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  1. We're the great unpredictables...... 0-0
  2. Sorry, but I'm an old codger; is a "mailshot" the new "matchday programme?" If so, how is it better than what we've had and enjoyed for so many decades?
  3. One potential problem there is that Lawless would probably rather be at Ibrox more than Hastie would.
  4. I hope he can enjoy his freedom for some considerable time.
  5. I think you're right. Most keepers just flap their arms around and try to look big in the centre of the goal line, but dancing repeatedly over to one side the way Sneddon did seems more likely to get the guy who's taking the kick thinking and maybe even worrying slightly more about what the goalie wants or expects him to do. On a related point, am I right in thinking that Mayo has been the "culprit" for the last three consecutive penalties given against us?
  6. Agreed, in general. When guys get brought on with 15-20 minutes left in the hope that they are going to somehow turn around a poor performance by most of the rest of the team, it doesn't seem right to judge them on those brief performances alone. But we don't know what goes on in training, I suppose.
  7. At the game, don't worry about a thing.
  8. All of witch reminds me: I guess Three Black Cats will be there. It's the kind of match in which the Ghost could have made a difference. Hoping for some excellent attacking spells.
  9. Us first, of course, but I would love to see Arbroath winning promotion to the top league. It would be a truly amazing achievement.
  10. That's the second game on the trot for which I won't bother watching the "highlights." From the commentary it sounded like we were pretty much back to the tactic of floaty crosses in the vain hope that Graham would get on the end of them and hopefully one would somehow find the net. Seems pretty stupid in a howling wind.
  11. No penetration in two games on the trot against two lowly teams. Not great, is it.
  12. Got out of bed in the middle of the night for this. 'Mon Jags!
  13. That's an interesting read. Kind of left wondering, though, what Scott is in fact going to do next.
  14. 4-1, ya dancer. For those of us who were at Hampden that day: best football day ever! For those Jags fans who've yet to experience that kind of amazing day: keep the faith, and one day it'll come!
  15. H A H H H A H H A H H H A H H A H A H H Arigato gozaimasu.
  16. Two stand-outs in that team: McCulloch and Santala. And Slippers: one of my favourites from back then.
  17. But look at Hibernian, for example, and on the drop down menu "Scottish Women's Premier League" appears. But not for us. "Hibernian Women" also leads you to the SWPL. We gubbed them last week (well, 3-2), but the BBC "couldn't find" any results for "Partick Thistle Women". It's an outrage, I tell ya.
  18. Hopefully experiencing life on Mars.
  19. I was on the BBC football scores and fixtures page, and thought I'd look at when the next Jags women's match would be played. I wasn't prepared for the bombshell. To my astonishment and horror, "Partick Thistle Women" was not recognized by the search facility for finding a team. "Ladies"? Nope. "Jagettes"? Nope. Every other team in the league is recognized by the BBC, but our women are snubbed. Furious complaint duly sent in. Outraged of Kyoto.
  20. https://ptfc.co.uk/ptfc-news/1971-celebrations/ Man, I swear I'd be going to every one of those events if I was in Scotland. Hopefully there'll be plenty of folk there taking videos!