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    5 years ago today the Jags family lost one its most courageous, and much loved and valued, members when Robert Watson, otherwise known as Rab the Jag, passed away at the age of 31. Refusing to allow the limitations imposed by Duchenne muscular dystrophy to define him, Robert grasped every opportunity that came his way. A wheelchair footballer, a disability rights campaigner and so much more besides, and a passionate and dedicated follower of Partick Thistle. The repurposing of the John Lambie Stand for Thistle fans, and in particular enabling disabled fans to be in the front row and therefore right in the beating heart of the Jags support, was ideal for Robert, and if you watch the footage of some of the goals from that era (Kris Doolan had a particular knack of coming in from the right angle!), you will see Robert just to the left of the goalposts (looking from the City End) caught up in the surging wave of celebration. Robert's proud father bears the same name, although is perhaps better known to us as Auld Jag, a trenchant (and witty) poster on this forum, the man who was turned the humble balaclava into a must have fashion accessory, and serial winner of BB's prediction competitions. Whether it is 5 seconds or 5 minutes, please take 5 today and in whatever way works for you, give thanks for the life of Robert Junior, and remember in your thoughts Robert Senior and his wife Eunice. May there be many happy memories to lighten this day.
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    Thanks to Ptd and everybody else for the very kind comments. As a family we have a lot of very happy memories amongst them being 4 holidays in Florida which included us going to the Kennedy space center, since space was of great interest to Robert we also visited the National space centre in Leicester in 2014, we also met Coldplay before their Hampden concert in 2009. Robert graduating from Paisley university with a 2/1 honours degree in computer games technology and him receiving campaigner of the year in 2014 from the muscular dystrophy campaign are very proud moments for our family. Robert enjoyed going to concerts and dancing with his friends. Last but not least Robert and i shared in the ups and downs of being a jags and Scotland fan. I have put some photos that show, Robert at the Scottish parliament, Robert with myself and Eunice after he got campaigner of the year award, Robert playing wheelchair football, Robert with Eunice and myself outside TGI fridays on his 30th birthday, Robert pretending to be scared of a house robot when we went to watch the recording of robot wars, the wreath we took up to Roberts grave today and the video was done by some of Roberts friends just after he died. Thanks again to everybody for their kind words it is very much appreciated. 8_9_18_010.MOV
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    A Partick Thistle themed flag for Maryhill
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    “Dugmeat” ?….certainly not Winalot !….
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    Playing for Thistle 423 times, been involved in 4 of the 8 titles Thistle have won in our history and also managing Thistle to one of our highest placing in the top league. Imo well deserved honour for Archie.
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    I know a lot will disagree because of the way his tenure as manager ended, but for me it is Archibald. He got us promoted, was unbeaten in the league after he took over. Kept us in the Premier league for 5 seasons and finished 6th, our highest league position for over 35 years. I know it all went wrong the last season and a bit, but i don't think that should detract from what he achieved before that.
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    A very enjoyable night.Good food (Roast breast of chicken,black pudding bon bon, mashed potato with bacon and onion sauce. Sticky toffee pudding and ice cream). Good speeches from those introducing the inductees or their relatives. Inductees or their relatives interviewed by Michael Max, which was very entertaining. I managed to talk to Chris Erskine and let him know how much Eunice and myself appreciated that he and Callum Booth visited young Robert while he was in hospital. A visit which Chris remembered well. I also thanked Alan Archibald for the comments he made about young Robert in the match programme of the 1st April 2017 after Robert's death. A big thank you to @partickthedog for inviting me as a guest to his table for this event. The pictures below show me with Chris Erskine and also myself and @partickthedog with Alan Archibald.
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    I don't seem to recall many (if any) posts about the number of people in the management team after a victory
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    DD, we may not always see eye to eye on things Thistle. I do though wish you all the best, and hope you're well soon. I believe I speak for many, if not all, on this forum
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    I would add Scott MacDonald to that list. Only with us for half a season but the main reason we stayed in the Championship under Caldwell. When i presented him with the Jags Disabled Supporters Player Of The Year Trophy which had Robert's name on it in memory of him he was very interested to hear about Robert and also spent time with myself and Eunice to have pictures taken. A true gent.
