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  2. Sounds like the usual pie in the sky stuff we've heard from various groups about getting people in to watch events again.
  3. It’s not just a Scottish Tory Line , they did exactly the same thing in the Hospitality Trade with Night Clubs in Scotland to get funding to keep their businesses alive . The Night Time Hospitality trade lobbied them for months to get funding which they eventually did .
  4. hmmmm sounds like we are doing our best to give this away here... Mon Jags
  5. The way Doncaster and Cormack went on today is not the way you talk on radio if you are trying to negotiate with a government or anybody to get something done. There was also a gentleman on from Hearts who was a lot more diplomatic about things.
  6. On 23/09/20 the Joint Response Group met Fitzpatrick and the SG were to contact the UK government seeking additional funding for Scottish sport. It looks like the UK government has said to Fitzpatrick to look to the £20 billion ? given to the SG for Covid costs to find the cash needed. But the UK government has increased funding for sport in England, and refused to increase funding elsewhere. We are stuck in the middle of this, and an earlier promise by the SG has disappeared into the ether! The SPFL even set up a news conference to announce the funding, only for the conference not to take place! Since then - zilch.
  7. That's the Scottish tory line too. SG are supposed to spend the same cash on multiple things!
  8. Murray and Penrice not on the same wavelength at the moment
  9. Brownlie and Docherty both very sound. Sena slightly up and down but on balance doing well. Penrice enjoying being further forward.
  10. Recently stumbled across Jags replica tops for sale here No idea if they are any good or not, they don't look perfect but another option for anyone in the market for a vintage top.
  11. Are the SG not sitting on a bunch of money that they seem unwilling to distribute to anybody, maybe they don’t think football is a good enough cause , although don’t think Doncaster and Co are helping matters .
  12. At the expense of dropping another point on the top spot.
  13. Happy with that performance and score line. Williamson, Cardle and Penrice doing well-would like to see more service into Graham.
  14. Doncaster and Cormack did nothing for footballs cause today on sportsound.
  15. Scottish Rugby Union looking to get crowds of 1,000 in January, building to crowds of 20,000 for the 5 Nations games. Meeting Fitzpatrick this week. If this gets the go ahead, football supporters are being treated as 2nd class citizens. If that happens, the SFA/SPFL need to seek a judicial review of the decision. On this occasion, I think Scottish football is right to contest the way we are being treated. The SG needs to get it's head round the fact that very few football fans are hooligans in this day and age. We were supposed to get funding earlier this year, but the payday came and went. UK government have rejected the Barnett sum due as a result of their £20 million payment to National League clubs. Said the SG got sufficient funds to deal in Coid issues in Scotland. I'm speechless at their audacity.
  16. Today
  17. Totally agree-good coaches set up the system and game play and let good players get on with it.
  18. They're a much better side than the likes of East Fife-hope we don't get too complacent.
  19. BBC website gave goal to Graham. Goalscorer now changed to Murray, description of goal has completely changed as well. Great start, have to keep it going.
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