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  1. Scottish Government Grants; SPFL state "the money has been divided following the normal SPFL distribution model". James Anderson donation; SPFL state "the money will be split evenly among 42 clubs". Go figure!
  2. Agreed! I have always bemoaned the fact that too many professional footballers are one footed. Also, why are players classed in the narrow bracket of being able only to play in the one position? A professional footballer should be capable of playing wherever he is required, to a reasonable level. Senna proves this point at this moment in time. Our midfield is too negative. Need more creativity similar to the Erskine, Lawless, Higginbotham style of the recent past. Surely, we can coach some midfielders to be more positive, making runs beyond Graham, or working 1 - 2's on the edge of the box, similar to Doolan/Erskine? This can all be adopted on the training pitch, rather than constantly waiting on a transfer window to go and sign another forward. Just plodding on without trying something different is no solution at all!
  3. Interesting comments from Ian McCall in this article! Is the team in the right frame of mind? McCall praises 'terrific' players after win, thanks Thistle board for behind the scenes support.url
  4. Pathetic stream! Takes away any enjoyment! Looks like another season of putting up with an amateur product! Why do other clubs, many with smaller budgets than ours, get things like this right!
  5. So what happens tomorrow? Do Thistle and Hearts attend meeting together or separately? Who attends the meeting on behalf of the Clubs and the SFA? Is there any legal representatives in attendance on behalf of the Clubs? Is it only the Compliance Officer or/and a panel of SFA officials? If it is a panel, who is likely to be on it?
  6. 1921 - Scottish Cup Winners. 1971 - Scottish League Cup Winners. Every 50 years! 2021 - Are we piling in for a cup victory at the end of this season?
  7. 2 away games at most of the northern teams: Cove Rangers - Montrose - Forfar 1 away game Peterhead Looks like Doncaster and Blair trying to make sure we have a lot of traveling costs, as well as rewarding his 'friends' with potential gate money? Makes it easier to boycott!
  8. Just shows how the system works! We automatically assume that the legal system is about justice and fairness, sorting out what's right and what's wrong? It is all about following Laws/Rules that have been decided elsewhere! i.e. - Tax avoidance and Tax evasion - One is legal, the other is illegal! Easy to sort! Make them both illegal! Will never happen because the lawmakers do what they are told by the rich and powerful! Same in Scottish football - You have to challenge or change the lawmakers before any thing will be fair and just for all! Namely - The SPFL and the SFA!
  9. I go tae the fitba to get away fae the family! Gie's a break!
  10. I do! My point is, Neil Doncaster has often been quoted as stating that the resolutions passed because of a democratic vote! 95% of clubs can vote for a resolution, and it could still lose! The dice are always loaded, and, IMO are corrupt!
  11. Only if we have ' conflict of interest ' applying to decision makers on the board i.e.: no directors of football clubs allowed to make decisions. And, a truly democratic voting criteria i.e.: 51% - 22 votes win. Not the loaded, and corrupt, 77% - 32 votes win!
  12. Do not know if it is a breach of rules? But, I would request that our board do not offer any access to the boardroom, no hospitality and no complimentary tickets to certain teams directors and officials. If they wish to attend Firhill then they can pay at the gate and sit with their own supporters, also giving Jags fans the opportunity to tell them what we think of them, as they approach and leave the stadium. When Jim Oliver was a blazer at the SFL, he suggested that the complimentary ticket rule should be stopped, as invariably they were being issued to people (hangers on), who in the main could well afford to pay to attend a football match. At face value it is a significant loss of income for every club. His proposal was shot down in flames!....................... Some things never change!
  13. My understanding from Ann Budge's comments on Sportsound, and subsequent quotes in the media, is that the donation is for the lower league clubs to assist with completing a fixture list next season! Doncaster gets involved and it is now to be a fair distribution of funds for all 42 clubs? Should be split between 30 clubs IMO, the top league have persistently voted down any resolution to ensure that no clubs will be unfairly affected by the current situation.
  14. There should be strings attached! Namely, that the funding is to be distributed to the lower league clubs only, to allow them to complete a fixture list at this difficult time! SPFL will just pool the funds, and distribute them to all 42 members, asking them to vote on it! Current split of monies is 84% to the top 12, 16% to 30 lower clubs! So, for every million pound donated, the lower league clubs would receive £160,000 between them! Aye,right!
  15. Would it not be the case that if member clubs meet the criteria to continue next season,Hearts, Thistle & Falkirk. Then the SPFL are duty bound to find the clubs fixtures to play? Also, if member clubs decide, for whatever reason, not to participate in completing a fixture list. Then they should be expelled, or resign from the organisation? Therfore, the SPFL should establish the number of clubs who meet the criteria, and organise the Leagues accordingly. (No voting required!) Thistle are one of only 6 clubs out of 42 who operated at a profit according to the last available financial results! If forced to cease conducting business by a voting process, would this not be in breach of Restrictive Trade laws!