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    36 games 20 goals Deserves a thread for that alone. Both his goals yesterday were down to his desire to score. A leader and example of the benefit of standards and positive attitude.
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    Can't exactly put my finger on it but the Club Update "collective" announcement appears to have all the sincerity of a Pravda communique. What really sells that notion is the final sentence urging fans to fully focus on up and coming important fixtures. Patronising deflect that's almost insulting in its nature. Just leave all this for the adults, kids.
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    Just to thank everybody who joined in the minutes applause today, no matter where you were, another great tribute to Robert from his fellow jags fans. I have a video of some off the applause which i will try and post later. A very good video from Donald Wilson on facebook of the tribute.
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    Just a last reminder to all Jags fans wherever you may be (and regardless of what is happening on the pitch!) to set your watches to 15.31 UK time today and join in a minute's applause in memory of and thanksgiving for Robert Watson. Thank you to all who have passed on the word in many different ways. For more information about (and brilliant photographs of) this remarkable young man, please read the separate "Remembering Robert Watson" thread.
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    Again, to re-iterate: Three Black Cats wholly own the Main Stand and City End, and the Club does not appear to have been remunerated for its share of the sale of those pieces of land to Three Black Cats. So as things stand if, for example there were to be planning permission given for a major redevelopment that involved things being built on those pieces of land, and that redevelopment turned a profit (perhaps because it provided retail, hospitality or residential units which could be sold or leased) all the profits from that venture would go to Three Black Cats. Three Black Cats also owns the majority stake in the Club. So if, for example it were to want to carry out a more ambitious redevelopment of the site, perhaps leading to, oh I don't know, the total demolition of Firhill and us moving to another stadium, they could force the Club to sell up its land to such a project (perhaps even at a knock-down price) and leave it with insufficient capital to buy and build a replacement stadium. Perhaps it could even decide to build a stadium that Thistle are then forced to lease from them to have a functioning continued existence as a football club. Three Black Cats is not Colin Weir. It is a legal entity held by his Estate and, bluntly, the beneficiaries of his Estate might have a different perspective about what to do with the inheritance with the passage of time. Thistle's primary asset of note is its stadium. For some considerable time it only owned 3/4 of it, but at least it did own that and the sale of 1/4 substantially reduced its debt (and debt interest) before Weir won the Lottery. But now it owns half of its stadium, and one solitary shareholder has majority control over what is done with it. Those dynamics, whatever the intentions of Three Black Cats, are not risk free, and make due diligence and transparency just as, if not more important, than if the Club were being sold for meaningful consideration.
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    Lovely post. I’ll be Remembering Rab The Jag today whilst thoughts with Auld Jag and his wife, Robert was well known, very well liked and massively respected for all he accomplished. Regardless of our differing opinions on here or in the stands this reminds we are all family, I’ll raise a wee toast to him tonight.
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    To all Jags fans. Have a Very Merry Christmas and I hope it is a peaceful and Covid free one. Here is to the Jags maintaining their push towards promotion in the new year.
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    How about adding the following to your criteria. - will not pay for live streaming or attend an away game to the following: Clubs in our league: - clubs that voted to relegate us and were particularly vocal in doing so, eg, Ayr, Queen of the South & Raith Rovers spring to mind - Dunfermline whose chairman was an SPFL Board member that came up with the relegation strategy in the first place. Outwith our League - context possible Cup Ties: - Dundee (stabbed in the back by them), Cove & Dundee United who challenged in court, St Mirren and Clyde who both publicly said they would not support reconstruction. - any other Club about whom you have information about who voted to relegate us or who were critical of our actions to protect ourselves, eg taking legal action. I will not be giving any of these teams a penny but as I have said many times before will donate gate money to the Jags Go Fund. Before others contribute their comments about moving on etc Let me say I fully understand that the PTFC must move on and rebuild relationships with other Clubs including some of those mentioned above and I support this! However there is no requirement for me as a PT supporter to forgive or forget and I won't be giving the clubs I have mentioned the time of day nevermind the cost of a ticket or a live stream. These clubs were quite happy to take a course of action that could have ended PTFC! That for me is unforgivable.
