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    Anyone remember the year 1BV when this forum used to be about PTFC. Not saying Covid-19 isn't important but can ADMIN not find another venue for the debate?
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    All that concerns the SPFL and Scottish media is can one team from Glasgow do 10 in a row, or can another team in Glasgow stop them. Everything else as far as the powers that be are concerned is an inconvenience.
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    as far as I can see they are doing SFA
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    As PTD correctly says, I don't get to Firhill too often . Next time I'm attending a game I'd be very happy to meet you all. I'd like to do that this year, but suspect sometime in 2021 is more likely. Hopefully we will have had lots of League 1 victories by then
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    I believe the rule in Scotland is ..... if old firm players fail a test and the game has to be postponed as a result, then they get a bye to the next round. If players from any other club fail a test and the game has to be postponed as a result, then they get kicked out.
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    Makes a change. Threads on here are usually where some of the world's leading football pundits and sports scientists come to inform us where and how all the so-called football management and corporate management who have actually been trying to deal with football related issues and its effectiveness, and economic and psychological consequences of, continuous defeats, have been getting everything spectacularly wrong.
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    Admin - This thread has gone political. Please close, so I can open Return to stadiums in December!
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    Ok so it’s my right if I choose to infect other people and possibly kill them but I don’t have any rights to stop other people killing me ..... it’s a virus ffs......pure trumpism
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    After years there is no vaccine for SARS, it took decades to come up with one for flu, but that’s only one strain at a time, small pox took 100’s of years to eradicate using a virus. None of these caused mass lockdowns or impacts to our freedoms like we have seen for last 6 months. This current situation cannot run for years or society as we know it is finished, family units broken, economy ruined, mass unemployment like nothing we’ve seen, hospitality sector gone, professional sporting events ended for good. If this goes for say another year the above will happen. You may be secure enough with funds/pension that it may not affect you to badly, but anyone under 55 with a mortgage reliant on their job is going to be devastated if this keeps going, not to mention the teenagers leaving schools into a decimated jobs market, and no government can continue to pay furlough for another year. Theses businesses won’t open again as demand has gone and consumer spend has dropped. This could also apply to Scottish football if leagues mothball for a season
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    This post demonstrates that you have no idea about the virus. If you meet anyone, it’s not just a risk you are taking, you are risking everybody else you come into contact with.
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    Or scouts looking to plunder our squad
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    Got to agree with you LIB , there are businesses getting shut all the time just now because they are not viable because of the pandemic. With no gate income on the horizon , it makes no sense at this moment to continue in the lower leagues. Clubs like ourselves could probably get by this season on our Cash Reserves but at what cost , there is obviously going to be a knock on effect in the seasons to come which would put our existence into jeopardy. The sensible thing to do business wise is to mothball an already shortened league and start again next season. With no government backing , common sense has got to prevail or are the Clubs getting pressurised by Doncaster and Co to keep them in their jobs .
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    Mothball manufacturers must be enjoying an unexpected bonanza.
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    Rather strange we didn't already have a game lined up around then. Good to play decent opposition anyway.
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    There was a documentary on Alba a few months back. I posted about it as i didn't know if @Third Lanark knew about it. Turned out him and his dad was in it as his grandfather played for Thirds.
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    Apologies to my fellow forumistas for adding to the pish recently on this banal thread - let's hope the season gets started proper soon.
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    maybe your too ugly and club don’t want your coupon putting off the players
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    Ok I'll bite JJ - which particular parts are drivel & what would you do? If schools and universities are to remain open at all costs then society at large should be back fully open too - respective (& I use the following term loosely) governments are pissing in the wind shutting boozers at ten p.m. thinking that it will make one iota of a difference.
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    We got beaten 2-0, DD. We did have some good play, by the commentary. They beat Falkirk 3-0 earlier in the week, so it was always going to be a difficult game. We have Ayr at Firhill on Wednesday at 2:00 pm, I think. Not sure if it is being live streamed. Anyone know who the trialist who came on for Banzo was?
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    In the whole of Britain , there is only 200 people in ICU with Coronavirus, we obviously don’t want that to get any higher but there has got to be a realism there for Society, Economic and other Health Conditions to try and get out of this .
