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  1. A solid performance against mediocre opposition. In truth, we should have had the game wrapped up by half time, given our total dominance in the first half, but we let them back into the game at the start of the second half. This time we got away with it, but another day, could have ended up not getting 3 points. I share LIB's concern that we're too reliant on Graham for goals. We need to find more goals throughout the team, and atm it's not clear where they'll come from. It would be nice not to have to watch a second half on the edge of my seat!!
  2. I have now given up and am heading for the golf course. FORE! ⛳
  3. I'm pretty IT literate but I've been going round in circles for fir the last hour trying to buy this stream. It won't let me go beyond checkout. I'm about to give up and go and play golf..! What a shambolic system. Hopefully the season ticket arrangements will be better. More lost revenue for the club. Why can't we do anything properly?
  4. The problem seems to be the Pixelott system which most lower league clubs have bought. Albion Rovers have apologised to their fans for the system's performance at their game last night. Looks like we may all have been sold a pup.
  5. Is there any info yet on how to access the live stream?
  6. A blinder? Sorry mate, but tell that the to the families of 2000+ people who died in scottish care homes as a result of her authorising 800 old people being discharged from hospitals to care homes without Covid tests. At least she has had the integrity to acknowledge that this may have been a catastrophic mistake.
  7. Absolutely right. Given the massive financial challenges we will face this year with reduced revenue, our share of legal costs of SPFL, DUFC, Raith and Cove's legal costs, etc, why would give money to clubs who shafted us. Falkirk, East Fife, Peterhead and ICT if we draw them in a cup will be my only away games.
  8. Fair play to you, WJ. You read the politics of the situation better than me. .... again!!
  9. I think I read somewhere that the disciplinary panel can impose 'such penalty as they consider appropriate' instead of, or as well as, expulsion, suspension or fine, but you may be right, Jaggy.
  10. I hope you're right. You've called it correctly most of the way to date.
  11. I suspect you're right. They will want to assert their authority over the game and will hammer us for having the temerity to challenge the football establishment. I suspect any one of a large fine, exclusion from one of the cup competitions, points deduction - or a combination of the above. They certainly won't be interested in bridge building. That's not in their DNA
  12. As I understand it, David Thomson QC is leading the case for us. If I'm right, he represented us in previous legal action, and is a highly experienced QC who has shown himself to be a friend of the club in recent weeks. I may be wrong, but I'm guessing it was he who prepared the QC opinion we obtained in April which suggested we had a credible case, so I believe we're in good hands.
  13. Great news! I'm no lawyer, but the arguments used in France and Belgium are equally valid here. Add to that, the procedural shambles the SPFL was responsible for, and there has to be a decent chance of getting a result . Start with Interim Interdict on the Championship fixtures and watch the reaction. We won't make many friends, but we've learned that we don't have many anyway!
  14. In that instance, I suppose we'd have no option but to invoke Clause 12 and cancel players' (and Managers'/Asst Managers' ) contracts, and put the club into hibernation till we were able to play again. Hopefully, we'd survive, when others wouldn't.