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  1. Add a couple of goals early in the second half and bring on Sena for the last 15 minutes for my coupon
  2. Be months before ye get your phone back going by our results. Going by the content of Bobby's posts I would be surprised if he was legally allowed by law to consume his cargo. I cant believe there is someone in their 50/60s that conduct themselves in that manner
  3. We have potentially 12 games in 6 weeks if the split goes ahead, dont think thats excessive for a full time team. Can see how the part time teams would struggle but surely this has to be to our advantage.
  4. Give the lad a chance. He has scored 6 goals in 39 appearances, the guy is still only 22. Kevin Nisbet scored 8 goals in 57 appearance when he was 22., now Hibs are turning down 7 figures for him. Wait till he misses as many sitters as Azeez before slating the boy
  5. I see Queens Park have signed Salim Kouider Aissa on loan. He's going to be a huge miss for us, I wonder who else will take his place in the treatment room
  6. In that case I'd take Mark Roberts back again. Reckon he would still do a job in this pub league
  7. I would like to think we would start to see some return for our investment
  8. Will Rudden be fit to feature in the remaining fixtures?
  9. I watched the Hearts game on Friday night and it was absolutely mince but it had me thinking, this is the stuff we were accustomed to see every week for quite some time. Do I miss 90 minutes of frustratingly bad passing, aimless kicks up and out the park, unworked keepers, probably not. It just goes to show but, even teams with a budget like Hearts are all playing the same way. For so called professional full time teams, its merely trumped up amateur stuff. Guys like Neilson thinking their Guardiola with their tactics and guff. 60 - 70% possession looks good but when none of it is in the final third, your just kidding yourself on. I mean we had games were we were going 45 mins or more without a shot on target against part time teams. So to answer the question, "wha's missing the fitba", im afraid to say, no me
  10. I fall into that bracket. The closest we ever came was the League Cup shoot out calamity in 2002
  11. I'm amazed that he played as many games as that to be honest. We persisted with him and several others and that was our weakness which ultimately had a part in our demise. If the SOD rumour is true, which it very well could be, then Archie has been better for him than his agent. He moved to Kilmarnock, worked under a decent manager that took a struggling Kilmarnock, who incidentally were worse than us for 2 or 3 seasons on the trott prior, and transformed them into a regular Old Firm beating best of the rest side. We go into free fall while O'Donnell is now a regular fixture in the international team, something that would never have happened for him if he had moved back to Firhill. You only need to look at Livingston's recent run, 10 games unbeaten, won 8, drew 2 with Celtic. They have took more points off Celtic in 5 days than we have done in 25 year. We can only dream to be that good. Infact, we cant go on a run like that in the league were in now. Hello Doctor, can I get a repeat prescription please.......
  12. We have went from nightmare to nightmare. You forget about one and realise we're right into another
  13. Recommending is one thing, actually signing him was far worse.
  14. I was suggesting more that if a club in the leagues that can play football came in and took our players but that would be be the realms of fantasy. Perhaps with the exception of Niang who has shown a glimmer of light in an endless dark tunnel.
  15. If it went to the clubs to vote to call the season, Falkirk at the moment stand to gain. Would they change their stance from last year, of course they would. Likewise if we were good enough to be top of League One, we would change the way we voted last year. Nobody really cares about other clubs and its all self interest. Unfortunately we are again not good enough to be in that position because we dropped points against the likes of Peterhead, Clyde and Dumbarton. The reality is, the season should never have started in the first place. Without fans, the game is nothing and there is less money which frankly is unsustainable, especially to a full time team like ourselves. The baw is most definitely burst. How can there be sporting integrity when teams in the championship who we are competing against for players are allowed to play football when we are not? That being said, if the season doesnt start up again till later in the year, I wouldnt be against letting all the players and management go and building again from scratch because prior to the leagues being stopped, we were going nowhere fast.