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Doolan 100 Scarves

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Doolan 100 Scarves






Unique forum only edition. 100 only. Order now.



I will have the scarves in about four weeks. They can either be collected from me at the Formartine game on 21 January or I can post them out when I get them.



Cost will be £10 each.


Doolan 100 contributors can get 1 scarf for £5.50


UK postage £1.50 each


I have yet to establish international postage costs.




I will reserve 1 scarf for each Doolan 100 contributor but you must place an order below.



You don't have to pay now but it would help me if you did. They must be paid for before delivery or collection (I don't want to handle a large amount of cash on the day).



Payment - please read carefully


Payment through PayPal: [email protected] or bank transfer (PM me).


With PayPal, please ensure you select 'Send Money to Family and Friends'. If PayPal know that I'm selling stuff, they may get shirty. Don't mention scarves!. Please include a note worded 'Doolan 100 Fundraising' and your forum name. I will be able to identify your order and process it.

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I have received the following notes of interest. I will reserve these for now but you must confirm order below.


Third Lanark - 2

sandy - 1

watties wallies - 2

sick in the basin - 2

Jaggystu71 - 1

jagfox - 2

ThickAsThieves - 1

jagman - 2

three jags - 3

ian_mac - 1

Wayfarer - 2



If you are in the Doolan 100, your first scarf will cost £5.50


If you are sick in the basin your first scarf will cost £5.50. After all, this is all your fault!

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