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  1. Guaranteed that League 1 & 2 are declared void. This will allow the bottom team in Championship to survive and haud on a minute Brechin again!!!
  2. Yay yet another Scottish Football Shafting, Partick Thistle to list themselves on Grinder cause their arse is gaping from all the hammerings they have took in last few years.
  3. I thought we all needed to switch to summer football for Qatar World Cup anyway, no?
  4. With covid this was the perfect time to restructure our game from top to bottom and start summer football, we missed a trick i think.
  5. Let me get in there first, game called off after a pitch inspection lol
  6. And like the rest of the kids will never be seen again, our youth system is pointless
  7. I might be drunk but i do wish Weir had spent his money on the first team and allowed us to have some success and some new memories. The youth system is worthless and has not been much use other than happy clappy pointage. If i was Weir firhill would have been redeveloped and there would have been some acceptable bankrolling of the first team. That is how you leave a legacy.
  8. Shambolic that we have so many injuries, do we run around kicking lumps out of each other in training?
  9. Bang average and will never make it, just a long line of old firm loan failures. Least it frees up a space for someone new to come in and freshen us up.
  10. I am quietly confident she will be long gone and will be voted right out the door asap in a fans vote. Edited to add, knowing how toxic she is among a large part of the fanbase and her ego she will no doubt put herself forward to piss as many off as possible.
  11. Oh, no tears, please. It's a waste of good suffering!

  12. I am guessing him, kouder aisa, breen will be sent packing to allow some fresh faces to come in.
  13. Well for a start i wanna make sure Jacqui Low is nowhere near the club as was originally promised, Other things would be like, if essential funding is required be it stadium repairs/upgrades or a striker to bail us out of the poo who will provide these funds? The other 2 trusts will they disband and fall under the Thistle Foundation? Gonna take a while before i get onboard because i want to make sure it doesn't transcend into the usual fan run farces of the past.
  14. A 14 minute video of nothing, just a fancy presentation with no substance.
  15. Things gone from football.....the atmosphere. Since the addition of seated stadia it has never been the same. I ******* despise that green brigade mob but you cannot deny having them in a standing area does not make a difference atmosphere wise. A standing area with even a few hundred in it makes a massive difference if acoustically correct.