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  1. McCall out McCall out McCall out McCall out McCall out McCall out McCall out McCall out Todays performance summed up an nutshell. Clueless, without the capability to motivate or inspire any type of performance. Jim Goodwin was heard to say "at least I'm not as bad as that dick at Maryhill". but what of the other pigeons Archibald and the other dick taking a wage out of the club. As supposed assistant managers when presented with the team sheet, never laughed as told McCall "I right"
  2. sabbath

    Jeff Beck

    Jeff Beck - A Day In The Life (Live at Ronnie Scott's)
  3. sabbath

    Jeff Beck

    Just turned on the news, Jeff Becks gone. What an influential guitarist, on the same stage as Hendrix, Page & Clapton. To say he would be missed would be the understatement of the year. Another hero from my past steps over to the other side. RIP JEFF BECK
  4. Morton boy made a right arse of his defensive duties
  5. McCall generally has a good eye for talent. The English accent gave Archie a stonner, they played a few games then fell into obscurity. The pool of players we have should pump this league, and there is the rub. McCall or any of the other assistant pigeons, can motivate, organise nor inspire what we have to greater heights. as for "the best since Bertie". That in itself is a mouthful and highlights just how low our expectations have become. Out with the old firm and of course Queens, everyone else are also rans, who we should be beating. As a Jag is it beyond comprehension to be consistently competing in Europe. Stand back, and the smelling salts for those who thought the Archie years contributed anything positive. Raise the bar FFS. Mon the jags.
  6. It is a sad story and a true accident. I feel that Shanks may be taken well out of context here. Deaths are few and far between and players don't enter the field with the intention of killing, more a case of must win at all cost attitude to the game. My understanding of the shanks is you go into a tackle giving 100% no quarter given nor taken. that's the way to win, and I have no doubt James Main would have agreed with Shankly.
  7. Who gets to sing "you're just a wee team from Glasgow"? Its not just a must win but a six pointer. This game is an indication of our intent for promotion. I would expect a three goal cushion. by expect what I mean is I will accept nothing less. No pressure then
  8. Defence has No protection from the midfield because their hopeless with no confidence nor belief in themselves. Don't appear to have a right back all the opposition have to do is cross the ball from the left over the centre to the righthand side then just score. McCall killed our season with the Falkirk game where he publicly announced he didn't care for that competition. we have never been the same since. Thistle playing with a "Backyann" this is how far we have fallen. Must avoid relegation at all costs. Feel now Owen would laugh in our faces if we chapped QPs door.
  9. Talked about this for the past couple of weeks, Cardle must be taken out to give us a chance. And it certainly looked like Docherty went in studs a flying. If Cardle was old school, he would have just marked his card and stayed on the field and Docherty would have walked. If McCall had a plan to stop Cardle all well and good. Old school tells us when you go in yer man's off to the hospital with no chance of playing on as you have an early bath.
  10. Another good man down. Brilliant showman guitar played simple. although his illness was known it's still a shock Rest in peace if for Wilko thats possible. God Bless.
  11. McCall put all his eggs in the one basket with Bannigan who is not a ball winner, not creative in possession, devoid of attacking vision, no positional awareness, lacks strength and confidence in the middle of the pitch being easily bullied. With that being said he`s still better than Docherty that's how bad we are. And its McCall's failure to identify the midfield failings that has spotlighted his own managerial failings. As for a new manager both the Lennons nay danger. Ross at Sunderland had almost the biggest budget of all the teams in the league at that time combined and failed. No more Jobs for the boys
  12. Its only in times like this and you look back and realise just how good Nazareth were and Dan as the frontman was. The voice and his smile will be sadly missed. Love and respect Rest in peace.
  13. Simples. Just ask Queens Park for permission to speak to their manager. Or alternatively wait until the start of next season and ask for me, by that time I`ll be looking for a nice wee easy job and the chance to drink at the "jobs for the boys well"
  14. There is no doubting McCall ability in spotting talent. It's his managerial qualities that are in question. His time at Ayr is not an accurate reflection because without Shankland they struggled. He clearly is incapable of identifying problems and resolving them. Those who occupy the same dugout are a clear case in point, Archiebald was brought back to curry favour with the support after the disgraceful way Kris Dollan was mistreated. The "jobs for the boys" attitude will destroy the club. Thistle are not now the only "nice wee cuddly alternative" in town. Queens Park have kicked our [email protected] twice, they won promotion on a pitch McCall used as an excuse. they have real ambitions. I mentioned McCall was the wrong man for the job when he was appointed with the caveat that once he was in, we would be stuck with him. Are we going to wait until the Kelty game. more money down the drain.
  15. I retire next year so I will be looking for a "Jobs for the boy's" less stressful position that Thistle seem to promote. 25 years successful management throughout Scotland. 10 years as a trouble shooter " If Somethings broken Sabbath gets it sorted". My aim is to play regularly in Europe without the help of a Ukraine war. To win the champions league with a team from local lads from a thirty-mile radius of Maryhill before I am seventy. Without ambition we`re [email protected]#ked, you just have to look at the present bench to see what I mean. Don't delay next September Sabbath for manager.
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