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  1. Would'nt be surprised and if it was and if so good on him ( or whoever) for owning up to feeling bad. All to often people ( particularly men) bottle these things up, sometimes with disasterous consequences.
  2. Is the Montrose guy not who you wantto replace McCall?
  3. Yes sorry I did misinterpret your post - I thought you were saying McKenna should not be allowed to appear at Firhill- my apologies. What I think is negative and pathetic are so called Thistle fans who look for the negative in everything the Club does, and I am not including you in this.
  4. Why do you say that? There are p[eople on here who cannot wait to look for the negative in anything/ everything the Club does. We have signed a new young player the aim of which is to strengthen our squad and assist in making Thistle ( the team we all allegedly support) better. What do people want to talf about? His playing style; attributes: playing history ?? No - some unproven allegation of wrongdoing. Pathetic.
  5. Well said FT - totally agree.
  6. They might as well have been.
  7. Emsca

    Betfred Cup

    Really? You are CONFIDENT about Thistle winning a game? Thats a first.
  8. I'm sure he was angry. I think their biggest " crime "was going out drinking after getting beaten by rangers ! . I suspect old Del Boy was not adverse to a couple of sharpners after a game - win or lose.
  9. Cheers mate. Sorry to hear your daughter was in the Deem last Saturday- I am sure she will be fine. I agree footballers, like the rest of us ,need to get used to the new rules. I am of the view, people are looking at the result rather than the action. It is like the Neil Simpson tackle on Durrant- the result was horrendous, but the action ( tackle) no worse than many others during that any many other games. In this respect, had there been no bad outcome, nobody would have known or cared that some players went out for a few beers.
  10. And you honestly think footballers could/ would follow that?
  11. But if they went to the pub in their bubble- ie all 8 players together; and they socially distanced; what did they do wrong? I think they have been unlucky. Cannot believe players from the other SPFL teams did not go out together after last weekends games.
  12. Excuse my ignorance, but what rules did they break?
  13. Thanks- that seems to work albeit I clicked on the reply before the quote. Will be sending texts soon!! Cheers
  14. Dont know how to do that tbh.!
  15. You are the most childish poster on this whole forum . If you have nothing positive to say just shut up.