic for me, but one thing that I haven’t seen mentioned much in this debate is the potential impact on the team. Players thrive on support. A boycott might engender a siege mentality in the team but it’s more likely it will not. Over time, it’d be harder for me to stay away if I felt my team needed me there to help out in my own wee way.
  11. “Fulton, you’re a waste of two jerseys!” And more recently in the John Lambie stand from an apoplectic punter: “This is PATHETICAL!”
  12. Second pitch inspection at 2pm according to the BBC. Passed first inspection at 1pm.
  13. Change the last line to “we’re Glasgow’s ONLY football team”? Gets the same point across...
  14. According to Jagzone it’s because we won last week and they’re superstitious.