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  1. Just crashed. They were going into meltdown !!!
  2. Maybe worth waiting to see if they got any concessions in return for their 'yes' vote (I know, I know ....).
  3. Although I was only about 6, I was seriously ill when the League Cup was won (nearly pegged it apparently), and my recovery present was the full kit. Loved it. Also loved, but never ever got, the black scarf though - call me ungrateful !!!
  4. I'm afraid you'll need to remind me of our post-split record for the last w seasons in the top league. Not sure I'd agree that AA had a great record for lifting us in those games .....
  5. Locals where I live think Scougall is going to Ayr ......
  6. We've plummeted like a stone in the last 18 months. Whether Archie would have done better than Caldwell is pure speculation. He could have done worse (hard as it is to imagine). My view is that neither of them should be allowed anywhere near the manager's office again.
  7. I met Chic at a sort of 'meet the players' night at Maryhill Town Hall. He asked me and the guy I was with to stand in front of the table with the tea and coffee, basically to form a defensive wall and hide him while he filled his plate with custard creams and bourbons. He said that Lambie had caught him earlier and warned him about not eating any more biscuits. The dedication of the professional sportsman
  8. Normally that would be a 100% logical and reasonable statement to make. But when viewed in the wider context it's clear that it's just a continuation of all of last seasons failings (and the last six games of the previous season too). It's deja vu - the only difference being the players that are eventually signed are even worse than in previous seasons (O'Ware and Bell, and maybe Slater, excepted) and players we could rely on before are now past it. I can't see where our next goal is coming from, let alone our next win. Any team that finishes below us must be really, really poor.
  9. For the first time in over a season, I went along to a game (breaking a self-imposed boycott due to SFA corruption, etc) simply because I live nearby, my son gets in for nothing at Somerset (we were in the home end !!!), and I wanted to see if we were really as bad as people had been making out. Unfortunately, we are. Actually that's not quite true - we're worse than that. Maybe if I said that we made Michael Moffat and Declan McDaid look good that might give you an idea of how inept we were today. The stories I've heard about sideways passing followed by a big hoof up the park were 100% spot on. That's almost all we did. On the few occasions we went up the flanks, the balls in were feeble and straight to an Ayr player. We have no pace or invention and the quality of passing under pressure is schoolboy stuff. I'm not convinced Ayr are a great team, but they are strong at the back, neat, pass well and are incisive going forward. Everything that we aren't. I was looking forward to seeing many of the players for the first time. I thought Bell and O'Ware were fine, and would be fine as the basis for the spine of the team. Penrice might be a decent player but not at left back. How many times did he try to pass it down the line just as he was closed down and we lost possession ? Loads. McGinty is a carthorse and should never be allowed to wear the jersey again. Melbourne looks way off the pace. I only noticed Gordon when he mad a mess of something. Squiddy is done based on what I saw today. I was pleased when Spittal signed, so hoping he's just suffering from a lack of confidence. Storey worked hard with no prospect of delivering anything. Fitzpatrick did well when he came on, but we shouldn't be relying on youngsters. If the game was still on now we wouldn't have scored. We are awful and, at times, embarrassing. No tactics, game plan or desire. Archie may well be a Jags legend, but his time is up. If he doesn't get binned we are heading for a relegation battle. And everyone knows how well we deal with those - once we finally accept we're in one.
  10. A couple of years back I was talking to a Thistle player (who has since left) and he told me that the famous 'dressing room spirit' that Archie was so fond of mentioning was a thing of the past. Two or three senior players were far from team players according to him. Didn't post it as I don't like these "taxi driver" type stories, but it did make me wonder. As a result, stories like those above don't surprise me too much.
  11. I agree that they have a lot of decisions to make, and need to take the appropriate time to make the correct choices. However, the prospect of relegation hasn't just appeared. If the board were in any way pro-active, they would be well prepared for scenarios like today, and have a contingency plan in place. But then, it's Thistle we're talking about - we don't exactly have a good track record for getting organised promptly ....
  12. If the last nine months are anything to go by - definitely. If they don't care, they know where the door is.
  13. While the link below is obviously written from a certain viewpoint, I've been following this saga for long enough to know that the vast majority of the facts quoted are undisputed. It makes you wonder why Maxi (or indeed, anyone) would want to take on this role ..... https://thecelticblog.com/2018/03/blogs/the-hampden-ibrox-alliance-has-already-endangered-our-game-it-must-not-be-allowed-to-do-so-again/amp/?__twitter_impression=true
  14. Buckstone


    If you were the chairman of Spartans or East Kilbride, itching to get into League 2, how would you feel about this proposal ? Rangers and Celtic have huge squads, most of whom will never get near the first team. If they're that concerned about these players getting game time, loan them out to other clubs. Scottish football isn't run just for their benefit ..... oh, hang on a minute, maybe it is.
  15. Buckstone


    That's a very good example. Imagine the roles were reversed and, after beating them 3-0, it was discovered that 9 of our team had issues with their contract registrations and were thus ineligible to play. Do you think the SFA would allow that to go unpunished ? That's an oversimplification, but is essentially the crux of the matter. I was hacked off on the way home from Hampden that day, but thats nothing compared to what I feel about it now.