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  1. I don't understand the "transitioning towards being a cashless stadium" move, what is so bad about using cash? I predict it will put a lot of people off (especially older fans inc me) attending games on a spur of the moment last minute decision to attend on the day. I doubt this decision would have been made if we were a fan run club. I wonder who came up with this nonsense? We should be making it as easy as possible for people to attend and spend money in whatever way they choose.
  2. Recently stumbled across Jags replica tops for sale here No idea if they are any good or not, they don't look perfect but another option for anyone in the market for a vintage top.
  3. Added an "Already renewed so none of this applies" option to Q2 & Q3 to resolve issue raised by Lambies Lost Doo. I just completed Poll myself, was able to answer all 3 questions so not sure what the problem is, sorry about that, open to suggestions if others are having difficulties.
  4. I've re-ticked multiple choice for question 1 - does that allow you to continue? I think you have to answer all 3 questions, I get that questions 2 & 3 are redundant if you pick "I've already renewed Season Book" in Q1, so apologies for that. First time putting up a poll so learning as I go!
  5. Sorry about that and thanks for letting me know. I've unticked "Multiple Choice" option for Question 1 which will hopefully stop that from happening for others
  6. Hello everyone, I thought it would be interesting to gauge the mood of Jags fans for the new season ahead, specifically in relation to buying a Season book and attending Firhill. I've tried to make the questions straightforward with a good choice of appropriate answers, albeit with a little light humour added in and sprinkled with a little wishful thinking.... I'm sure the answers will most enlightening! Cheers for taking the time to answer x
  7. Robert was a special guy and will never be forgotten by any of us. Can still see him now down at the front of the North Stand cheering on the Jags with you AJ. Thank you for sharing the picture with us and the "rellow" wreath : )
  8. What's going on at Firhill Street tonight? https://tinyurl.com/vrn8bm4
  9. Obviously the paywall isn't the main reason that the team are under performing, however it's symptomatic of the general malaise a lot of fans are feeling which Norge identifies better than I can. I was a season ticket holder for 6 years, but sat this season out due to the Caldwell factor and personal reasons. Like many of us, I've also spent a lot on sponsorship, merch etc over the years. Can it be right that I have to rely on other clubs releasing free highlights (when available) as well as Camallians footage (which I'm very grateful for) just to see our goals? It does leave me feeling left out somewhat. Yes I could pay for Jagzone, but as well as not agreeing with this I have had a poor experience in the past. I'm all for any club initiative or project, open to all is a fantastic ethos to have. For me though there is a lack of overall cohesion and direction in the club at the moment. Probably to be expected given the rollercoaster of events over the last few years. Perhaps fan ownership will sort this, I don't know. To finish on topic, I believe McCall should be given time to develop the team, even if we go down this year. I still hope and believe he has it in him to turn things round this season though.
  10. Asking this for a friend. His mate has told him that there used to be an apple tree growing at the back of the terracing at the Glasgow end of Firhill. Says he was brought up in a tenement at that end where Rough had a pub. He maintains he could look into the park apart from the tree. Is this true or a wind up? Before my time so I have no clue.
  11. The two goalies meet, brilliant stuff... https://www.glasgowtimes.co.uk/news/18171432.kai-evitt-surprises-kenny-arthur-say-thanks-special-gloves/
  12. Sinistar

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    Sneaky inside pic of early preparatory restructuring of the Bing before the unveiling this weekend...thanks Colin!
  13. Whats McCall up to up in the stand on his own, better view?