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    36 games 20 goals Deserves a thread for that alone. Both his goals yesterday were down to his desire to score. A leader and example of the benefit of standards and positive attitude.
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    A nice big to whoever bought Season Ticket No1971. Refused the freebie and in turn donated to a "worthy fan".
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    I dunno, but for some reason Sneddon seems to be an easy whipping boy for quite a few folk on here. He had a couple of good stops on Saturday, again. Maybe he should have or could have stopped the first goal, which was a fast and swerving shot of the kind that beat world class keepers every week. Completely blameless for the second. I wonder how many QoS fans are calling for their keeper to be dropped, given that he was beaten by a header at the narrowest of near-post angles (our first), then failed to hold or punch away a rebound off the post after his save (our second), then got beaten by a toe poke through his legs (our third). Some people want to replace Sneddon by an OF loanee whose main interests are elsewhere. It kind of reminds me of the "foreigners-must-be-better" mentality that sees so many average players from other countries holding down places (and wages) in many teams for doing absolutely no better than home-grown players could do.
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    I have to say that I was a bit underwhelmed when Graham signed. He looked like just another journeyman coming to extend his career. I have to admit that (for once) I was wrong. Not only is he far more of a goal threat than I could ever have hoped for, he is absolutely committed to the club and gives 100% every game. A great player to have and probably a horrible one to play against.
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    Over the last 20 years, one of the greatest benefits of being a member of this site while working abroad - and there are plenty of them - has been Camallain's wonderful goal videos from the North Stand. My favourite ever of these was Kris Doolan's 100th v Ross County. I'm now retired and back in the West End - but a very warm welcome back to your videos Camallain!! They reflect so graphically our collective passion and spirit for the Jags!!
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    I'm sure Tam didn't enjoy being injured or subsequent loss of form and confidence probably from those injuries. He would have suffered mentally I am sure. He was arguably the best Championship defender when we signed him with an impressive scoring record in his final season at Morton. It's a shame for him and the club that it did not work out but good news he has new employment with a club that pay a decent wage.
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    Spot the new t shirt. If you haven't visited for a while, you may see more than one. Time to get kitted out for the season. https://redyellow.org
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    McCall's reaction when the fireworks went off
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    A great way to start the season with 3 points and unfurling the league flag. Yes the defence needs work, thought Bell was poor today, Holt put in a few good challenges. Graham and Rudden striking up a very good partnership. Good to speak to some fellow forum users before the game and after it.
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    Agree, everybody who has bought a season ticket has made an important contribution by committing to support the team for the upcoming season before it has started.
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    Nothing against the guy, but he did sweet FA for Thistle in his time at Firhill; got paid for doing very little for too long.
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    Somehow, I feel this “prize” for the 2,000 st purchase is counterproductive as folk may well be holding off to try and win it. And why should that person be singled out. Without the previous 1999 there wouldn’t be a 2,000.
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    Congratulations to Sunday's winners (a well known poster on here winning the cash): https://ptfc.co.uk/ptfc-news/virtual-50-50-draw-results-25th-july-2021/
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    There will be an update very soon. It will be the most information packed one yet. It is envisaged that the information contained therein will be sufficient to be a catalyst for transitions to full membership. Keep the faith and thanks for the support.
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    my first visit to Hampden. Thistle had three members of Scotland's 1954 world cup squad but the jam tarts broke my eight-year-old heart...
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    I wouldn't trust the BBC too much but reflects how I saw it. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/57951141
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    Spending ‘big ‘ in terms of this league is no guarantee of success
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    There was a deflection off a QOS player before getting to McKenna. In the past that would have stood. Has the offside rule changed ?
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    .Turner had one chopped off, Graham’s 2nd was a rebound from a McKenna header and Mayo was very close to a goal.
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    One positive worth mentioning- when we scored the third I was expecting a very tense final 5 minutes, but we saw out the game superbly and professionally
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    We'll play better and not win this season but today was the type of game we'd have just have laid down to in the recent past. Worried slightly that we're still experimenting with formations and need to use more width but we're supposed to be signing a wide player and Tiffoney will probably be ready to start next week
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    I’m happy with how we played.. Really didn’t see why we took Turner and Rudden as off as I thought the were always our most creative/dangerous players. But we won so I’m happy and will keep my gub shut
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    Home win - good start, especially given the early hole. Nice together out of the gate...
