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  1. Correct. The last 3 years the football has only been an excuse to go to the pub, with the game itself being an endurance. It has to be said, even during those desperate times, I still miss my Saturdays
  2. It might not have been as convincing as I had hoped but we got the result which is the most important thing. Still room for much improvement and with the next couple of games against arguably our biggest challengers, hopefully we can start to raise our game. With better awareness and decision making when we are attacking there should be plenty of goals in this team
  3. God forbid we are bottom again, the SPFL board will be praying we start getting a few wins so they don't get the blame again
  4. Let's not forget, this is a team McCall was building to challenge for the league above. We look devoid of ideas and goals. Same old story
  5. There shouldn't really be any excuse for him not to be fully fit. I understand you can pick up niggly injuries from time to time but hes yet to kick a ball in anger for us in approaching 10 month. I think McCall said in an interview (after BSC game) that he was looking good prior to this latest set back so fingers crossed he can finally start looking like the player we all have high hopes for.
  6. The only thing your worried about the pub not closing at 10pm in Norway must be the cost of a night out.
  7. I was surprised by McCall's comments regarding BSC. Robbie Neilson could probably have said the same of us after seeing that performance
  8. Watched the highlights and Hearts looked much quicker and sharper. 2 nil flattered us really when you see some of the chances they passed up. Ill put some of the defending down to fitness but we seemed miles behind them how easily they cut us open with a simple turn or pass. The worst part was when our centre half tries to play Naismith offside from a shy, leaving him to run clean through. Im not sure if its the same boy that gives up for their 2nd goal as well but all in all, we need to be far better than that when the season starts a little more than a week from now.
  9. That's what Ian McCall and his assistants are paid for. If they do half as good a job as McNamara done then we'll be heading in the right direction
  10. There probably isnt as much a difference in quality between Drumchapel and us last season to be fair. I agree that MacKinnon was a really poor signing though, as was plenty of other who flattered to deceive. The complete no-show at Gayfield in January still gives me nightmares. That was enough to stop football never mind the ensuing pandemic. The one bit of optimism I have for the forthcoming season is, we surely cant be that bad again
  11. The death of Scottish football is happening in front of our very eyes. Mothballing the league we have been consigned to will cause irreversible damage. We will effectively need to start from scratch while other teams higher up in the foot chain will benefit with increased prize money. Why cant we have a reduced capacity at Firhill. We could easily have 3000 folk adhering to distancing rules, which is as much as we will likely to see anyway. Same applies for every club in the lower leagues where its almost as if its behind closed doors with the amount of folk who attend. Surely the biggest threat still is to the players, so the restart of any football in Scotland should be uniform to all leagues
  12. No its definitely Snowdon, sure he went onto play for the mighty Bo-ness not long after, what heady days when we could watch guys like that in the famous Red an Yella :)
  13. The phrase, "the term legend gets thrown about a lot these days" has never been more applicable. Sandy Hodge a legend? That description is very generous at best never mind wholly inaccurate. Also Will Snowdon - too good for us? That in itself almost warrants the admin to get involved here and close this thread down
  14. In 2004, the rules were changed to allow ICT to be promoted and to relegate us, the cuddly toy. While we had to ensure a 10000 seater stadium had to be in place with the safety certificates all signed somewhere around March prior to us winning the Scottish Division One title as it was, ICT were allowed to ground share with 'neighbours' Aberdeen (which was a clear conflict of interest) until they could build a 6000 seater stadium. It was absolutely astonishing how we accepted it. Financially we spent a fortune to get Firhill up to scratch which effectively put as at a disadvantage on the park. Not a court in the land would have upheld the leagues decision. Theres no danger if we had taken it to court we would have lost it. We didnt want to be seen to upset the apple cart and merely surrendered to our fate. It was absolutely outrageous. If we surrender again to this, effectively the same as we did back then by getting into bed with the devil, then ye can shove yer team up yer arse. To support Thistle would be to support that corruption. Not for me. Our families 20 year continuous season tickets sale will be no more.