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  1. Whilst I don't want Sevco to finish second so that I don't need to read all the bile from the media about "natural order being restored" etc, right now I want us as far away from Ross County as possible. So for me I'd prefer them to lose today to keep the gap between them and us at 6 points. A win or a draw and good performance from county could give them a lift and that's not what we want.
  2. Boyce has been playing that role for a while now. County fans on P&B are going nuts about it.
  3. It was definitely against Hamilton and a draw but can't remember if it was 0-0 or 1-1
  4. Reading the commentary on sky sports app it sounds like Boyd just stands in the centre of the box waiting for the ball to come in.
  5. That's exactly what he said. I was talking to Aberdeen supporting mate of mine tonight who told me that story.
  6. And it "hus tae be a real Ranjurz man" according to Baz
  7. Another thing that rattles my cage is free kicks and throw ins. It seems that every team we play against steals more than a few yards whereas we seem to retreat and take them from further back.
  8. And John (psycho) Workman.
  9. Does anyone know when he's likely to be fit to play? I can't remember reading anything about how long he would be out for.
  10. If big Pogba has anything left in the tank I'd like to see him start - he caused Celtic some problems in the last game at Firhill. A front 2 of him him and Dools could cause them problems with Pogbas presence and Dools finesse. We really should have taken something from the New Year game so lets hope we can get something out of this before our games against the teames below us.
  11. So he's getting sacked on Saturday then....
  12. Canning has to stay until at least the 19th March!!
  13. Can someone remind me what a penalty is? It's been a while...
  14. I hope that should say December. I can't imagine many people wanting to buy a ticket after the game has been played.
  15. So what happened that led to the fall out with the manager?