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    A nice big to whoever bought Season Ticket No1971. Refused the freebie and in turn donated to a "worthy fan".
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    Well done as Hibs are dispatched 4-2 and Thistle reach the Scottish Cup semi-final
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    With the assistance of my daughter (who is more social media savvy than me!), I have contacted some fellow Jags fans to encourage a clap to remember and honour Robert at Minute 31 of our home game v Arbroath this coming Saturday. I would encourage all near and far to participate in this in whatever way you can (physically or virtually/remotely), and especially to make this known to others who will be attending the game.
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    Just so your clear @Lambies Lost Doo. I’m not against this, I’ve signed up, I’ve paid up (plus additional contributions) and I’ve engaged with some of the team involved, including giving ideas etc. There is a lot of work going on. From Andrew Donnelly taking time to try and engage on social media, having the balls to speak at the event (listen to his speech without watching it, it’s a bloody good speech but nerves got better of him), Stuart engaging in the Woodside Inn (not easy entering lions den when some may have had a drink or 2), Allan drafting and re-drafting the set up, Craig engaging in 1 to 1 web-calls, and Caroline being Caroline talking to folk on matchdays which she is brilliant at. And that’s just some of what’s going on. There are 2 stumbling blocks I see. 1. Fan numbers to prove the organization is fit and proper, they are making in roads to that and working (very hard) to improve engagement. 2. Due diligence, fans need to know exactly what they are taking over whether good, bad or indifferent. The 2nd issue may put people of joining till they know, but without the numbers it may be harder to get the 1st, whether though we have 500 or 5000 members issue 2 will need addressing sooner rather than later. I’d encourage anyone who’s hesitant to contact those on the working group, they are just like us but with a bit more pressure on their shoulders, the strength in numbers will drive the group forward and allow for questions to be answered from club and 3BC as this moves from a minority movement to a majority movement. If those answers come back with no issues, great we drive on, if there are issues then (hopefully) the momentum and strength can have them fixed (one way or another). We can’t though as an organization sleepwalk into this, just believing all will be fine or us as fans are potentially putting the future of our club at risk. So I’d say sign up, involve yourself (whether help, ideas or genuine questions of concern), and shape it.
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    Only happy to help as a Jags fan. Donation on behalf of Diversiti UK and not me
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    As we approach Remembrance Day 2021, we pay our respects... In 1914 and 1939, when the nation needed men and women to serve in the country’s armed forces, football players were among those who volunteered. Partick Thistle FC were one of the many clubs whose players and former players became soldiers, sailors and airmen, and not all of them came home. This is a record of those Jagsmen who paid the ultimate price serving their country. They are listed by war & alphabetical order, with a short introduction outlining their club career, and then information on their war service. ... to The Partick Thistle Fallen →
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    I must start more match threads.
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    Well, history records that the score was correct! 50 years ago to this very day, at Firhill, Thistle fans began an unforgettable journey that would shake history and confound the Grandstand presenter; our brand new 'Partickle' commemorates the events which unfolded. A big thank you to all the members of the forum who contributed their anecdotes at the end - very much appreciated. Hope you all enjoy the story of Thistle's unforgettable Autumn of '71... The Day The Other Cup Came Up To Maryhill →
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    Having retired from a career in heath care and having family members still on the front line, I am all in favour of anything that can restrict the spread of Covid. I know of at least two close associates that did not stick to guidance because it "interfered" with their freedom who subsequently became infected with Covid and required hospital admission. One also infected family members. It is up to individuals whether the want to have the vaccine, but my concern would be the effect of passing on infection to others. Before attending matches I currently take a lateral flow test, it may not be 100% accurate but I believe in trying to do my bit to protect others around me. I have had both jags and am in possession of a vaccine certificate. I have no issues with it being required to attend some events. It is unlikely that it will be required by many of us for Thistle games this season unless circumstances change. Having considered the consequences of infecting others , I will do all that I can to protect others. If this includes showing my vaccination status before entry to some events, I will happily do so. I realise that others will have a different opinion, which they are entitled to. Attendance at events which require vaccine status certificates is not mandatory after all.
