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  1. I honestly don’t know how much more of this I can take. To say I’m scunnered and embarrassed is an understatement. Iv backed the club financially throughout the summer (season tickets,merchandise,centenary fund etc) and now I’m starting to think they’ve seen me coming. What’s seriously concerning me is how NOTHING has changed since our relegation season from premiership. Different manager, different players but same old toothless team of sh1tebags taking the field on a Saturday. I like mccall and I was delighted when he was appointed but he’s fast running out of time to get this right.
  2. I was fully expecting this outcome and I commend thistle for the stance they made. But the bad taste this has left me with of Scottish football will be with me for a long time to come and hopefully with fellow jags fans everywhere too. I fully expect a far noisier and hostile firhill when we’re allowed back in. Another thing, Doncaster is a smug pr*ck and I can’t wait for him to be exposed as the corrupt and weak man he is somewhere further down the line.
  3. I think it’s very easy for us to sit here and say thistle [email protected] it and we rolled over etc but, although I’m no legal expert, this type of legal fight would always be doomed to fail all the while wasting time and money we don’t have. I’d much rather we safe guarded jobs and used any funds to spend on getting a successful team on the pitch. I agree with and respect the statement that was made. It wouldn’t sit well with me if my club had a hand in normal people losing livelihoods especially in today’s world. As hard as this farce is to digest I find the injustice has reignited my determination and support for the team which I’ll admit has dwindled ever so slightly these last two or so years. Thistle need all hands on deck from here on in to get it right up just about everyone we’re going to face when we get back to playing. I’m fully backing away day boycotts and donating the money I’d spend to thistle. Also, first thing tomorrow I’ll be renewing my season ticket.
  4. Could be a knee jerk reaction after watching yet another shambles but I genuinely feel like that games is the final straw for me with regards to away games this season. I’m fed up spending all the time and money I do to watch that bunch of spineless, uninterested imposters. Nobody at the game today could convince me that that is a team going anywhere but down. No fight, no ideas, no leaders on the pitch. It seems like every single team we play wants it more and is way fitter than us. The sad thing is it’s been this way for the past two years. The body language of the players after the first goal went in said it all and I knew there and then it was only a matter of how many Dundee were going to score. Worry times ahead and I honestly don’t know where our next win is coming from.
  5. I didn’t think it would be possible to feel more deflated leaving a game than I did against Dundee Utd two weeks ago but wow that was horrendous today. Iv got to admit until recently I hadn’t fully gave up on a late promotion play off push but after witnessing that this afternoon I am under no illusion we are in serious serious danger of going down and few could argue if we did. Yeah the wind was brutal today and turned it into a bit of a farce but what gets me is the fact we had THREE central defenders on the park first half and seldom have I seen such a shambles when crosses/corners etc were coming into our box. Iv now officially gave up on mcginty and Saunders. The sooner they go (along with Williamson and robson) the better.
  6. Great result and performance against an absolute dog turd of a team in Morton. Pitch and weather not ideal either. Never been a big fan of Williamson and Saunders but fair play to them today they were very good. Banzo superb and good to see jones get another goal that his work rate deserved. However my motm was penrice. Best game yet in a jags shirt. Mccall defo turning things around, and who knows with a few additions to bolster the squad, how high up this crazy league we can finish.
  7. Feel like that was a massive two points dropped but at the same time I think if we play like that most weeks we'll be fine. A better team than Alloa would have made it a far more open game which would've suited us,especially second half. Add in McCall making improvements come January and I'm not overly concerned about us being involved in a relegation battle. Reece cole is a class act no doubt about it (can't believe the keeper saved his free kick!) and I thought slater was very good. Also thought oware and karay were solid in their roles. Big mcginty had one of his poorer games. A lot of his poor play was unforced and for someone so big he struggled to deal with the physicality of their centre forward. Our wide players frustrated the life out me tonight. Constantly over doing it and/or picking the wrong option. I watched McCall more than a few times tonight go mad at what he was watching and I'm in no doubt he knows where our deficiencies lie. To be fair some of that ire might have been directed at an absolutely woeful referee.
  8. Few there today could argue that performance today was inexcusable. Sadly all to predictable though. Start brightly without creating anything clear cut then finding a way to concede then bottling it and game over. Although the manner and magnitude of the collapse surprised me. oware, penrice, mcginty particularly bad and Gordon, miller, de vita , mansell passengers at best. Starting to feel like our decline is gathering speed and I honestly don't know where the next win is coming from.
