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  1. At no point did I demand, or even ask, that it be be made mandatory for anyone to be vaccinated against anything. That would be entirely their own choice, but their arguments against vaccination should be exposed to full scrutiny and exposure, and frankly would struggle to hold water.
  2. I was going to quote from one or more quotes on this thread but there are just too many now, many from people who clearly have little or no scientific knowledge of the subject about which they speak. My reply is have you heard of the diseases tetanus, rubella, measles, whooping cough, mumps and diphtheria amongst others!!!!!!!!!! No, well f****** educate yourselves, because I’m betting neither you nor anybody you know, or are related to, have suffered from any of them within the last (roughly) 50 years. And don’t start about flu and it’s endless variations because the vaccination for that also saves countless lives here and throughout the world, and it constant mutations are why you get jabs every year, just in case you didn’t understand.
  3. You’re in big trouble now! He really doesn’t like people expressing an opinion about his opinions!
  4. On you’re first point, no he wasn’t!
  5. This ‘meh’ comment about Bannigan extending his contract is proof that you have little idea of what you are talking about when it comes to football. This is one of the most important signings we could have made. I know everyone is entitled to an opinion and I am always reluctant to get sucked into these discussions online but I have to make an exception in this case because you are talking out your a**e.
  6. Tried to buy tickets. Didn’t work on the iPad. Appeared to allow me to choose seats, but then didn’t continue. Switched to the laptop but by time I got in sale had stopped! Poor, but I suppose i’m a fiver better off!
  7. If we’d been really smart and realised we had 28 days to vote (maybe we did) we ‘d have told Doncaster we’d think about it for 26 more days and then vote no. It would have been priceless to see him squirm and possibly getting his P45 for gross incompetence for not foreseeing that possibility.
  8. FFS Barney, Joe Lynn Turner sang this - at least two singers on from Ronnie James Dio in Blackmore’s revolving door musical employment agency,
  9. On 25 August 2018 at 7:22 PM, Barney Rubble said: I'll see Moon and Entwistle with The Who again before you see those two play for the Jags. Barney, better get "Resurrection Shuffle" on your music playing device of choice and contact a reliable voodoo priest/ess.
  10. Barney, better get "Resurrection Shuffle" on your music playing device of choice and contact a reliable voodoo priest/ess.