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  1. Really liking the new away top .....definitely put a Breitner on my day .....not sure if one of my favourites but definitely Klose. Will be purchased and definitely has my Vogts !
  2. That the second 45 is as successful as the first half JMcD
  3. Wow .....great stuff as always AFK ! So about as rare as a good decision from Barry Cook then
  4. Little bit of trivia ......had Zak’s first “goal” counted on Tuesday it would have been 3 consecutive doubles . Struggling to think the last Jag to do the same ......Scott McLean maybe ? Over to our resident statto’s please
  5. Hey it’s good to get any season underway .....goodwill or otherwise
  6. Sounds like someone’s taken their foot off the ball there .....
  7. Looking forward to Celtic announcing a glamour friendly v Shamrock Rovers and a postponement of the first game of the season
  8. Remember trips with my dad to do Berties garden when he stayed in Hillend Road ....and also asking him during what must have been my first games aged 7/8 in the late 70s why the fans were singing about Old Moscow
  9. Absolute pleasure to get the chance to ask a Dools who would join him in his Fantasy Thistle X1. Big thanks also to @BowenBoys for getting my Kr1s D00lan scarf design made up. Kris - thanks for the memories and outrageous the manner in which you’ve been treated. Hopefully see you back at Firhill in the future and all the best to you & the family.
  10. I’d rather have the other JLo as Chairperson
  11. Am I right I’m thinking this was made all the sweeter by the first replay being abandoned when the floodlights failed at Shawfield whilst we were 2-1 down. The 6-0 game was one of my first away games ....happy days
  12. Gary’s Terrible Football Gary’s Total Failure Just GTF Gary
  13. Hard to see past Dools but for a year or so at his peak Higgy probably one of the players I enjoyed watching most in that time.