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  1. In addition, Sneddon makes a decent save from the back header when 0-1 and whilst not faultless for the 1st Inverness goal, I don't think he's the main culprit. As for the 2nd, well there is no defence for that!
  2. AHAAHHHHHHHAHHAAHAHHHHAHHHAAHH Thanks BB - based on my first attempts happy to go with your message picks! Cheers
  3. Message received and (partially) understood BB - thanks for that extra effort. As a side note, nice wee local game for me these days with Penicuik vs Tranent - should be a good one!
  4. Nearly forgot about this: Linlithgow Rose v Banks O’Dee Burntisland Shipyard v Dalkeith Thistle Newton Stewart v Coldstream Irvine Meadow v Musselburgh Athletic Dundonald Bluebell v Penicuik Athletic Preston Athletic v Threave Rovers Hawick Royal Albert United v Golspie Sutherland Blackburn United v Easthouses Lily Miners Welfare Tynecastle v Girvan Jeanfield Swifts v Whitehill Welfare Dunbar United v Broxburn Athletic Here we go: HAHHAAHHHAA Cheers BB
  5. Pathe news clip of the event - definitely look like Scotland strips: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jaqyIn5aqUs Given the Nazi treatment of Jews, even in the early stages of their reign, choosing White Hart Lane, with a significant Jewish following, seems a bit strange too. A further search threw this article up; one of the England shirts up for sale and actually three lions, not a Thistle: https://www.gazettelive.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/rare-george-camsell-england-shirt-11980842
  6. A brilliant read - thanks for the full article
  7. It's a winning start and we would all have been happy with that, I'm sure.
  8. Well done Jaggy, unlucky AJ. I didn't realise I had the same prediction as AJ although I think I got mine in first ? All good fun and thanks again to BB for organising.
  9. Good luck everyone! Blind luck has got me this far, is it time to resort to statistics : England 1 vs Italy 2 Forza Italia! PS Thanks BB for your efforts
  10. Don't care that Italy v Spain was the wrong score for me - what a 90mins!
  11. Semi Finals fixtures 6 July 20:00 Italy v Spain 7 July 20:00 England v Denmark 2nd last throw of the dice and amazed my predicted finalists are still here. Here we go BB: 2-0 2-0 Cheers
  12. Quarter Finals fixtures 2 July 17:00 Switzerland v Spain 2 July 20:00 Belgium v Italy 3 July 17:00 Czech Republic v Denmark 3 July 20:00 Ukraine v England The dilemma of predicting a score that would see one of my "final" teams get through or what I think the result will actually be!! Here we go: 2-1 0-1 2-2 1-2 Thanks BB
  13. Well Match Day 3 predictions crashed quicker than an England Test team , here's to the Round of 16: 2-0 1-1 2-1 0-2 2-0 1-0 1-1 2-1 Question 1 - Which 2 teams will contest the final? Italy vs England Question 2 - How many matches will go to extra time? 3 Question 3 - How many teams will score more goals than England? 9