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  1. while NZ looks rosy to outsiders it has come at a huge cost which very few here have actually grasped. As mentioned tourism is a huge part of the NZ economy & with the borders remaing closed will be coming home to roost very soon with the end of furlough schemes. Huge unemployment is round the corner & the country is building a huge debt with a small older population that will never be able to repay without massive tax increases or huge reduction in public spending which gets back to reason why NZ shut down so quickly was the health system does not have capacity or facilities to cope with large number of covid cases.
  2. Looking at buying a tile from overseas but billing details won't accept my postcode, any ideas on how to overcome this?
  3. Are you living in Kyoto? Heading their next year, any good bars?
  4. Pretty sure last visit to Links Park they were still playing on grass, pre season friendly Jonny Tuffey's first game for Thistle.
  5. Just woke up to the sad news here in NZ. Best years of my Thistle supporting days in Scotland were when the great man was in charge, he'll be sorely missed. RIP.
  6. I was all set to sign up but for some reason my postcode is not recognised when trying to set up my account so unable to proceed further with it. I emailed the club at the time but never heard back from them. Same went for trying to buy a calendar for this year, previously not had an issue getting one but since the move to the new system I can't get an account because I have an invalid postcode! I don't know if its just me but if other Nomads are having difficulties then the club aren't making it easy for themselves.
  7. Merry Christmas to everyone at the club and all the fans wherever they are. With the day nearly over here in NZ I hope everyone back in Scotland enjoys their day.
  8. Greeting fellow Nomads, Anybody else had problems when trying to buy calendar or trying to sign up for Jagzone and their postcode not being recognised so being unable to buy anything? I emailed the club about it but heard nothing back.
  9. I can confirm programmes were issued for the Stirling, Arbroath & Stranraer away games. As for the rest while not 100% sure I have had it on good authority and after extensive searching that no programmes were issued for the other games. I am more than happy to stand corrected if anybody out there has programmes from these other matches. PS if you do are you willing to part with them?
  10. No joy for you I'm afraid, I've checked both programmes but theres no mention in either of them
  11. Been using the subscription for years, first whilst i was serving overseas with the military and now getting them sent out here to New Zealand. Robert does great job with this, sends me out the first pre season programme gratis with a note letting me know cost of the up coming seasons programmes and postage and for the last couple of years ive been getting him to send me out a calendar aswell in December.
  12. First game was away to Brechin City in League Cup 82, we were living in Montrose at the time so was only just down the road. Roughie, my hero since '78 World Cup (though not sure why!) was still playing, went onto pitch during warm up to get his autograph. Game finished 1-1, not sure on first home game, think it was the following season.