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  1. Can't speak highly enough of the live stream. Couldn't set it up for a few weeks due to my 3 and 18 month old not being interested in watching fitba with dad. The 2 games v Celtic and Aberdeen were brutal to watch but the stream and commentary were excellent. My 18 month old now shouts Jags every time I touch the laptop
  2. Thanks for help on this folks. I'll definitely be signing up to it now
  3. Hi Shuggie I hope the club keeps this going. The reason I've not signed up is because of current location i.e . Northampton. The site won't allow me to take out global membership because of some arcane broadcasting law about being in the UK. The fact it might be quicker for me to travel and watch a game live in France or indeed watch on TV than go to Firhill seems lost on them Any help that anyone can offer would be appreciated
  4. I'll send in the next couple of weeks. Apologies for the delay. Things are tight at mo
  5. I can't claim to have travelled all that way for the meeting as I was going up for a family birthday party. I just felt views of The Nomads should be represented and in the end I'm glad I did as it was a great result
  6. Apologies for the delay if an update but I'm sure you've picked up the gist of the meeting from the main forum. It is looking likely that the status quo will remain and just needs ratifying by the board. I raised the issue of the lack of consultation/communication or lack thereof. They agreed that it should be better and are going to look at ways to formally meet. There was a suggestion that it could be 4 times a year. I thought it was a very positive meeting where I felt that those present really listened. I would just like to thank you for the opportunity to represent you
  7. garryc

    Nomad Vote

    Thanks folks I'll do my best to represent. I will post an update tomorrow as I'm off out straight afterwards
  8. Still at Carlisle at the minute left later than expected. Still be there in plenty of time
  9. I have pm'd Shuggie to say that I'm in town and can attend if need be. I'd want to put across some kind of representative view though, if there is some way of collecting them
  10. garryc

    London Jags

    Would be great if you could make a stop off at Rothersthorpe Service Station on the M1 (near Northampton). Not sure if there are other Nomads in Northants/Beds/Bucks
  11. I try to avoid them if I can, but they are a PLC, so surely they are obliged to vote for commercial interest? bit of a shocker Aberdeen voting no. I thought that was nailed on.
  12. Absolutely no chance will Aberdeen or Celtic vote no to NewCo. Stewart Milne can see the pounds disappearing before his eyes as we speak and one ugly sister can't live without the other
  13. Moved to Northampton in 1989 and Villa were always my English team. Me and the old man went to see them a few times but we don't really agree on football with him being a H*n. e.g. he told me If the gate was left open Toney Daley would run down the street. ehhh I asked, who exactly was Daniel Prodan? So now we have a mutual football detest for each other. I went to watch The Cobblers (Northampton Town) with my nephew for about 5 years until he discovered boys (at the time I thought it was girls) but it's a bit boring going to football on your own. Now I'm quite happy with peer to peer file sharing or watch Thistle (with my Tim nephew) when I'm up the road. I really don't have much really do I?
  14. 'And the reason I'm asking is because Gilchrist and me have been talking...'
  15. racist twat. glad you're in Australia and not spilling your crap over here. Try doing a bit of research on the history of that country you call home and then come back to me