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    A lovely young guy, very humble and been through so much in his young life already. if anyone deserves to be successful in football then it’s Sena. Hope he does great at Hartlepool
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    Well, the title of the thread is "Flagging Up", and this is Glastonbury 2022. Well done, that fella !
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    No. Bobby should leave now.
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    Match highlights from the Kelty Hearts YouTube page.
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    Update from the Foundation Chair: https://thejagsfoundation.co.uk/update-on-discussions-with-three-black-cats/ Good evening fellow Jags fans. I wanted to take this opportunity to provide an update on some recent activity from the Foundation Board. We can confirm that on 20 June representatives of the TJF Board met with the Directors of Three Black Cats. The meeting was considered to be constructive by the TJF board members present and we are grateful to 3BC for the face-to-face meeting. As a result of the meeting, TJF agreed to submit a follow-up document which has now been actioned. We are committed to providing members an update on progress on 16 July. There can be no further comment until then. Best Sandy Fyfe, Chair and Negotiations Sub-group Lead
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    Johnny had his own song , sung to the tune of The MIghty Quinn by Mannfred Mann...Come on without Come on within weave got Johnny Flanagan...
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    Did you all have to take a small bite?
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    Good thing tonight was once again the youngsters all accounted well for themselves. Indeed the goal itself was a thing of beauty. Stanway doing a Jinky Johnstone before clipping the ball back for Lyon to score. Weather was miserable, which maybe is reason for a poorer spectacle compared to Tuesday night.. Another plus was I thought Mitchell looked comfortable in goal. Uses his feet weel.
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    With the signing of Mitchell and Niang going I think that means we have 16 signed of which 6 are new signings. The 6 signed so far looked like upgrades on those they have replaced Mitchell> Stone/ Firth Milne > Hendrie Muirhead > McKenna McMillan > Foster Lawless> Murray Dowds > MacIver If McCall wants 21 in total we still have 5 to sign. The 5 we still ned to replace are McAllister/Hastie Mayo Crawford/Gordon Niang Rudden/Jakubiak With rumours of Fitzpatrick, Maxwell and MacKinnon signing that really only leaves replacing Mayo and Rudden/Jakubiak. We already have a stronger more balanced squad than last season but if McCall can find players similar or better to Mayo and Rudden then we potentially have one of the strongest squads in the league. If I had one concern it would be at defensive midfield. We are very reliant on Docherty and if we go for MacKinnon its asking a lot of a very inexperienced player. On the plus side we have more permanent signings this season so it might be possible to use the loans to get a couple of players of genuine quality rather than having to fill major parts of the squad like last season.
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    I see I have received quite a few pelters for my views about the signing of Stevie Lawless. I have not responded to these not because I am avoiding the criticism but because I have not been able to access the website. So my response and last word about Lawless is set out below. Firstly I accept I should not have used the phrase "as a person" and therefore acknowledge this was clumsy and inappropriate. I meant to focus on his character. Secondly I have acknowledged SL as a very good football player and often wondered why the form he showed in the SPFL at Livingston wasn't produced when at Firhill and in particular during our top 6 season. It would have been impossible to keep any player playing the way SL did at Livingston out of any team. As far as his character is concerned we don't need to know people personally to assess and therefore have opinions about character. We form opinions based on observation and their actions. With regard to SL there was the gambling issue, the situation at Motherwell and other more general, perhaps even trivial, behaviours which suggested he wasn't, latterly committed to PTFC. I am not saying he was solely responsible for the above as I have always believed there are two sides to every story. Putting all this together I have reservations about resigning him and clearly I am not the only one to think this. However I will say that if he focuses on his football and plays to his potential then this could be a good signing and I will be happy to admit this. However in the meantime I will reserve the right to be sceptical and will observe, assess and wait to see how things develop. I don't intend to say anymore about SL other than that I respect the views and acknowledge the rights of his supporters to disagree with my opinions. I hope resigning him works out well for all parties because as a life long fan I don't want any player or the team/club to fail.
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    He earned us a much needed £350,000. Hardly a failure. Is he the new Sena for you - another young lad who is a scapegoat for you?
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    I thought he did ok at QOS but was out injured for a while. Still only a young boy
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    I don't quite get your train of thought. Perhaps we should leave this thread entirely for Thistle Archive info and patter?
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    Gotta strong feeling that McCall 's next move will be to talk Gavin Swankie into turning full time.
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    I'd forgotten that. He was a gallus wee player. I remember one game at Firhill against the h*ns the ref stopped play for a free kick to the opposition. The ball was heading towards JF, and he bent down as if to collect it to give it to the opposition to re-start the game. Everybody had stopped, expecting that to happen. but in fact the wee man crouched down and let the ball run past him by some considerable distance, while pretending that the reason he crouched down was to tie his boot laces. Still makes this simpleton smile!
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    That was a brilliant outfit that I'd love to see brought back to life. I previously posted a colourized version, which shows just how good it looked. I'll look it out on my other computer and re-post it tomorrow.
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    Seemingly the searing pace of 38yr old Chris Burke is on his way to Firhill !
