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  1. Aw no. Their stuff is brilliant. My bank account has taken a regular beating since O’Neills took over. Interested to see if they can maintain such new ideas. No centenaries for a while…
  2. No, not that. I can use it seemingly everywhere else. Greaves sports for one has done particularly well out of my card..!
  3. Won‘t accept a foreign credit card. Had the same issue last year.
  4. Hillsborough. My first ever Jags game vs Meadowbank at home. Grew up in Edinburgh. My mate‘s dad at school was doctor for Meadowbank. Travelled through on their team bus with my Jags scarf on. Got my programme signed in the home dressing room. Sat in the directors box in the main stand. I was in awe. Half time and into a lounge for pies and juice. Everyone huddled round the one tv. Could not believe what I was seeing. From such highs to watching that. Sorry to derail the thread…
  5. Terrible. Looks like 11 players put on the pitch who have never seen each other before. No plan, no idea, no fight. Despite injuries, tiredness whatever, at least have some semblance of what you want to try to do. I have seen some shite over the years, all I ask is we play as a team, with some idea that the players are in some way working together. Feel sorry for those that travelled and paid money to sit through this.
  6. Our pitch may be awful, but that pitch was just as poor for football. Dodgy bounce, difficult to control the ball. Both teams played poorly on it. Both teams lumping it forward to no obvious plan, hoping that a defender would make a mistake. Raith play on it every second week, they were still not comfortable. It is a poor spectacle. Wonder what Barca vs Real would be like on any Astro… Great jags support though. And what a shitey home support.
  7. And Merry Christmas to all from me. I made it back home this year. Feels fantastic! Am not going to try for a ballot ticket for the upcoming matches. You who have followed the past months deserve a possible ticket more than me.
  8. First ever season ticket purchased as well. Will be back over the summer, but currently face the 10 day quarantine in UK and then 14 days when I get back to Germany, despite getting my 2nd jag last weekend. Ridiculous.
  9. My first reaction too! Italia 90 top? Was thinking I might get a few admiring looks over here if I wear that. But the order of the stripes is wrong. More Belgium than Germany. Still, that's only 60 km away from me.
  10. He did not break English restrictions. I take he still lives in Scotland. He therefore broke Scottish restrictions... Anyway, enjoy your freedoms as they come people. Over here, they are imposing a night-time curfew from tonight, shutting all but essential shops again and vaccinations are painfully slow. The local/national governments fight amongst themselves over how best (not) to proceed. German efficiency? Mein Arsch!
  11. Found it difficult to tell just how good Bannigan's goal was without seeing from behind the goals. From what I could see from the side angle, it did not look that near the post, more centre-right of the goal, therefore the keeper could maybe have done better, thought the keeper looked pretty rotten throughout... I'd go for Rudden's first - ball to Forster and his first touch were great. I actually thought Montrose looked a good footballing team. Stats for the match show we had 6 shots on target all match and 48% possession.
  12. I stand corrected: https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/news/scottish-news/palestinian-blood-partick-thistle-targeted-22811962
  13. There was an anti-Israel/pro-Republican protest at Hampden recently as well. I am sure our national press will be all over this...