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  1. Many years ago I was in a wee bookshop in Byres Road and he was in front of me in the queue to get Xmas Calendars He had a right go at them for having piles of Old Firm calendars and no Partick Thistle ones We then had a long chat about Thistle out on the pavement. He didn't get to many games but he knew plenty about our results
  2. There were 4 OPR fans sitting behind me at the Dundee United game, and they said that Kakay had repeatedly claimed on their website that he was really enjoying being at Thistle and living in Glasgow, and that he hoped to extend his loan. They thought that QPR had recalled him.
  3. My friend Stewart Leask was a die-hard Thistle fan and regular attender at Firhill . He lived in Milgavie, but he and his wife Linda had a wee cottage on the Isle of Arran which she had inherited. On Sunday 3rd February Stewart and his dog Corrie left this cottage to walk to the Glenashadale Falls. He never came home. A huge search was organised, involving the police, the army, the coastguard helicopter, the local Mountain Rescue Team and scores of volunteers from all over Arran On Wednesday Corrie was found near the carpark for the Falls. On Friday Stewart's body was found in the sea off the Ayrshire Coast. As you can imagine, this long period of uncertainty put an intolerable amount of stress and strain on his wife and family. A huge blow to his family and friends, and another sad loss to the Thistle family, his cheery, smiling face will be sorely missed. We will be putting up a tile to his memory in the Jackie Husband stand.
  4. OK lads, who was it that pushed wee Gary into the Kelvin?
  5. One of my sons lives in Cambridge. Now when he gets homesick for Firhill he'll be able to go and watch Amoo and Azeez in action. That'll teach him.
  6. Thought it was pretty crap that Ross County closed down the usual away stand and made us sit in the east stand, which was facing directly into the hurricane. When I arrived wind, rain, sleet and the odd seagull were driving into the stand, and the gallant 161 were all cowering in the back three rows. Luckily the storm abated just as the game began, and we got a wonderful view of the goals being scored right infant of us.
  7. Just got my Pensioner's Winter Fuel Allowance Put me down for £2 per goal (PAWS) cheers the not-so-cuddly toi
  8. Just won the Centenary Fund April Draw, so I'm upping my pledge from £2 to £5 per point BB, what you're doing is brilliant
  9. two pounds per point, to include tonight's game
  10. Mr Jones, the hundred-year-old Jags Fan who was a guest at Firhill near the end of last season is currently in a hospital and bored out of his skull. A friend of Mrs Not-So-Cuddly goes to visit him and plays dominoes with him, but she has no interest in football. Is there a Thistle historian who might be interested in visiting him now and again to record some of his memories? If so, please PM me.
  11. A few seasons ago we actually had Flannigan and Bannigan in the team
  12. One of my sons lives in Belfast and he goes to see Glentoran regularly. I've been there with him several times. Going to their home games is like going back to the 1950's, wooden stands, old guys in suits, bunnets and mufflers, wee boys with ricketies, and a pretty basic social club. Plus they never seem to chant or sing. Having said that they were all very welcoming, I never heard any sectarian abuse, and going by the names I'd think their team has a mix of religions And before the game they play a version of 'The Star of The County Down' by Glens fan Van Morrison. "When you see them play on a Saturday they're the Star o the County Down. Because the Oval is south of the Laggan they play in County Down, and most of the banners round the ground were from wee towns in County Down. The streets on the north of the ground (our route of approach) are all new housing with lots of Ulster Flags during the marching season (as anyone going to the game will see) but I've never felt threatened there (unlike in the Lower Newtonards Road) For a couple of years recently my other son was living in Brno in the Czech Republic. It was Brno that we played in Europe after we beat Glentoran home and away. Spooky