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  2. I agree wholeheartedly - THESE clowns are meant to be OUR representatives? Their aggressive reactions to perfectly legitimate questions put to them by a journalist speaks volumes. They clearly have something to hide and, until they come clean, they can't complain when we start to speculate what they are attempting to cover up.
  3. I think Macdonald is a quality journalist but let's not forget he shares a seat at the table with Roughie on PLZsoccer. Draw your own conclusions.
  4. Older news but I think many may not have seen this as it was pay per view. I don't know if this is the exact same article https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-11245759/Patrick-chairman-Jacqui-Low-defiant-shares-decision-amid-battle-clubs-soul.html
  5. I'd settle for just leaving Smith in Falkirk.
  6. I agree @elevenone. There is no way Colin Weir would have wanted a disgruntled, divided fan base with 5 random blokes somehow second-guessing his wishes and getting the shares. This is our Club, not a plaything for 3BC
  7. Having a Euromillions winner invest and donate to the club is the stuff of dreams to just about any senior club in the UK especially one the size of the Jags. Yet today years later we have a large proportion of the fan base disgruntled to say the least at how it has played out. Jacqui Low can ‘spin’ it any way she wants but I am certain this is not how Colin Weir would have wanted the fans feeling today and 3BC’s really need to reflect on that.
  8. I am an ordinary supporter , season ticket holder, and have been a very very small shareholder for many years now. I only occasionally post here, and frankly have taken a “watching brief” on these matters, as I am agnostic when it comes to fan ownership. I am abroad on holiday ( with a time difference to explain the unusual hour!) and have had time to consider if I should take a side in what is happening: my mind has now been made up by these three recent media articles by Stewart Macgregor ,Ms Low, and PTFC Trustees. It’s essential that anyone involved with running our club has the confidence and respect of supporters - sadly this has evaporated in light of these three utterly ludicrous articles, from their content and tone. We appear to have become hostages to the wishes of one deceased supporter, the details of which only one person on earth knows and understands - and has resulted in the club’s majority shareholders being five hapless gents who don’t know what has happened, don’t know what is happening, and don’t know what is going to happen. “Fit for purpose”? Good God. What a shambles . In comparison TJF, despite my misgivings about fan ownership, have shown themselves to have an integrity and competence sadly lacking in the present characters involved in the club. In my opinion supporters have to chose a side here - I have today ( to my slight surprise) joined TJF, and I hope they continue constructively and actively calling the present custodians of our club to account.
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  10. I was hoping we would leave smith at Falkirk and bring Morrison to Firhill instead
  11. In October we have 4 away games (ICT, Hamilton, Ayr & Raith) and 2 home games (Morton & Queens Park). If we are still top of the league after these games then I would say we are genuine title contenders. However I would settle for still being in touch with the leader and in the top 4. Why are my aspiration so modest? Well we can't defend against set piece plays and we are not clinical in front of goal! I won't be looking to sack the manager as long as we are in the top 4.
  12. PTFC Trust came across quite defensive and tetchy with a journalist you really need on your side. They are probably feeling the stress. Jaqui Low talking about "moral duty" <shudder> That just does not sit comfortably with me. This could have been done so much better. A real shame for such a small club.
  13. Genuinely don’t think I’ve ever read more of a car crash of an article in my life. The Club deserves much, much better. Embarrassing stuff.
  14. Not the worst article I've ever read. Clearly she is now passing on the baton to the trust, albeit she doesn't seem overly confident to deliver.....no wonder! I'm still no clearer to understanding why the TJF was treated as anathema? Not sure if anyone has. In the meantime I'll continue to fully support TJF until as such times the trust show me they truly have the fans fully onside. May be a long wait.
  15. Fine choice for a training ground.
  16. And it’s a flood plain and a CEPA area due to water birds /wild fowl
  17. Thanks all, that clears that up I think.
  18. The area up for sale, as far as I remember, did not include access. It is in an area called Dryfield. Cala Homes were refused permission to build houses on it because it was a former sewage works.
  19. The training ground is referenced in this update from December 2019. I have posted the link rather than just the parts about the training ground as it shows just how different what we have now is from what we were told we were aiming for. https://ptfc.co.uk/ptfc-news/club-qa/
  20. I don’t believe it was ever actually bought, merely an option to buy if planning permission was granted (which it wasn’t without substantial outlay)
  21. Maybe someone who knows the the training ground address in Kirkintilloch Road could check the Land Register to find the current and previous owners.
  23. Their Commander in Chief sent them on a Special Operation. They were told they would be welcomed, with open arms, as heroes. They were assured they would be remembered in history. That last bit, at least, is true. Stand up, take a bow, the brave quintet of the Patzy Division.
  24. That was a specific grant. Other support, including furlough, also applied in season 2020-21. Colin Weir set up 3BC and put his money into it. Some of that was in the form of a massive 7 figure soft loan, which the last accounts say will be waived. If it isn’t waived, 3BC goes very abruptly insolvent. I’m straying into the deeper recesses of my memory with this, but as I understand it this money was all set aside and put into 3BC before his death. Not being a revenue generating company, 3BC needed working capital to operate (eg legal fees to Peter Shand’s firm will, I imagine, not have been insignificant). Cashflow, not debt, is what usually kills or severely weakens football clubs. It doesn’t matter if you’ve got several million on the balance sheet in the form of valuation of a dilapidated stadium unless there is the option to borrow against or sell it as part of your business plan. Beyond that the most important thing is how much cash do you have in the bank, how much recurring income can you bank on, and who are your short term creditors (and for how much).
  25. If I had the PTFC Trust’s gift for communication, I wouldn’t do it much either.
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