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  1. How many full time professional clubs are there in Britain? At a very rough guess 150? And am I correct in saying that only 3 out of all these clubs - Thistle Falkirk and Queens Park - are prevented from playing , even training?
  2. Regrettably it has become clear that being nice guys that everyone pretends to like doesn’t work in the cesspit that is Scottish club football. We have been shafted by the governing body and by other clubs who have accepted the invitation to seriously damage us as business rivals. Thistle are facing a cataclysmic crisis created needlessly unfairly and artificially, and patently there is an indifference throughout these clubs as to whether we even survive . What a scandalous position to be in. We have to do what we can to protect our interests and give no care as to what these risible clubs think of us - they are not to be trusted, indeed perhaps we will gain a little respect which there has been very little of throughout this mess. We should accept legal advice from our instructed solicitors and counsel. If they think we have a case then get on with it.
  3. This is good news The behaviour of the SPFL and clubs has been appalling. As for Jacqui Low , I have never been a fan , but she’s had a good crisis.
  4. One of the particularly depressing aspects that has emerged in the last few weeks, has been the realisation that the Thistle support appears to have a certain number of quorn-eating surrender monkeys, who not only are accepting of our scandalous expulsion to the third tier of Scottish football, but are unbelievably embracing and looking forward to the prospect. This league may not even play any games till next year for Christ’s sake. If we go, we go - but it would be catastrophic and seriously damage the club , possibly for years. Nothing to celebrate. Our board has been noteably quiet for over a month now, and I trust , unless they have taken leave of their senses, that they are doing everything in their power to protect the club, like Hearts are doing. Right is on our side.
  5. Unfortunately, this is the perception I also have. The club has been silent for 3 weeks now, whilst the rottweilers at Hearts at least appear to be doing what they can to oppose this farcical and catastrophic “relegation” of Hearts Thistle and Stranraer. Doubtless there is much happening behind the scenes as the scandal progresses. We await our board’s next statement with interest.
  6. The Rangers dossier is a surprisingly interesting read. Whilst it doesn’t live up to Rangers’ bombast, and their motives are dubious, it appears to me to be competently constructed, and shines further light into the shabby behaviour of the SPFL and clubs in this whole sorry mess. We should not forget that In the middle of all this is the unnecessary shafting of our club. Our own CE has a couple of mentions, and the corroborated evidence of John Nelms’ behaviour needs explanation - was he acting on the encouragement of SPFL members or employees, or is he an unstable maverick. Maybe both. Also the apparent SPFL board view, hidden from clubs, that reconstruction talks are expected to be doomed to fail, is disturbing. I would expect our board to make a careful response to this dossier before Tuesday, and to clarify our position re the reconstruction talks - what is our position and are there still credible prospects of a resolution in our favour.
  7. This post would be remarkable in most fan forums , however is entirely typical of many Thistle supporters. All we need is Michael Jackson singing “We Are The World” in the background, and we truly would be in a Jaggy Heaven , as we plummet head first to the First Division.
  8. Very disappointing decision but no surprise. The Thistle statement is full of wind, and we can only surmise who is the author of it. The SPFL judged it right that Thistle are perennial nice guys with no backbone to stand up to bullies. Anyway there is a glimmer of hope we will be saved by possible re-organisation - Budge and Hearts by contrast are hard nosed ******** who will do what they can to save themselves, and maybe we can go along with the ride. However an 11-1 vote on the Premiership is a tall order.
  9. One ridiculous aspect of all this is that QOS are being saved from relegation, (and Thistle consigned to relegation) by one vote: their own. And Raith Rovers have been awarded promotion(at the expense of Falkirk in particular) by one vote: their own. All from an entirely unnecessary and manufactured scenario created by the SPFL. We have to trust and expect our board to continue fighting against this patently corrupt nonsense.
  10. Regarding 2004, the club did fight our corner ( ICT remarkably complained about “scum tactics” by us!)and we did bring court proceedings. In my opinion the court action was very well founded , however the Court of Session would not grant an interim order pending consideration of the main case , which would have taken months. In practice therefore the court case was scuppered and was reluctantly dropped. The present scandalous circumstances are different, as we have Hearts Rangers Falkirk + others on our side, along with of course the overwhelming justice of our case and the patent misbehaviour of the SPFL and others in the process. This story is not at an end. We await the next steps by Thistle, Rangers and others.
  11. The club must oppose these pernicious proposals by all means available to them. Having played less games than those above us, and being only two points behind QOS, then relegation would fly in the face of any principle of “sporting integrity”. We all know from our disgraceful relegation in 2004 that the Scottish football authorities will lie and cheat when required , and are not to be trusted. The present board will be judged in the coming weeks and months by their actions in defence of the club.
  12. Third from left is definitely Kenny Fitzpatrick. In front of Joe Craig I think Jim Holmes and at back guess John Aroll.
  13. I have met Derek socially in recent years and a nicer man you couldn’t meet. Also I believe he has not bad mouthed the club as he was entitled to. However his appointment as manager was the defining issue of Ken Bates’ ownership of the club - a patently unqualified incompetent put in charge of team affairs, and allowed to carry on for 9 months despite his obvious inability to even run a training session. An often unrecognised figure was his assistant John Hagart, who by all accounts held things together with his professional work during Derek’s utterly shambolic reign.
  14. I believe it may be Kenny Fitzpatrick.