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  1. hear, hear! Time to move on. New, exciting and hopefully successful chapter for the club. And if JL returns to the club in any formal capacity, I'll eat my hat!
  2. The last donation by the Weirs (July 2018) was £600K and was ring fenced to keep the Academy viable for a further 2 years. Oh, and in addition to previously mentioned lower league clubs Inverness and Ayr, both Queens Park and Morton still manage to run Academies. As for Falkirk, they didn't pull out of the Forth Valley Academy (effectively closing it) because they couldn't afford it, but as a gamble to free up further funds to invest in the first team to win promotion...a decision that with hindsight was obviously flawed! Not forgetting that Dundee are now a lower league club lol !
  3. Apparently council want training ground serviced by bus with a stop both sides of road and that therefore pedestrian crossing required.
  4. Re. previous posts above about the training ground. I do believe as per the last update that it will go ahead. Yeah, it may be quite some time in the future but until I see anything but conjecture by some of the members of this forum who appear to just want to find something else to moan about then there is no evidence that the project has been binned! From the Planning site it looks like we did submit a notice of intent and duly received comments back from the Council. My understanding is that the major sticking point is regarding the junction of the access road where it meets the main road. T In my professional experience I would think that the problem is that the current speed limit is 60mph but that the Council will require the 30mph limit to be extended from the edge of the built up area. This is not insurmountable but can take much time as various applications and public consultations have to be made. Personally, I think that the club is probably taking things under advisement and looking for a get a round. In any case, once the dust settles over this hard season I would hope that there will be some sort of up-date from the club advising of revised timescale. Note: if you are familiar with the Hummel Centre (Rangers Training Ground) I would suspect that they might have had same problem with speed limit coming into Milngavie and they managed to get round it.
  5. Had same problem so just going to buy ticket down there on Saturday. (Phoned QofS and was told that this will be possible)
  6. I had same problem with site today! Just phoned QofS...tickets for away fans will be on sale on the day. Think I'll get mine down there....
  7. Anyone know if this is an all ticket in advance game?
  8. Totally agree. Since coming back into team he has been vastly improved. Yesterday he was different class!
  9. Harkins best game since Caldwell signed him. Big McGinty MoM
  10. Training camp in Tenerife apparently!
  11. Training ground at Kirkie not moving forward (yet?) due to coming in over budget. As I hear it the proposed site has the potential but there are problems which require additional funding to remediate. Think it might be down to ground contamination issues. Also heard that there was possibly access problems. No chance it will be complete for this June, either at Kirkie or elsewhere, and probably not next June either! Club should make a statement giving an update.
  12. What's the news on Banzo's injury/expected return?