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    https://www.glasgowtimes.co.uk/sport/19762365.mccall-expects-key-thistle-trio-sign-contract-extensions-within-days/ Would be great if these 3 all signed extensions.
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    I’m sure that wee Bertie will be smoking on a celestial cigar as that was a typical Bertie performance. I really think that his time at Firhill, attracted a lot of what was in my view decidedly unwarranted criticism. In my opinion he definitely merited being mentioned in the same breath as Lambie and MacParland and that is no that bad company he’s keeping!
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    Welcome back. https://ptfc.co.uk/ptfc-news/paul-mcdonald-returns-to-firhill-as-new-thistle-weir-youth-academy-director/
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    Who was hosting that draw. “CLYDEBANK CAME FROM BEHIND TO BEAT CLYDE 2-0” Eh!
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    I'll put this here as it's from another cup tie in this round. Niang scores two very good goals against Bonnyrigg. The first shows some great improvisation from a corner, the second he starts and finishes a quick break. (About 1.30 in and right at the end of the highlights).
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    MY NEW FAVOURITE FOOTBALL TEAM!!!! Partick Thistle v Dunfermline, Scottish Cup - YouTube Well done to all the fans in the JL Stand. Great to see we have a young support in there to serve Thistle well into the future. Up The Jags.
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    Especially if he us a goalie. Lol
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    Oh! and a shout out to all those driving home last night, especially the further east your journey. Some Pars fans in particular would've faced a nightmare trip Where I stay (in Clackmannanshire) it took me over 2 hours to do the final part of my journey. That's normally a 10 min drive. Trees and power cables were down all over the shop and I had two real narrow escapes. I sincerely hope everyone made it home. Horrendous conditions.
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    Some good runs from Tiffoney and Murray but somehow we are not playing joined up football up front. Too many through balls being overhit on the strange surface.
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    Think we need him on for the second half.
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    Just on to not make a prediction. It's working well. Up the Jags.
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    Despite QOS being bottom of the league this will be a difficult game. I would think their midweek victory against Morton in the challenge cup will give them confidence. A victory for us could have us second in the league but a victory for QOS would move them off the bottom. As with most of our games the first goal will be important. We need to go out with the right attitude, we are on a great run be we cannot go on to the pitch thinking we have won before a ball is kicked. Come on the Jags.
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    PMA - Positive Mental Attitude. Since the Kilmarnock loss the team has been quietly concentrating on being solid and taking opportunities. Leaving that aside, anyone who watched ICT v Killie will recognise that there are going to be a lot of cagey 0-0 or 1-0 games amongst the top 5 until 1 or 2 separate themselves from the pack of 5, which is unlikely to happen this side of New Year. So QoS represents a real opportunity for us. Win the game - which isn't a foregone conclusion - and we will enjoy the bonus of knowing that one or even both of Raith and Arbroath will have dropped points. In summary, let's focus on the victory, go for it in a professional manner, achieve it and enjoy.
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    And congratulations to our manager for his (second?) Manager of the Month award this season
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    That would make it a collectors item.
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    If I was the sponsor of the Scottish Cup I wouldn't be too pleased to put it mildly but of course there is no commercial sponsor. Even at that what's wrong with Maxwell getting off his arse and earning some incremental income? The ACME Ltd Team of the Round? The ACME Ltd Player of the Round? etc. Okay, such income wouldn't necessarily amount to much but it would at least take a few quid off Maxwell's overblown salary. If I was involved with cinch marketing I'd be getting a pat on the back, as the background is clearly cinch marketing colouring. Kinda akin to product placement.
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    Hi CJ, hope you and the family are well. After watching a number of political shows including the FM's coronavirus update today, i would say that from 6th Dec it is either a covid passport or LFT. Of course with the new variant it could all change. Hope you manage to get Scotland and have a good time.
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    Who was hosting that draw. “Clydebank came from behind to beat Clyde 2-0” Whit!
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    2nd prize although not 100% sure as surname is misspelled.
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    That might confuse referees into giving us decisions they wouldn't otherwise give, for example, penalties, goals where the ball actually hits the netting and waving play-on when we are clearly offside! On second thoughts, let's give it a try!!
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    It’s what @Auld Jag would wear
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    . My lucky balaclava, first wearing of the season and we win. 100% win record.
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    Will all be worth it when he nods home the winner for the Jags in 2030 Scottish Cup final.
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    With regard to Sneddon and how much credit he deserves for the shut out record. 2 saves that i can remember if he hadn't made he would not have had the record. The first one is against Dunfermline in the league 23rd October, after a rare mistake in the Thistle defence a Dunfermline player got through and one on one with Sneddon he pulled of a good save and the game ended 0-0. The following week against ICT he pulled of a good save from a penalty, again 0-0 final result. So yes it has been a team effort for the shut out record, bet if Sneddon hadn't made these saves there would be no new record.
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    Like Byres Road Baristas