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  1. Yes, i thought the game was poor fare and we were very beige. This is not a team that inspires. Last team that inspired was when we won promotion and stayed up before the squad fell apart. That was fast paced flowing football that excited. Today was more of the same we have come accustomed too that falls way short of anything inspiring.
  2. With the shite that has been on display for last 3/4 years i would prefer to stay at home and stream rather than waste my time and effort going to be depressed at cold firhill
  3. And that is the problem, it should not be a close game! We have assembled a team on championship wages and struggle to destroy Airdrie and have lost to Clyde. We need a massive improvement if we even hope to get back up. Cove game could end up with us being pasted unless we have a massive improvement. We won today but that was in no way acceptable and if we start accepting that then we are in a bad state.
  4. He was invisible and the game passed him by in the latter stages
  5. Don't worry my login details that worked fine the other day failed to work today. Thankfully could watch it on another family members account.
  6. Send me whatever drugs you are taking!
  7. Never gonna happen, far too advanced for scottish football
  8. Well that is Bradley Renfrew effectively released so maybe freeing up some money?
  9. We deffo need to pick up another striker, i am sure there must still be some out there looking for a gig
  10. For it being 2020 our club are really stuck in the dark ages with a lot of things and always seem to be able to cause a fight in an empty car park!
  11. I have gave up, that Martin Towers guys won something about 5 times since March lol