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  1. Thought we looked much better organised today. Previously we’d have gone on to lose after ICT equalised. When we scored the second it was the first time in a while I thought we had a chance of seeing the game out.
  2. Missed the goal due to a bit if traffic. Brought along a pal who hadn’t been for years. Don’t think he’ll be rushing back.
  3. Just in. Still not sure what to make of today. Disappointed not to have won after a good start but a draw away from home isn't a disaster.
  4. Just watched highlights back. Wasn't sure about our last minute penalty claim last night but seeing it again I think it was a penalty - and certainly more of a penalty than the one Hertz got in the 2nd half. Madden clearly didn't want to give it. Decent performance though I wasn't that impressed with Hertz. Thought their goals were avoidable and I'm slightly concerned for the remaining league games that, as we aren't prolific scorers, points will be squandered unless we stop conceding soft goals.
  5. Second half yesterday reminded me of the 6-0 trouncing we got from Aberdeen after we got top six. It's been a bit of a nightmare since then. Thought we had turned the corner but not sure now
  6. Good and much needed win. I can see signs of improvement. Goalkeeper and two centre backs have improved the defence - wouldn't have been confident in holding out last year. Defensively we're still vulnerable at full back and would like to see signings this week. A couple of beers to celebrate tonight. We might just get out of this
  7. My list would include Mark Roberts, Liam Buchanan, Ross Forbes, ATS, Steven O'Donnell, Lyal Taylor and James Craigen (for that goal). Thought Liam Lindsay would go on to be a great player (and losing him was a big factor in our relegation). Have enjoyed watching Banzo develop and Squiddy has been wonderful and frustrating in equal measures. However, for me Doolan is already a legend and we won't fully appreciate what he has done for the club until he is no longer here.
  8. Me too. How do we stop it?
  9. After seeing Aberdeen players throwing themselves to the ground at any opportunity today was reminded of McInnes accusing Killie player of diving last week. Hmmm...
  10. Aberdeen not at their best but we dug in for what could be a good point. Second half especially I though we played ok. McCarthy looked good with Woods in the middle and Christie at right back was solid. As the board went up for 3 minutes my mate said "Hopefully not 3 weeks in a row."
  11. See on the official site tickets are either restricted or unrestricted which means we are in the corner again. Might have gone if they'd given us decent seats. Wonder if our club have suggested better seating or just meekly accepted what Sellick offered?