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  1. I see it as the exact opposite actually. Each player (maybe except Barjonas from all I know of him) has been signed to address a particular weakness in our starting 11.
  2. It's the typically OF attitude. Hate the other team more than you love your own team. Club released a statement saying Celtic fans will be refused entry. I don't much like the club's approach to these games but that's about all they can do when offering tickets for sale online. Suggesting fan registration at the start of the season, having to go to Firhill for tickets, showing yer Thistle tattoo to get a ticket are all daft ideas when clubs are desperate to attract more punters.
  3. Paulo

    Jags vs DABs

    Could play right into our hands, we've shown a real aptitude for playing utterly sh*t football at times this season.
  4. I'd take Erskine over De Vita any day of the week. Preferably Saturday.
  5. The wind was pretty wild at points on Saturday. Very easy to judge the flight of the ball, commit yourself, a gust makes you look silly and it's a certain goal. (not an excuse, but maybe a part of a reason).
  6. Let it bounce off you in the full knowledge that you serve a higher purpose. Certain joys are not available to these people.
  7. It's more steps and about the same amount of balls. If you play like I do!
  8. Looking forward to wading through another 200 pages of middle aged peacocking and whataboutery in order to find a couple of relevant or constructive posts. You guys need to find a golf club committee to sit on.
  9. I have two words for you. Adam Barton.
  10. Paulo


    You've said this is your problem with fan ownership, then just detailed the potential danger in ownership by a single entity.
  11. I think we looked more organised in the first half, but last night seemed to show up that we're incredibly weak in a few positions. I think we have probably 6 or 7 of a first 11 who are capable, but they can't make up for the likes of Gordon, Mansell and Williamson.
  12. Would have been nice, as that would show an intention for us as a club going forward, but I think the next statement might reveal more to it.
  13. You can be forgiven for trying to erase August out of existence.
  14. I wonder how we'd be in a worse position with O'Ware, Bannigan, Erskine and Doolan in the starting lineup. My worry is the state of us when Caldwell eventually does get emptied. It could be an irretrievable mess.
  15. Paulo

    New Owner

    Most of this thread is complete nonsense, but I think we might have hit the pinnacle if we're suggesting that removing the funding from a youth academy will make it better.