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  1. Looks like the SPFL are anticipating it going their way as they've announced that they're announcing the Premier fixtures on Monday.......... https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/53251717
  2. No dispatch email either. Not a great start to the new merch partnership. Sure hope they improve as potentially it's huge improvement in anything we've had since the Puma/Greaves arrangement.
  3. Anyone got theirs yet? Thought it was due out 17th June? Waiting to see the quality before splashing out on the new home tops for me and the grandson.
  4. I was assuming it was the Caley manager, not the ex-Forest guy.
  5. Listening to yesterday's PLZ Football Podcast where it was very briefly mentioned that their was a rumour about John Robertson coming to Firhill. Roughie said he hadn't heard anything about that. Anyone else heard anything? Thoughts?
  6. I was in New York in 2006, walked out of my hotel room in Queens to be confronted by a guy wearing a Jags top. Had a brief chat with him at Firhill on one of my all too infrequent trips up a couple of years later.
  7. Anyone else having issues logging in to Jagzone on a smart TV (Samsung)? Worked fine but for the last two weeks I've been unable to log in. Thankfully works fine on my PC, but would prefer to watch the highlights on the bigger screen.
  8. Being able to book cheaper flights from Bristol months in advance with reasonable confidence that it will be a Saturday 3pm kick-off (despite still having to fly in to Edinburgh).
  9. I've adopted Bristol Rovers since moving down here and most Gasheads would say that the team under McGhee was the worst they've ever seen. He was clueless. Actually feel a wee bit sorry for Barnet - only a very wee bit, though.
  10. My adopted team, Bristol Rovers have both a subscription channel and a youtube channel. The highlights on youtube are never more than 3 minutes and the interviews are usually 3-4 mins, much the same as Archie's postmatch interviews. I don't subscribe to BRTV as I know I can see the goals on youtube, but I don't have the same level of affection for the Gas as I do for the Jags, for whom I'll subscribe to stuff just out of blind loyalty. We could put the "Goals only" videos on youtube as a taster.
  11. Summer Cup - 1963? Beat Third Lanark 7-2
  12. @Bowenboys Yes, I do know what a Standing Order is and how it works, thank you. The trouble is that PTFC don't know what payment system they are using to collect money from me. My broker uses the same system to collect insurance premiums. That's why I got a monthly receipt for every TAG payment, something that is unnecessary for a SO. Would only use this system if confident they're not going to scam me. Agree that the Jags would not keep card details for individual purchases, but for TAG they did.
  13. This is a quote from the email received today - "The first essential step is that you cancel the existing standing order which you set up to cover payment for your subscription. As with all standing orders it must be cancelled by the account holder so payments will continue until you have done this." WRONG! PTFC hold my debit card details which they used to debit a payment monthly. It is therefore totally in their control not to deduct any further payments. I have pointed this out to them and asked them to confirm that they have destroyed the record of my card details and confirm that no further payments will be taken. If any other TAG subscribers paid in this way, I'd advise them to get the same assurances in writing from the club. I was happy to contribute to the club through TAG, but I did think it was poor value.
  14. Liked the look of that Liam Donnely - he had a confidence about him, but Ciren were poor upfront, so as Twinny said it was not a good game to judge him on. Thought David Syme had a good game - first half as an attacking full back, but was happy to stay back second half when we were operating a back 3. The Goalie Cullin was a bit wee and skinny, but he was a good organiser and was vocal, letting the defence know where he was and where he wanted them - although he did give us one hairy moment with a bad miskick. Looking forward to another wee toddle down the road (in relative terms) to Bath on Saturday to see the Jags.
  15. With this and Cirencester, that's a nice wee bonus for me! Twerton is about a 15 minute walk from Bath City centre. Would recommend anyone coming down and staying to stay in Bristol as 1) it's cheaper and 2) there's a helluva lot more to do in the evening. Bath's quite limited as it's a bit more upmarket, but Brizzle's buzzing. There's trains from Bristol to Oldfield Park which is a 5 minute walk to the ground, but I think there's only one an hour.