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  1. Any word when the Home strip is making an appearance or are we waiting for a marquee signing to model it?
  2. He would have ended up LWB because we signed Milan Nitriansky. That signing along with 'that' abysmal defeat away to Ross County should have been enough to see Archie out the door, however the board stuck, and the rest as they say is history
  3. Was a key player in our promotion back to the Premier League. In terms of gaining legendary status at Firhill, we have not been in a semi final of a major domestic cup for 20 years so winning the league is as close as it gets. The 2012/13 season will live long in my memory
  4. Welcome back Stevie. A Thistle Legend who at 31, should still offer us good service as well as experience
  5. Our performances away from home was just as bad so the pitch excuse doesnt hold up. Bannigan is still relatively young, in fact he should be at the peak of his career, but his legs have gone. Slow to react, ponderous on the ball, weak in the challenge, its not there for him anymore, and its sad to see. ETA Bring back Jackie McNamara, all is forgiven
  6. Big Brian Graham has been getting pelters, but hes not going to score with a high ball 40 yards out. The Raith Rovers game a few weeks back, I cant remember a real chance being created. The best chance other than the goal we scored on Tuesday came from an Inverness player putting it on a plate only to see it catastrophically put over the bar. That is what needs addressed if we are to progress, and if it cant be done now, needs to be in the summer.
  7. I thought the left back we were rumoured with was the boy Maxwell, going by his Wikipedia description he would certainly offer us protection of sorts. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/James_Maxwell_(footballer,_born_2001) Impressed with the signing of Dowds. First bit of good news in a while
  8. I have to agree. It was a shamefully diabolical effort. He would have been as well going into the dressing room for half time when they got their corner.
  9. The demise of Airdrie was mainly attributed to their re-location. Clyde moved to Cumbernauld, the EK equivalent and get a measly 500 fans if lucky I would disagree that Firhill is a dump. The main stand is outdated for sure but as has been said, with correct maintenance carried out throughout we would have a stadium that would be envied by many clubs. Look at Morton, Arbroath, Inverness, Ayr etc. Being central to Glasgow also is an attraction to potentially signing players. The atmosphere at the recent Airdrie game was very good for it being a quarter full. I would also disagree that the capacity is too much. The morton midweek game although is very rare shows the potential when we are playing well. It also generates extra money when we prostitute ourselves to the old firm. The bing to me is the greatest disappointment, but in general Firhill is our home and were here to stay
  10. https://www.nature.scot/doc/green-infrastructure-project-update-firhill-thrills https://www.glasgowtimes.co.uk/sport/19347877.gerry-britton-assures-partick-thistle-fans-firhill-turf-will-not-suffer-queens-park-groundshare/
  11. I thought we had (expensive) work done to rectify the drainage issue a couple of years ago? I cant believe the state of the pitch though, you couldnt even call it patchy, theres almost no grass left. It looks as though we have been playing football with bulldozers. It should be able to withstand a game of football a week. God only knows what it will be like with three a week when we are playing catch up. Something seriously wrong here, i mean, there are council pitches in better condtion after pub teams playing at least once a week
  12. So when the really bad weather comes and all grass pitches across the country deteriorate then were gubbed is what your saying. I'm sure our players deserve a bit more credit than that. Very important win yesterday considering results elsewhere. Can only be positive when you don't play well and take three points. We need another creative player in January, I thought Hastie would have provided that but he has been disappointing so far.
  13. In terms of time it occurs, if its a horrendous tackle or serious foul play then obviously its a red card. This was neither a excessive or dangerous tackle. He goes in with the one foot and makes contact at ground level. Again, it doesn't matter to me if its in the middle of the park or on the touchline, if there is a 50/50 ball to be won, I'd expect my player to be going for it. What if Logan was unchallenged and plays the ball over the top for the striker to score, everyone would be wondering why he had so much time to pick his pass. In terms of studs up, what direction should they be facing?
  14. Shocking refereeing. It wasnt like he went flying in at 100mph. It was a genuine attempt to win a 50/50 ball. Looks like Beaton the ref so that almost explains the decision. Lucky if its even a yellow at that stage in the game. Seriously though, where is the game going if you cant tackle. Basically every slide tackle is being punished now whether you win the ball or not. With heading the ball soon to be banned as well, VAR to be introduced, the baw is burst
  15. Its a terrific header and goal from his position. Not sure what the player on the post thinks his job is, I'm surprised the keeper and other team mates didn't tear him a new one for not making any attempt to clear the ball