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League Cup 2022-23


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13 hours ago, Garscube Road End 2 said:

No thanks. I've seen plenty of Moray when I lived in Burghead. 

Ah, twas yourself. I seem to mind years back, when I had a static at Lossie, hearing of a Jags fan in the neighbourhood. I can't mind drinking much in Burghead so I guess it may have been in yon pub up the back in Hopeman? 

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3 hours ago, elevenone said:

Do we know the home/away ties yet?  If Fraserburgh away the drinks are on me @Garscube Road End 2 :drink2:

I think you’ve just filled the supporters buses with that comment - mine’s a cold dry cider and make it a packet of ready salted crisps to share with GRE

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On 5/26/2022 at 7:25 AM, Dick Dastardly said:

Having pissed about in this tournament in recent years, surely to god we can qualify from that group.

I'd like to think so. 

Not too fussed either way re home/away breakdown. Montrose away would've been preferable but would have to rely on Scot Rail getting their act together. Fraserburgh these days makes Peterheid look like St Tropez. To put it mildly The Broch wouldn't be the most pleasant of places to go for a pub crawl.  

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1 hour ago, elevenone said:

Info on prize money.  Few extra bob for televised game.


All welcome.

My overriding views on Doncaster (and the level of his negotiating skills) makes me wonder if having a TV company as sponsor as well as sole broadcaster is good business. In other words will the income from one revenue stream be equal to or more than from two? 

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40 minutes ago, denismcquadeno.eleven said:

* On another not totally disconnected issue, it seems that Rangers FC and the Beeb have ‘buried the hatchet’ of animosity that appears to have been coming mainly from the Ibrox direction for most of a decade! For, it was announced yesterday, that the “Restrictions on reporting on Rangers FC by the BBC” which have been in place for the last SEVEN years have been lifted by the ‘Bears’. (These were first imposed by the ‘’red, white and blue team’ due to reasons of which I am unaware, but it must have been some perceived unfairness or ‘slight’ felt by the Govan side.

For myself, I had been totally unaware ANY restrictions had actually been in place since 2015, when looking at the BBC’s coverage of ‘the Mighty Gers’ but there you go. ‘The Old Firm’ seem to be permanently in our faces when it comes to all reporting of Scottish football. So, much so, I hadn’t noticed any difference! Hope that doesn’t mean, I will in the future!

It seems the BEEB said it had apologised and was happy to “continue apologising” in its excitement about the two, becoming on better terms. Ie ‘friendly again’! I’d say, “Don’t overdo it, Auntie Beeb, lest we end up thinking you’re “much less impartial and objective” than you’re supposed to/claim to, be! In your attempts to curry favour (pun intended) with RFC, I’d hate for some or any of the ‘spice’ to be lost from your probing, searching interviews with management and players and they be turned into a sycophantic, bottom-kissing exercise! Perish the thought!

If I remember rightly it was actually one reporter that was banned because he publicly said, after a fine by UEFA for sectarian singing, that Rangers were not actually serious about banning certain songs and one director had said 'The Billy Boys' was one of his favourite songs. The BBC then stopped sending any reporters to Ibrox as a protest.

No doubt they have now come to an agreement as the reporter concerned no longer works for the BBC or something similar.

UPDATE : Here is a watered down version of original story not actually mentioning what he said: 


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1 hour ago, denismcquadeno.eleven said:

Having said that, if it was named ‘The Premier League -Just Four-Trophy’ you wouldn’t be far off ! 
For at the stage when most Premier League clubs actually join the competition they ONLY have to overcome FOUR rounds of competition, before the winner gets their hands on the gleaming silverware. (Contrast that with the year Thistle won it, when they played precisely THREE  times that number of games (12)! (This modern day paltry number of competitive rounds for most top tier teams to win a national trophy could well be a record! Wonder if it is in European/World football.…‘Guinness Book Of Records anyone’?) NB: It also surely (even, ever so  ‘slightly’) takes the gloss off those teams who like to bask in the wondrous achievement of winning… the glorious ‘Treble’! We know who you are! Who can miss you?) 

It depends on what you call "a national trophy". Many nations have  preseason trophy played between the league and cup winners (eg English Community Shield or whatever it is called this season). Arguably that would be a national trophy won by winning one game.

Also, Scilly Isles have a national football league with just 2 teams. They play each other many times for the league, but again the cup is over just 1 game. Would that be a national trophy ? Are Scilly Isles any different from Scotland/N. Ireland/ Wales/England when it comes to "national trophy"

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