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    In any other company with the level of shambles he has brought to the table he’d have been fired, but no he was given a position on UEFA as a reward
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    Kindly leave my old uncle Sebastian Percival Farquhar Lyndenhurst out of this!
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    Clever thinking from SPFL Towers. The most likely two reasons any club would pull out of the competition is firstly they repeatedly can't field a side due to the epidemic. So they get fined for being ill. Or secondly, and more likely, they haven't the funding left to see the season out. Any further fine could then bankrupt the club. So in that case we could actually see the SPFL put one of its own member clubs into administration. Neil Doncaster's reported salary is in the region of £380000.
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    The advantage of a balaclava at Firhill over the past three seasons is that you can wear it back to front. You would need to wrap your scarf round your eyes with one of those Thistle flat caps on
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    By cracked windows I meant she lowered the window just enough to have the kit passed through prior to closing it and performing the test
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    This. It's running rampant in the community again - school kids are off in droves (about 10% off in our secondary this week & a mate teaching in a primary on the southside has 3 whole year groups off isolating) & just have a gander at the Murano student village up the road just a stone's throw from Firhill with nearly 200 positive cases. Doesn't suit the SG or Tory narrative to close down schools/unis though - keep the bug factories open at all costs & lay the blame elsewhere with people spreading it at home and shutting pubs down at 10pm is just laughable - it's a total crock of PR sh*t.
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    The key to all things in life is don't use apple devices - they suck lol
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    No the risk is less me seeing my parents in their house than a crowded supermarket. And no dentist or WorldEconomicForum board member is going to tell me otherwise
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    Wrong. This thread is where some of the world's leading medical experts and potential political leaders come to inform us where and how all the so-called medical experts and political leaders who have actually been trying to deal with Covid-19 and its economic, social, health and psychological consequences have been getting everything spectacularly wrong.
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    You've set us a bit of a poser there, McCall Out.
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    This topic is about stadiums reopening, right?
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    Hours of fun with this, as well as the joy of speculation. At the away game against St Johnstone in the 64th minute, we did indeed have 10 non-Scots on the field playing for Partick Thistle. All Archie had to do was take off Chris Erskine and put on Danny Devine and there would have been a clean sweep. There might also have been a riot among the Thistle fans, but who cares about that when you have the chance to make history? I love all the painstaking detail. Even among the St Johnstone line up we had Paul Paton flagged as ex-Jag and Steven Anderson flagged as future-Jag. Hats off to all involved.
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    Just out,The Jags Foundation.
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    Sorry typo you are correct ... now rectified
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    Step away from the keyboard. Deep breath. And relax.
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    Presumably, if you have a card. I haven't had a season ticket for 3 years so I imagine I will receive a new card. We'll see.
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    Restrict houses to 2 families only with maximum 8 people. Then families can meet, parents can see their adult kids, and grandparents can see the grandkids. This is how Scandinavia has done it, the number of visitors rises and falls but your always allowed to see at least 2. My parents are 79, not seen me or my daughter since February, didn’t see the other 2 grandchildren for months now with prospect of not seeing them, except from the end of the garden for more months now. My Dads passions are the family, his football, pottering around garden centers at his leisure and meeting his brother for a couple (and it is a couple) of pints on a Friday. He can’t do any of these now, to go to a pub, he needs to mask up to get on a bus to hopefully get a table in the pub, garden centers are no longer leisurely, he states your herded through like a sheep through a pen, stop too long and people complain and god forbid you go against the arrows, Firhill isn’t open, and family can’t visit. I’ve never heard him so depressed, my Mums just as bad. To be effectively removed from your loves in life is causing massive damage not only to folk like my parents but youngsters as well. The basic human rights are gone, and these restrictions actually contradict Article 8 of European Convention on Human Rights but no one bats an eye as a big graph appears on screen with loads of red. Strange COVID resurgence this week when last week BoJo was under pressure for threatening to break international law and Sturgeon under pressure based on her husband pressuring police to pursue Salmond.
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    Really? Then my uncle must be one of the 8 in 25 million. He has tested positive three times and negative two times over the past 5 months. So it could be argued that maybe the tests were wrong. But those tests will be used to test the efficacy of the expected-to-be wonder vaccines that are being promised.
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    Still got one big problem that will cost us