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  2. Job only half done. I hope they can complete it on Tuesday night. On p & b, Morton fans were amongst the most vocal in telling us to get down and stay last season. Karma etc.
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  4. Hansen’s performance that day was the best I’ve ever seen from a Jags player (sorry Roughie, but you were just consistently brilliant and therefore it was accepted).
  5. Oops! Yet another senior moment
  6. Enjoyed watching that- looks like there are some very talented players in that team but also the work ethic was strong! Keep it up young jags!!
  7. That was Number 4 on my list!!
  8. Yesterday
  9. I was at the 4-3 game. It was played in a gale force wind from South to North. The Jags reached HT with a 2-1 lead which at the time I recall thinking wasnt going to be enough. In the second half Alan Hansen moved into midfield and gave Rangers a football lesson and scored twice. To cap it all we had Dixie Dean's whom we had just signed from Celtic sitting in the stand. He didn't make much of an impression with us! My one unfortunate memory from that game was sometbing that happened after the game had finished. I was standing on my spot on the terracing waiting for the crowd to clear the exits. A passing "blue nose" noticed myJags scarf (and probably the huge smile on my face) and proceeded to dish out the verbal abuse. The more I ignored him the more irate he became and the closer he got. I thought this was going to end badly but lucky for me a couple of his pals dragged him away still shouting and swearing at me! One of his pals came over to me and apologised. I suppose that was something!
  10. McCall will now be busy putting together a squad to challenge. Who should we re-sign? Who should we sign? Who should we get rid of?
  11. Meant to ask - what was the age level, eg U17s?
  12. looking ahead to tomorrow's semi ... c'mon the saints!
  13. Watched the highlights and there certainly was a lot to saviour from the young Jags. I was very impressed with the technical ability especially controlling the ball with a single touch, passing and keeping possession. On the basis of these highlights and I appreciate they are edited I would suggest room for improving finishing and decision making (when in 'final third'! However this doesn't detract from a grand performance by the Jags Colts! Could we get them into League 2?
  14. As per The Thistle Archive, Archie got 10 goals for Thistle, including one in a testimonial.
  15. Scored in a 3-2 win up there too (Liam Buchanan got the other two)
  16. Boab McCulloch (full back) scored a fair number of goals, mostly free kicks, in our promotion season under Dick Campbell
  17. Santala was originally a defender
  18. It was the 4th game in, we had drawn 3-3 with St Mirren on the first day, then beat Raith 2-1, then beat ICT 1-0 then the Arbroath game. That was a cracking day out the Arbroath game, we went up in the city centre bus and went into the wee Pleasureland amusement arcade before the game! Balatoni scored twice vs Falkirk in the Championship winning season in a 4-1 win,
  19. 1, It finished 5-3 to Thistle. 2. There wasn't a red card for either side in the match.
  20. Archie scored a 30 yard rocket in a 4-1 win v Arbroath in 2001 on a day when every goal scored was better then the previous one - even Arbroath's!! Edit to confirm - it wasn't Archie, it was Del Fleming!
  21. I see a reaction above from Very Bitter Jag. I remember that the "Very" was a response to last year's demotion, and wonder if you would now feel able to come back to being just "Bitter Jag"?
  22. Archie must have at least 8 (perhaps more). As well as the brace of braces against Arbroath and Hearts, I can remember 4 more (without looking at any archives): 1) Save the Jags time-bundled one in from close range v St Mirren at Firhill. 2) The next season-scored in 3-2 loss away at Inverness. 3) One of the promotion seasons (2000-2001) scored with his right foot at Firhill-not sure who against. 4) In his second spell an absolutely cracking goal in a 3-2 win away at Inverness. Brought the ball out of defence. Played one-two with wide player and then strode into midfield. Passed forward to Liam Buchanan who laid it back to him to slot past the keeper.
  23. I think that was the 1st game of the season, maybe ?
  24. Archie also scored a brace at Arbroath ETA- I think he only scored 5 career goals (for Thistle anyway) including two braces
  25. On a related subject, how about defenders scoring twice (or more) in the same game? Off the bat, I can think of Alan Hansen scoring twice v Sevco's parent in a 4-3 win in 1976, Conrad scoring twice v Falkirk in the promotion season, Archie scoring twice v Hearts in 2002. I've a vague memory of Jered Stirling scoring twice in a game, but cannot be certain. Other instances folks?
  26. The concept of the "big defender going up for the corner" was not a tactic deployed in the old 2-3-5 era, as it would have been considered reckless. Defenders defended and attackers attacked in those days! In modern times, who could ever forget Frans & O'Donnell winning the day by 2-1 at Dingwall a few years back? I recall big Liam Lindsay was in the running for top scorer in one season, although Doolan hit a streak and put paid to any funny ideas in that department. Two defenders in history scored in 5 consecutive season for the Jags; Kenny Watson and Conrad Balatoni. Special mention for Jered Stirling our all-time highest scoring defender who netted 16 goals in competitive action, although 13 of these came from the spot. Jered has the unique distinction of being the only defender ever to top any of our main end-of-season tally-ups, finishing top League scorer in 1997-98! Incidentally, we've updated our Top Scorer per season page today: http://www.thethistlearchive.net/top-scorers-per-season
  27. Stunning stuff! I would have guessed it wouldn’t have happened before but there you go. I doff my cap to you once again - knowledge!
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