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    Rumour has it that this is the front runner.
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    Thank you for the congrats folks. Always fun taking part even if this time I had to sell my soul in the name of competition. Virtual sporting handshake to GRE for making the final and all of you for taking part and the good humour throughout. Thanks as always to BB for organising.
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    It is with no little trepidation that, as a member of the initial failed TJF Board, that I stick my head above the parapet. My motivation is to provide a little background on some things and provide some personal observations. Hopefully some of it might be useful and/or of interest. I’ll start with the difficult bit. Due Diligence. I’ll be honest my knowledge of what constitutes due diligence was/is very limited. It’s not something that I’ve had cause to have involvement and my approach to that was very much that of a layperson. There were others on TJF Board with far greater knowledge than me. It’s only sensible to defer to them. Problem was there were conflicting views. The position of Three Black Cats was that Due Diligence wasn’t required as the shares would be a gift. The legal advice provided to TJF Board supported that. However, it doesn’t seem sensible to me to simply accept the majority shareholding without knowledge of the financial position and the internal workings of the Club. It was proposed by Three Black Cats that in the period in the lead up to the transfer of the majority shareholding there would be a period of knowledge sharing between the Board of the football club and the Board of TJF. In practical terms this would involve a period where a member of TJF Board would sit on the Club Board as a full Board member. This would not just provide a snapshot of the financial position of the Club at any given point but provide an understanding of how the Club had reached the current position and plans moving forward. Through that Board member, TJF Board were to gain full knowledge of the Club’s position. We signed Non-Disclosure Agreements which I took comfort from as this suggested full disclosure. You may think me naive , or just plain wrong, but I didn’t get any sense that they was any attempt to hide anything or any attempt to delay/prevent the transfer of the shareholding from taking place. Others, with far more knowledge and experience than me, suggested that Due Diligence can, and has, thrown up things that even the ‘seller’ was previously unware of. It’s a compelling argument. There was some discussion as to who from TJF Board would perform this Club Board role with some, understandable reluctance, from those approached. Eventually it fell to Gavin Taylor to perform that important role. As a layperson, in terms of Due Diligence the above worked for me. In practice, and purely from my perspective, I don’t think it worked well. Despite signing those NDA I didn’t have a better sense of the internal workings of the Club than I did prior to signing it. No information, to the best of my knowledge, was shared by Gavin with TJF Board that wasn’t readily available elsewhere. Where the ‘blockage’ came from I genuinely don’t know. By the time Gavin stepped down from his position on the Club Board I’d stepped down from TJF Board. It was with no little sadness that I read the joint Three Black Cats/Partick Thistle statement saying the TJF would not be the recipients of the majority shareholding. My view is that the Fan Ownership model is one that all clubs should aspire to. It puts control of the Club in the hands of the people that care most about it. There are good people involved with TJF. Some I considered friends beforehand (and beyond) and some that I consider friends now. Did we agree all the time? No but the desire to make it work was there although our thoughts as to the best route differed. The Three Black Cats statement said that they had concerns re the progress TJF was making in terms of passing the “fit and proper” test. I took that to mean the organisation itself rather than the individuals themselves as has emotively been suggested. Either way it’s wasn’t pleasant reading. I do think, however, that some of the points made in that statement though hurtful weren’t without merit. I do feel that TJF Board did get bogged down on the Due Diligence issue. Others will disagree and I respect that view. I think we failed, and it is a collective failure I’m in no way trying to absolve myself of blame, to reach out to the broad church that the Thistle support is. There was some sterling work done with some relatively small groups but I think we ignored, for want of a better expression, ‘the silent majority’. That people still see Fan Owned and think Fan Run means we failed to articulate that distinction. I think too we failed to reach out to the other shareholding groups and make TJF an even broader organisation. Whatever fan organisation ultimately receives the majority shareholding, and I have to believe it will happen, needs to try and represent as many people as possible. I have concerns that the current approach brings a fan owned Partick Thistle no closer. For it to succeed there has to be compromise from both sides. There needs to be a far less adversarial approach from all parties. I don’t currently get a sense of any movement towards that, not least because until the elections are completed there really isn’t a Jags Foundation Board. Trust me when I say that I passionately want to see a fan owned Partick Thistle and I wish anyone working towards that goal all the luck in the world. For me it’s less about short term change and more the future Partick Thistle long after I’ve vacated my seat at Firhill for a more celestial one elsewhere.