  9. I honestly can't believe Shelly Kerr is being mentioned let alone discussed as a potential target for our next manager. Yeah, everyone is entitled to their opinion and I respect that but after a horrendous 2/3 years and after a calamitous reign by our last manager we need to get this appointment absolutely right or who knows where thistle might end up. We're just not in the position to be taking a gamble like that when there's going to be a long list of good candidates with the desired experience. Another thing I find equally as bizarre is the clamour from some to get macnamara back. The guy sold us out first chance he got and left the boot in while he was at it and he's done pretty much nothing in footballing management since. Yeah, he assembled a young and exciting squad and he had thistle playing probably the best football I've seen in my lifetime but I firmly believe it was Archie that won us the league that year due to McNamaras inability to find that consistent winning formula away from home. I'd rather we stuck with Caldwell taking the team than Kerr or McNamara. For me it's got to be McCall. At a push I'd take Derek Adams. Don't know much about him recently but from what I remember I reckon he'd get a bit of organisation and direction back into the (potentially talented)squad he'd inherit plus he knows the division and Scottish football well enough.
  10. Absolutely woeful tonight. Not once did I get the feeling we were going to win. Yet again like last season we keep passing up good opportunities to get ourselves out of trouble. Genuinely feel like it was the beginning of the end tonight. Players don't seem to realise the trouble we're in and certainly don't have the stomach for the fight that lies ahead.
  11. This is going to sound like sour grapes but I have just looked at league table and to see Morton a point off 4th place is unbelievable. They were dreadful yet still leave firhill with 3pts. I fully expect Caldwell to be given time only because I don't think the board have the bottle or money to do anything else. Unless Caldwell has a few aces up his sleeve we will go down. Of that I have no doubt. Shameful how the club has unraveled from top to bottom as quickly as it has.
  12. lewcal


    I have always thought Caldwell should be given time and the January window but even though I wasn't there today I can't help but feel this latest loss is the tipping point for me and he should be relieved of his duties. The last few games I've been to I have seen a slight improvement in certain things but at the end of the day the results and league table don't lie and we are getting worse. I don't know what is harder to take. The fact we are 22points from the top or behind a part time team at Christmas when we were promised a budget fit for promotion. I've been a jags fan for a long time now and I've seen some dark days in that period but when we hit top 6 and were good for it I genuinely thought we would kick on and at very least be an established mid table premiership side for the foreseeable future so for us to fall as far and as quickly as we have since then is very hard to stomach.
  13. I've been one of spittals biggest critics this season but need to take my hat off to him today he was superb. His work rate off the ball was matched by his endeavour on it. Well taken goal and it was great to see him turn and run at players again. Likewise I thought Elliot was brilliant and will do his confidence the world of good. The more I see sneddon the more I'm confident he could be our number one for a long time to come. His save right before halftime was world class. Liked the look of scobie at the back. He seemed to martial things and reads the game very well. Couldn't fault anyone really although I thought Doolan wasn't at his best. Did think it was a funny substitution at the time when mtumbo came off but fair play to Caldwell for acting swiftly to change something he didn't like. Id like the gaffer of my team to ring the changes when needed for the good of the team and not worry about hurting players feelings or wait till it's too late. Can understand mtumbo being upset at being subbed but to not shake McCarthys hand was disrespectful.
  14. Jury still out on Caldwell I admit but I do think there's small signs of improvement. I never heard his interview but going from what he's said I can only think he's trying to nurture some much needed confidence as that performance and result was anything but magnificent. First half was the most boring 45mins I've ever seen and I was seriously questioning my decision to break my self imposed away game ban. Second half was improved. Thought there was some decent performances today. Slater was very good and Elliot had a good game. Absolute stand out for me though was banzo. He was the best player on the park today by a mile. On the flip side of that storey was terrible. I really don't know what Caldwell sees in him. I do think with some new faces and some let go in January all is not lost just yet.
  15. Even though I felt there were a few signs of life today it's yet another defeat to another avoidable goal to another average but organised team. Archie's away, and I appreciate its early days in the new gaffers tenure, but nothing has changed really. The lack of confidence throughout the team and the mental weakness is more alarming than the recent results. I thought slater, mcginty and quitongo had good games and (yeah I know he's a loose cannon) storer looked useful when he came on but I've had it with spittal and storey. Spittal had three good chances and he sclaffed two in the first half and I still have no idea how he never scored with that one in the second half. He definitely needs some time on the bench. As for storey I've yet to see an attacking player contribute as little as he does in games. Everything breaks down when he gets involved. Relegation is a very real threat even at this early stage in the season. Caldwell has a much bigger job on his hands than I thought.