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  1. He actually hit the cross bar with it. Pjanic was his name, I think he's at Barcelona.
  2. Hi folks. Let me first of all congratulate Scotland on reaching the play-off final against Serbia. I genuinely hope they progress, as I always do with the home nations. My own country, Northern Ireland also reached the play-off final with a shoot out win away in Bosnia. But here's the thing... I guess you probably haven't seen the match and the incident maybe didn't even make the highlights, but I have never seen the likes in 50 years watching the beautiful game... Bosnia won a free kick 30 yards out, and Northern Ireland put 4 men in the wall. No funny business there you say. However, Paddy McNair ran over and lay down fully on the ground on his side with his back resting against the back of the "wall". I thought he'd taken a heart attack and wondered why his team mates were not screaming for medical attention until the camera zoomed in and Paddy is on his side, facing his own goal with a huge cheesy grin on his bake. Of course it dawned on me, when the "wall" jumped, as the kick was taken, that Paddy was protecting a daisy-cutter from creeping under the wall. Just when I thought I'd seen everything. UTJ
  3. Regarding the above comments on match fitness, I was interested to note Falkirk beat Kilmarnock 3-0 today in the League Cup. Killie have played 9 League games, Falkirk none !!
  4. I didn't realise we were unbeaten first game of the season for 20 years!!! Well done all at the Archive.
  5. I wouldn't sack him yet - 3 year contract to honour. If he resigns, then that's different. But who would we replace him with? Who would want to come to a Div 1 club? Would IMO have to be an up and coming manager or recently retired player who is ambitious and hungry.
  6. Absolutely BC. We have let ourselves be shafted, worrying about clubs that don't give a **** about us.
  7. New Thistle statement out - we're bending over and letting them shaft us. Disgrace
  8. Doncaster is in charge, say nae more. Norge's source was a Motherwell employee - take what you want from that.
  9. I know Norge's scenario came from a reliable source, but I just can't get my head around why they would promote the 3rd place team in Div 1 (ie Airdrie) and relegate us. After all, Airdrie voted to end the season now thus accepting their fate by staying in DIv 1.
  10. Dundee forum is saying Thistle finish bottom but not necessarily relegated. Reconstruction concessions they are guessing.
  11. In retrospect, probably agree with that. Losers would be Elgin 12 pts behind 2nd place and voted to finish the season now, Airdrie 4 pts behind 2nd place and voted to end now and Dundee 4 pts behind BUT voted NO (or didn't vote)
  12. The only re-structuring in my opinion that would work is 14-10-10-10 Div 2 Promote Cove and Edinburgh. Bring in Brora and Lowland winners. Elgin are currently 3rd but 12 points behind Edinburgh. Div 1 Promote Raith and Falkirk. (airdrie might be miffed but are points behind Falkirk and they did vote YES) Championship is the awkward on. Promote Utd and either ICT or Dundee. No relegation in any division.
  13. You say 'no losers'. What division would you have Hearts, Dundee Utd, ourselves and Raith in?
  14. On Twitter - Partick Thistle FC Board update - 15th April 2020. Today is the 14th !!!!