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  1. To anybody who gets them all right without looking anything up:.... Just WOW!
  2. Brilliant! And put it at an angle sloping down towards the front, so that the run-off will obscure their view.
  3. That pink shirt photo looks like it was taken after the event. These pictures shortly after the final whistle suggest that the great man wore a blue shirt on the day. If you can't see the dressing room pic, check here: https://www.sporting-memories.co.uk/product/partick-thistle-commemorative-cap Untitled copy.jp2
  4. Just put in dozen rows of benches and a couple of portaloos at each end. Then, when we get rich and into Europe, add a tarpaulin roof. Solved!
  5. Guesses: It's before a midweek match and Gibson was injured. At a training session, Gibson was absent. The picture is left-right reversed (badges on right side??).
  6. Lumping Benny Hill in with Bernard Manning, really? Thousands of people across the planet still find Benny Hill funny, judging by his Youtube hits and comments.
  7. Good wee Vlog. Watched it a couple of hours ago, and he had 70 subscribers. Now he has 78.
  8. For goal number 6 in particular, the way that Tiff jinked in between the two players who were on him reminded me of somebody else who jinked in and around defenders for fun, a wee Jinky sort of guy.
  9. I can see some resemblances, but I think Tiff is the better player.
  10. That's brilliant, afk! So basically, in the long term, it doesn't matter who takes the penalties...
  11. Interesting stuff, but I thought that M'Lady's question was really getting at the percentage of penalties taken by defenders that were scored, vs. the percentage of those taken by forwards that likewise ended up in the onion bag.
  12. Love it! Jimmy Davidson certainly did well!
  13. If he's still the player he was when he left us, then agreed. If he's slowed down, injury prone, or lost motivation, then no thanks.
  14. Great. Some people, including some on here, more or less sneer at women's football, but I enjoy it because it's clear that generally speaking they don't have the same skill levels as men. Neither do I, so I can empathize more with it! Would the sneerers also sneer at primary schoolboys' football? But actually in the matches that I've watched (especially internationals), there are women players who are extremely talented and classy to watch. Hard to tell today, but it even looked like the crowd today would have matched quite a few junior match attendances.
  15. Another great result for the women just in: 3-2 vs. Hibs. I feared the worst after they went 1-0 down, and this shortly after a couple of drubbings at both feet of the auld filth. But great spirit and determination by the wimmen, and some fine play. Great to be able to watch these games live for free on Youtube!
  16. The almost total lack of interest in the run-up to this match on here seems to have been paralleled by the team's performance. It truly is the diddiest of competitions, and our (inevitable) defeat tells us nothing that we don't already know about the team. It's the league performances that really count. ETA: From the highlights; looks like we played some good stuff, but squandered at least three chances which should have ended up in the net. Their first was a wonder strike out of nothing, and the second was due to a basic, costly defensive error. Should we lose games like that? No, definitely not, but let's wait and see what happens vs. Hamilton next week.
  17. More team talks like that, please!
  18. Somebody celebrated yesterday's win. Thankfully, not with yer El Dorado or Buckfast!
  19. Big BG certainly loves scoring goals. More of them, please!
  20. Newspaper said it was a Rudden header. But looks like: 1. Wisane a header. 2. Wisnae even Rudden!
  21. I like how Cammy points to exactly where he wants the cross to arrive.
  22. Not an easy one to get on the end of and control. Well done, Zak.
  23. Guy with his head in his hands just lost it all at the bookies.