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    Just wait till you visit Cove
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    Seems he's coming back to us. I think that's great. My abiding recollection is a goal he scored at Firhill, V DU., at the north end. Ball came over from the left, ran along the edge of the box, and Aidan just let it run and run, as the angle narrowed and the keeper closed down his angles. I was going nuts - "hit it,just hit it". Which Aidan duly did, hard and accurate, back across and into the far corner of the net. At that point I realised that young fella knew a lot more about the game than I did. Some talent there. So let's have more!
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    Aidan proudly remains in Thistle's all-time top 5 competitive scorers chart for those prodigious talents who found the net aged just 17 or less...
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    I agree with McCall re priorities being in other positions but that begs the question of why we signed the lad in the first place. The need to strengthen in other areas was even more evident back then. That right flank partnership of McKenna and Crawford was lucky if it was up to League Two standard. More it highlights the need to have adequate cover in all areas. Last season the right side attacking mid relied solely on Hastie then McAllister with no back up. We've got the goalkeeper and defence more or less well covered. Attacking central midfield likewise. We lack an understudy for Tiffoney and player with pace down the right wing. I think Fitzpatrick could be a useful signing as he can cover a few attacking options. With the likes of Lawless and Graham in the squad we need to compensate with genuine pace.
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    Good luck to Sena. I actually think he will do well in lower league English football. His physicality should allow him to cope better than most with playing 46 games a season. That ability to cope with the physical conditions may make Hartlepool supporters more forgiving on his less well developed technical skills. Still think he's potentially a very good centre-half but I could see him turning into a very imposing defensive midfield in the English leagues.
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    A guy called Dave from Colourfield prepares them, handprints etc. What the customer has to do is specify a team, season or specific date, lineup, managers (optional) - and ideally send links to strip detail plus team photos. I just linked to the season 2012/13 first team on official site and told him to give Shaggy big sideys
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    Thanks a lot for this. Brilliant little snippets of footage. Lovely to see all those faces in their prime, turning out for the Jags in a great strip. Wish we had a squad of that calibre now!
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    Me too: think there's been too much haste in releasing him. To be honest, he was hit and miss on the Alloa vids that I watched last season, but I think there's def. a player in there that just needs to be a bit more coaxed/trained .
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    Everyone deserves a second chance. Even you Bobby....
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    Fat goalie! Did Kevin Budinaukas step in for the photo shoot?
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    If no-one else wants a share of the action, I will guarantee another £20. So we have £400. But happy to be bounced out if a newbie wants a shot at glory
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    It’s 2012-13 all over again…the definition on the paintwork is actually better than the image allows
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    Nice to see you are open minded
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    Kyle Doherty from Albion Rovers was on trial with QPR last season. Neil Lennons son is on the bench too these are from a usually reliable source
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    Dunno if I'm confused, but nothing on the official site.... But Aaron Muirhead is back with us. I'm satisified with this signing.. He's a good defender, and a nuisance to the opposition at corners (and penalties).
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    As long as he gives us a Boost by being a true Minstrel on the park and send us into a new Galaxy. But make sure you Wispa that though as we don't want our opponents making a Picnic of us.
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    Season ticket sales break the 1000 barrier! Season Tickets sales pass 1000 | Partick Thistle FC (ptfc.co.uk)
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    Just a reminder: You can actually see a couple of clips of Thistle in action wearing that red top, along with the blue shorts (!) on The Thistle Archive Youtube channel.
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    I think we need to organise a Forum (non)Fathers Day card for @Garscube Road End 2 @Jaggernaut and any of our strikers who are ‘shooting blanks’. It can be hard sometimes living with a semi. I’ll get the balls rolling with a 20 pence pledge. From small seeds do mighty trunks grow. Come come, you know you want to give your fellow jags fans a hand. Job done.
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    We are getting closer to £400 people. With the fall in cryptocurrency and NFT's this would be a better investment.
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    That sums up so many recent strikers we have had.
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    I've put in another £20, LLD. Let's do this guys & girls.
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    I was expecting a flood of cards from all over the world. But.... nothing.
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    Neither did I. Mind you maybe that's because I am not a father!
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    Correct M'lady. Shameless plug for "You Couldn't Make It Up" extract from The Thistle Archive... Ah, the witty banter of the football supporter! The 2-1 defeat of Dundee at Firhill on 14/4/2007 was also memorable for the red card for Dundee's Alex Rae. Always a ready target. He claimed afterwards that he had made just 3 tackles and had been booked for two to them. This cut little slack with the Firhill faithful and the "Glasgow Herald" reporter was able to repeat one of the more printable taunts "Even yer maw an' yer da' hate ye!"
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    "Player-Manager" instantly makes me think of pie-filled, obese Derek Johnstone and a totally out of shape and out-of-ideas Murder McLeod, not to mention insignificant (as a player and a manager) Tommy Bryce. No thank you; you're either a player, or a manager! Now, Davie McParland never went with the pretence of thinking he was still a player.......
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    McGhee with his love of publicity must be “Nadine Dorries”