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  1. Was it on the day that Jock Stein died that he said to Fergie "Never give that man a jersey again", low and behold he was dropped from the squad to Mexico. First class self publicist, not in the same class as Hughes.
  2. Thistle on tour again next season because after all In the words of Alestorm.
  3. Lets not forget Cheers
  4. Great Stuff. Now they just got to find a vaccine for the old Covid-19......
  5. sabbath

    Book Thread

    Make no apologies for Clive Cussler. Started reading back around 1981-82. Dirk Pitt, was there nothing that man of steel couldn't do, bought almost every book since. gutted to recently find out Clive died in February.............scunner. Oh, if you would like some highbrow stuff, of mice and men. the saddest book ever.
  6. Long live python..............scourge of points of view. Mrs Whitehouse up in arms over the deplorable language.......Never forget John Cleese with the immortal lines " You ********, you vicious heartless ********". Try telling the kids of today, and they wont believe you...........Terry Jones for ever in our heart.
  7. Talking about songs to enter the pitch by Cant beat Alestorm............
  8. Corona conspiracy is as far fetched as the flat earth....................No Wait.................
  9. As much as I would love to see the total destruction of the charade that is the SPFL. Honestly, and we all deep down in our hearts know. If we had 5 or even 10 games in hand we would have struggled to stay up. the best we can achieve is the compen. The case is water tight we could take them all the way, especially if the costs will be bourn by an unnamed source. Thistle for ever Death to the SPFL & SFA.
  10. Lots of amusing yet pointless comments. The plain and simple fact is Scotland just hasn't got the teams for 4 leagues. Its questionable if there should even be 2 or 3 leagues. The solution to all is to bring down the house of cards. Dig in the heals and stop the start of next season, sit back and watch everyone go to the wall. From forest fires new shoots grow once the dead wood has been burned. Thistle will survive, no worries. Sure we might even be reduced to around 20 credible teams in Scotland. What we have now is a sham, most teams could not even compete in the junior leagues. So wake up smell the coffee and lets start again.
  11. sabbath

    New Kit

    Mine's in the post.
  12. 100% Yes. Go to away games by all means. stand outside and let the team hear the noise. Then its into the nearest pub for a sing song.
  13. sabbath

    New Kit

    Badges, badges. We don't need no stinking badges!
  14. I feel the whole house of cards should be destroyed but I feel the sentiment of what's said is the case. I suspect the corrupt and amateurish forces will carry the day, not that they have a strong case, rather the true exposure of the game will be laid out for all potential sponsors to realise this is not what anyone would be a party too.
  15. Tat......T shirt with a wee badge, Naw. Come on guys, lets get a more professional. Can you imagine walking into your local with this rubbish. Think again guys. The T shirt wont even be Arco quality.