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  1. First time I've heard this 'retaining an interest ' from a selling club, usually kept quiet.
  2. Id be more concerned if we were continually trying the same set play routines with nothing coming off. . This particular tactic, as mentioned, very nearly worked. Our record scoring from set plays has been good this year. Let's keep our negative comments for parts of his management that are deserving of them.
  3. Zanatta, having played very little football this season, was clearly blowing out his arse and was rightly taken off.
  4. Do we know that he was asked to fulfil ambassadorial duties? Did he mention this during his Sportsound interview?
  5. Edwards played well?? I would have thought playing well for a central midfield player was winning the ball, doing something constructive with it, or, at the very least, just keeping it: something he failed to do consistently throughout the game. Great energy but technically not decent enough.
  6. True. But I think it would be 'ideal' to have more than two solid option centre forwards and three centre backs covering two places. If money allowed, I think Archie would be thinking pretty much the same thing. I think Elliot as left back cover is fine. Banzo not so sure about. We do have 4 or 5 central midfield players but definitely lack defensive midfield cover.
  7. You haven't read my post properly. I've no criticism of the club. I know we have a restricted player budget. However, in, I think in key areas it is 'ideal' to have three solid options. The centre forward position would be one. Archie said quality over quantity this season and, I am quite happy, as ever, to trust his professional judgement on that.
  8. I think the point is that we are lacking quality cover in certain areas. We lack a defensive midfield player - when Abdul's been out we've suffered. We also lack an extra, decent experienced centre back. We couldn't manage a centre back on the bench yesterday. I also think we're short of one centre forward. Surely, in an ideal scenario, you want, at least 3 solid options fighting for their place in a position. Not 'make dos' This lack of squad cover shouldn't be a surprise to you: Archie stated at the start of the season he was hoping to have quality over quantity. It's a a bold, if not ideal move.
  9. Chic, Peter Lindau, Chris Erskine,and, the one and only, Robert Law.
  10. I agree, the injury to Lawless was critical. Before then he was moving into that space between their midfield and defence and knitting things together. Drawing players towards him and therefore creating space elsewhere. Hope he's fit for tyncastle.
  11. When you're down to 10 having a player like Amoo on the park, with his pace on the break, is a real asset.
  12. When a good player leaves a club you often find mixed reviews no matter how good he's been.
  13. True David, but 'The Johnny Flood Experience' was definitely a hit. . I remember it well and have a fair few of them stashed away somewhere. Quality.