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Coronavirus: Is it just me?

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Influenza kills thousands of people worldwide every year, usually in winter, and usually the victims are old and frail, or those who already have some health issues.

Why then is the whole world apparently going bananas over the latest outbreak, which certainly appears to be no more dangerous than any other influenza, with most normal, healthy people fully recovering within a couple of days? I can't help but think that the whole "panic" has been carefully orchestrated by some powers to distract the public's attention from some other serious situations.

On a much lower scale, remember Tony Blair sending tanks to surround Heathrow or Gatwick airport because of a "very serious and credible" security threat? The "threat" was never made known, but the media played along with it, of course. Clearly fake news, designed to keep the public from knowing something else.

I modestly suggest something similar is going on with the wall-to-wall coverage of millions of people wearing face masks, mass "incarceration", travel restrictions, quarantine.... all pointing the finger at China. Hmm, interesting.

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In winter it's quite common for people to wear face masks if they think they have a cold, as they don't want to infect other people. But panic buying as a result of the coronavirus outbreak has led to a shortage in the shops, which in turn has led to some ingenious solutions, such as this girl finding a new use for an old bra.


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Trying to make sense of the latest announcement, as due to travel to Scotland next month.

Are the Government saying that you will not require a Covid passport from 6th Dec unless it all kicks off again and they change their minds? Just need a LFT from 6th Dec. 

I thought that was the case but Glenn Campbell of the BBC seems to see it differently. He thinks you need a LFT and a passport for venues that currently require one.

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