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  1. Id go Cerny Keown Devine Turnbull Nitriansky Elliot Bannigan Barton Spittal (if fit) Erskine Storey If Spittal not fit then Sammon or Dools in the line up Aberdeen will likely have 2 up top plus wingers so id go with e 3/5 at back and as much as Abdul adds the dig we are often missing, in these types of games he too often gets booked early n is a liability, Storey should get chance against former team. n for a change we would actually have a good few possible game changers on bench
  2. Is the season ticket valid for this or not? St mirren game stated it was free for season ticket holders n no mention of them on the Stranraer preview/admission details
  3. every bloody year the website is a nightmare i cant get into my account n when select forgotten password it asks me to fill out a form that doesnt exist i then managed to log into my dads account to renew his but it only has my mums ticket as available to renew but not his total farce
  4. Thought Barton looked like the only player who could hold the ball and show some class in that game, No criticism of dools as total thankless task. Osman should have been booked before he went off n was doing nothing other than fouls. Booth had a nightmare but understandable against roberts on top form. Amoo didnt play well n gave Christie little or no help but the guy behind me in main stand giving him grief from start to finish was unnecessary
  5. both keepers were our best players on night and could easily have been 10 if not from them
  6. Given that we got Edwards from Reading and then Keown on Loan , im guessing Archie or Paterson or someone at the club has a link to someone there, whether it be first team or academy. If we have a relationship with them then do we want them to win promotion as may mean they want Keown n maybe others to go out n develop? Or if they are in premiership will it suddenly price us out of loan deals etc?
  7. unlike any other season i can remember, when usually we have about 2 players signed, who is actually out of contract?
  8. All the best to Dan, think when he came back into the team around October time it really shored us up and made a big difference, but on other hand don't see him as a major stand out that can't be replaced. From Archie's quote on bbc article it sounds like Dan's made it clear he is off to pastures new and therefore no contract was offered. I would like us to get Freddie and MIller signed up, think he's been really unlucky not to be a regular recently as he has filled in superbly at centre half and much more effective in his natural right back role too, and then get at least one more ideally two new centre halfs through the door
  9. seriously can't understand the pelters folk are giving the board on this thread, crowd on saturday was just shy of 5k and there were more Dons than Jags. If you seriously think the board should be cutting the cloth accordingly to avoid loses then lets look forward to being mid level championship standard next season
  10. I personally think that £25 for my boy's season ticket is more than reasonable but the reason given makes no sense. Myself and my Mum have season tickets near the front centre of the JH and have done for over a decade. My son has had one since last season beside me. I do not want to give up my seat so my choices are either pay the £25 for him to keep his or simply chance my arm on matchdays that there is a spare, the last two seats in my row right at half way line haven't been reserved for years as far as I can work out so shouldn't really be a problem. Also Im not sure if my seat even has a sticker on it and regularly people are sat in them when we arrive. But to say that my son's ticket affects the matchday experience negatively is completely flawed, If he pays at the gate or gets a free unreserved ticket, and then me and my mum both sit away from our reserved seat to be beside him, thus leaving two empty reserved seats. Same goes for JH season ticket holder's sitting in the NS. Only difference is that my seat and NS peeps ones are paid for. So could the club not simply come clean and say they don't want free reserved seats sitting empty rather than baloney about Match day experience.
  11. just hope the Bridge turns up for the whole season, last two its been about half way through before hes established himself in the starting line up and put in some big performances. The nature of his skills, position, talent means there is always going to be some poor games and inconsistancy but after this amount of time at this level it should only be the odd game, and if it is then itl be good times ahead
  12. and worryingly on form itd prob have to be Caldwell and Mulgrew at centre half, both won Player of the year in last few years so must be good to think there were times when we could leave out european cup winners like alan Hansen definitely our weakest position at present, webster wasn't international class at his peak and he is way below that these days
  13. Peter houston reported no call offs so I presume they did, are there actually many of them though, Macgregor obviously and guessing whittacker and wallace but that must be about it
  14. wasnt convinced by him at first, in his defence he maybe just wasn't up to pace of first team football but last couple of months definitely one of top performers, and would be an excellent signing, i like the sound of two year deal rather than one and given Cairney no doubt being away makes it an even better piece of business if it gets signed off
  15. oh and catering was a disgrace!