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  1. I stand corrected: https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/news/scottish-news/palestinian-blood-partick-thistle-targeted-22811962
  2. There was an anti-Israel/pro-Republican protest at Hampden recently as well. I am sure our national press will be all over this...
  3. Sitting here with a Punk IPA watching the Jags at Firhill. Shite stream, but it is a test and it's free. Really cannot complain given everything else going on. At least we have not missed the two goals with the camera that has a mind of it's own. 2nd goal offside? Any idea who the trialist is? Stay safe, fellow Jags!
  4. As a reward for his exemplary administration and seamless football governance, this man has been appointed to UEFA's Ethics and Disciplinary body. Wow.
  5. He doth protest too much, purely because "it is a waste of time and energy"?! . Also makes snide comments about Rangers. Definite closet Celtic fan worried about 9-in-a-row...
  6. Again, can only go by my experience over here, but the B teams tend not to get crowds, most often because they are not played at the main stadium, The fans do not really care about how well the B teams do.
  7. Most certainly not popular in Germany. Have watched a few Fortuna Köln matches against the likes of Gladbach B. Terrible. No away fans. Much better playing smaller teams who do bring fans and actually care about the result of the match.
  8. 18 infected after going to a restaurant in Niedersachsen 50 infected in a church near Frankfurt 147 infected in a slaughterhouse on the Dutch/German border Wish I shared your optimism.
  9. Fair enough. Just seemed logical that if we can after, then presumed we could before...
  10. I think it is far too early to make any judgements. Statistics between countries are not yet comparable, they may never be measured in exactly the same way. I do not think bringing politics into it helps either - Hungary and Poland could easily be described as right wing populists as well. They seem to be doing well. The SNP is not right-wing populist, yet Scotland has not been much different to England. If we are able to continue the lock-down after RUK, we could surely have started it before RUK, but chose not to.
  11. There is some criticism of this amongst the wider population. For the football fans the novelty may wear away, but just getting to see football again and watch it in a bar if you are lucky is great. Getting back to the routine of a match day is also good for people - having to get stuff done before the match starts and so on. I suspect that even if no fans are allowed in the new season, people still want as much of pre-Covid life to remain as possible, even if it means not getting into the stadium.
  12. Watched the mighty Mainz get a well-deserved draw against Köln today with the sound option on - made a massive difference to be honest. They have done it very well. Subtle, and even the faint sound of away fans songs.The Dortmund vs Schalke derby was so flat without the sound - I gave up on that after 15 minutes.
  13. As a Mainz 05 fan, somewhat ironic that the first match back is in Cologne! My first year in Germany was in a town near Mainz and my neighbours took me along to matches. There was a certain Jürgen Klopp playing in defence for Mainz that year.