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  1. Exactly, its been well documented that he has sat on the fence and refused to sign a new contract. The club gave him a two and a half year deal and offered an extension to further his career at Firhill . No loyalty at all and big bucks again turns the head. McCall should drop him .
  2. This forum is full of wannabes . We have a member.... Bobby Houston who thinks he's a circus clown
  3. The one and only time i have been to Gayfield. August 1971... 4 -2 win in league cup... the rest is history.
  4. A win tomorrow and if results elsewhere go in our favour , we could be top of the league tomorrow evening.
  5. What is the situation with Rudden's contract. If he continues to improve and show more consistency, i can't see us been able to hold on to him.
  6. My birthplace deserves better than these uninspiring finalists.
  7. Will the hedge be a victim of the obvious cut backs at Brechin
  8. Congratulations to Kelty Hearts. Commiserations Brechin.
  9. I hear the canal bank viewing area is ticket only. Tickets on sale from the adjacent pigeon dookit.
  10. The player sitting down to right of the cup is Wullie Salsbury. He stayed at the end of my street and passed away in the late 50's, early 60's. His grandson Gordon Smith was in my class at secondary school and had a playing career with St Johnstone ,Aston Villa, Spurs, Wolves . The cup was taken round the schools in Maryhill and my dad had the pleasure of witnessing this great occasion.
  11. What is the odds for gaining promotion through the playoffs? I still fancy us to go up one way or another and i have not been on the festive sherry before anyone asks .
  12. Three games in and if we lose next week, we are back in familiar territory. Total disgrace and unacceptable. Something very much wrong at firhill.
  13. I think they should let Camallian into the games. There would be no problem with distancing.
  14. I was hoping that we had hit the bottom and this season would see a resurgent jags. Early doors but hopefully a wake up call for McCall after today's poor result. Back to the wilderness years before the Lambie era would be a disaster for the club.
  15. https://www.racingtv.com/videos/watch/ondemand/76768
  16. Agree, badly needing to be spruced up.
  17. No disrespect to the other teams in league 1, but its shameful how far we have dropped with regards to the above comment by GRE.
  18. Rudden has gone back to his mum in the Edinburgh area. Was in digs in East Dunbartonshire, that were being covered by Rangers at one point . Thistle were unwilling to carry on with the arrangement.
  19. This ludicrous proposal has achieved its goal by causing a lot of anger on this forum. Its now blatantly obvious that the spfl board is not fit for purpose but will continue to run the show as they continue to divide and conquer with our clubs fighting over the scraps through self interest . As you have stated allyo, this suggestion that myself believe is bullshit and mischief making, takes us to a new dimension. If this proposal was to somehow become a genuine runner and voted on, i would be astounded . The spfl has to be challenged in some way as this is not a democratic way to run scottish football. A difficult task for thistle to tackle if they decide this is unacceptable as they will get zero backing from other clubs. I base my comment on norge stating 3 up from league 1 and 1 down from championship.
  20. i have listened to the ICT guy on sportsound and other revelations regarding phone calls involving Doncaster, the Dundee owner and a third party. If the SPFL wriggle out of this ,we may as well call it a day. The entire set up is rotten to the core and a complete revamp is now required. The events on Friday must surely bring to an end this Jimmy Hoffa style regime .
  21. Zac Rudden is not fully fit. When he reaches peak fitness and up to speed I think we will see a player who will get goals. He has a two and a half year deal with us .
  22. First half double for Blair Lyons .