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  1. Huge turning point with that Alegreia miss
  2. Cheers - that's a joke, no matter how frustrated you are!
  3. The BBC Scotland Stream is definitely Raith vs Killie; watching it just now. Thistle commentary online, Sportsound 810mw.
  4. Fan ownership, by its very nature, must involve some kind of financial commitment, probably monthly or annually, to the club. However I don't see the need for this to be tied to the purchase of a season ticket, just a willingness to make a regular contribution. Looking at a recent interview with a "Well Society" member: Motherwell FC is the first top-flight club in the UK to be owned by their supporters. Every fan has the opportunity to become a member of The Well Society by paying as little as £5 a month and in turn the club is in the hands of those who care most about it. Given that we are approaching the end of the season (hopefully a week or two away yet) how easy would it be to "untie" seasons tickets from the Trust?
  5. Thanks, I had a look at the Exeter Website and this stood out: Exeter City has been named as the best club for fan engagement across the top four tiers of English football – for the second year running. The club topped the Fan Engagement Index 2019/20, an index which scores each of the clubs from the Premier League to League Two on the relationship with their fans. It places each club in a league table comprising three areas: dialogue, governance and transparency. Exeter City topped the league, with fellow League Two clubs, Carlisle United and Cambridge United in second and third place respectively. Sounds like these are the sort of clubs we should be having a dialogue with, given their realistic comparisons.
  6. Not directly related to the Statement but I wondered with Hearts making the Cup Final and 3rd place tied up what their fan ownership looked like. From an online article: Heart of Midlothian FC has become the UK's largest fan-owned club, after chair Ann Budge's majority shareholding was signed over to the Foundation of Hearts. Around 8,000 supporters who make monthly pledges to the group officially took ownership yesterday afternoon, of shares representing 75.1% of the club's capital for an aggregate cash consideration of £100,000 - at a price of 0.085 pence per share. That's a lot of supporters making monthly pledges and generating a decent amount. Does the model actually work with our (likely) reduced numbers?
  7. A Jambo win and I'll rise from low-mid table obscurity to high-mid table obscurity
  8. No messing about by Hibs!
  9. H (H) Does that now mean I'm supporting those from the East End?
  10. H, A, A, H Perfect symmetry - here's hoping the results are too Thanks BB
  11. Golf clubs often introduce sand too, as part of the process, but lots of debate as to whether this actually helps or hinders. Hopefully the work today will help but what it probably needs now is rest but not much chance of that.
  12. Good question - he might be? I was carded in an SFA Affiliated 5 A side league and it counted towards my playing in my regular Saturday team. The idiot referee actually went on to have a season in the old Scottish Premier League; not much has changed!