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    Good win! Not the perfect performance, but a very competent one. A fairly decent result oand overall a Very acceptable start to the seasons
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    Agree that's a bit much. Just like to point out that you're really waiting 1 hour 30 minutes. At 2.50pm there's a live appearance from Neil Doncaster, which will give us Jags fans an opportunity to praise and celebrate his achievements at the SPFL.
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    Yes you just select how many tickets you want now instead of picking a seat like before.
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    The club has to do this as apparently council insists on it but at 2 previous games I have seen no evidence of anyone being refused entry or being told off because they had missed their timeslot.
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    I used to get in trouble for stuffing a rolled up sock in my drawers but that is another story! Serously, during this hot spell having good quality t-shirts has been a blessing and it helps raise funds for our club as well.
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    Sorry don't know how to do a link. From the official site. There will be no programme while the current restrictions are in place. A online bulletin with all stories and current news will be on ptfc.co .uk.
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    For a Saturday draw it is normal the Tuesday or Wednesday the following week but given how busy the office staff will be preparing for Saturday's game it might be a bit later. If you have not heard by Tuesday I would e-mail them. If you want to join the winner's club remember to get your tickets before 3.30pm on Saturday: https://ptfc.co.uk/ptfc-news/virtual-50-50-draw-31st-july-2021/ Good Luck!
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    Any chance he might be commentating from a studio in Glasgow? Do broadcasters have the same exception from self-isolation as athletes?
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    Like many, I celebrated Tam's arrival and had high hopes that he would be a top player. For whatever reason, it just didn't work out, so probably best for both parties that the ties are broken. I do hope that he does find something of his Morton form, but not when he plays against us.
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    Maybe the SPFL don't agree, but anyone with a modicum of sanity will realise we are still in the middle of a pandemic. There are many people who are still uncomfortable about being in a crowd. Many who will be away at this time of year. There are supporters who buy season tickets who know they can't make every match but choose the support their club anyway. When teams are providing a live stream of a game what possible reason could there be for excluding people who have payed up front to see every game. This is crass even by SPFL standards. It looks like some clubs are choosing to ignore the SPFL's latest idiotic dictum. I can't particularly blame Thistle for following the rules but would have preferred the club taking the same stance.
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    How can it possibly be "Under SPFL rules this season"??? The league season hasn't even kicked off yet and the SPFL only make up the rules after or during a competition.
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    Going to need this explained in a simpler fashion as I am still waiting for my FIFA coaching badge.
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    I doubt it's that much arguable anyway but I believe poor starts to a league campaign have been a drawback year on year since our promotion season almost a decade ago. Like everyone else on here I obviously didn't attend Sunday's game. But judging on the three previous league cup games and TV coverage yesterday I'd say we don't look like we're set up to hit the ground running on Saturday. In fact I've seen better prepared squads come an early cropper in recent years. Tempered against my pessimism is a belief we've a relatively benign season start. Perhaps we can amass enough points in the early stages without playing that great? Stark reality tho' is we've underperformed in the League Cup group stages. And even if you view these fixtures as no more than some sort of "competitive friendlies" I can't see how you can argue that the end product has been anything approaching satisfactory. Gut feeling is we'll assemble a squad too good to be relegated but not joiny up early enough to seriously challenge for promotion.
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    We need them. The League Cup campaign was far from encouraging. Leaky defence and predictable in attack didn't fill me with much confidence. Saturday will be a big marker on our ambitions for this season.
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    Very interesting interview with Scott Allison
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    How enthusiastic is he? It’s brilliant to hear him speak like that about young players. There are many who fall by the wayside but it sounds like they’ll have a better chance under Scott’s tutelage. I’ve always wanted Thistle to produce young players similar to the League Cup winning team. Strange days indeed with some only playing a handful of games before moving on but I’d love to see all 5 of those mentioned breaking through.
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    Usually hate biased commentary but I still love Stephen Craigen
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    The sooner folk can get signed up and start paying in the better, even if its just tobstart a build up of cash for whenever everything goes through.
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    Wasn't it the case that we let Buchanan go because we we're skint and Dunfermline bought out the rest of his contract?
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    Oware is also one of our highest wages and while unlucky with injury even when fit has done very little. Makes sense to try and move him on though I guess if he wants to sit and pick up a decent wage while not playing there’s not much else the club can do. was a terrible decision from McCall at the time to give him a new contract when he had either been injured or at best mediocre when played