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    It’s been an absolute pleasure to come together with other fans from a range of different backgrounds in recent weeks, united by a desire to see progress on this. Thistle and success come together when everyone pulls in the same direction. I hope we’ve shown in our short campaign our ability to unite and mobilise the support behind a common goal and that you’ll back us, and send a clear message that fan ownership must happen, and must happen with The Jags Foundation.
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    When I was a kid, nobody in the family was interested in football so I went by myself to watch the local team, Tiptree United. As a teenager I would get the bus to Colchester to see my big team. The world of football had a new citizen. Women's football in Scotland is a developing branch of football. The fanbase is growing. It's a great entry level for young fans who may not want to go to a 'big' match yet, much like in my Tiptree days. Why are these fans not being considered? No way they can walk up to the game today or get a bus or train. Kids are much more switched on than you or I. They see clearly that holding a football match at a stadium only accessible by private car is bad for the planet. It must be so confusing for them. They spend all week at school learning, discussing and writing about climate change. Then they step through the school gates into the 'grown up' world of don't care. The SFA should behave more responsibly. These people are important. If we engage with them now they are the fans of the future. Mon The Jags
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    Calling our own players "dirty orange b*st*rds" doesn't wash with me. This was after the initial confrontation and not what provoked him, but c'mon...
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    Was round Firhill way last week and managed to get a quik pic of McCall’s summer strategy….intriguing.
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    When folk say can fan ownership work they ask a fair question. I was, for a long time, what you might call a "critical friend" of fan ownership. Especially in a football league with a patchy sponsorship record, the default model has, and not just for Thistle, been an emphasis on gates and benefactors. But the blunt truth is Thistle's choice isn't between fan ownership and a wealthy benefactor. Thistle's choice is between some form of fan ownership and being owned by a holding company owned by the estate of someone who's sadly passed away. There is no knight in shining armour ready to bear the burden. Save the Jags happened in the 1990s because, after Jim Oliver, there was no one person able or willing to bear the burden on their own. David Beattie and PropCo happened in the late 2000s because, even after Save the Jags, there was no one person willing to bear the burden of the Club without some sort of security on their investment. The closest we got to that white knight existing was when Colin Weir had all the resources, all of the willingness to muck-in and could absorb all of the risk. But that was only possible because he was making initially substantial six figure, and latterly high seven figure sums available to Three Black Cats to get on and do it. Unless the beneficiaries of his estate want to carry on doing that, and there's absolutely no evidence that they do (nor, frankly can we expect them to) that situation no longer exists. The only people who would buy our Club are asset strippers who don't care about the fans and the product on the park. Just ask fans of Nice and Barnsley how Paul Conway and co are working out for them. Fan ownership won't be easy. But it is the answer to which more and more clubs, of all sizes, are turning. If you're hesitant about The Jags Foundation because you don't know what kind of Club it would lead to in ten years time, ask yourself this: what will Partick Thistle look like in ten years time if Three Black Cats still owns it? what will Partick Thistle look like in ten years time if a different vehicle is given the shares? If either of those two outcomes is, in your opinion, clear and rosy, fair enough. That's a call for you to make. But if you think that both of those outcomes are filled with uncertainty, in terms of finances, governance and management, I think you should be backing The Jags Foundation. Even though it is not risk free, it has models and mentors, in Scottish and English football. No other organisation is better placed to mobilise the talents and resources of the Thistle support as things stand. For me, I think an organisation that is genuinely independent of the Thistle Board, genuinely independent of past and current major shareholders and directors, and which has already mobilised about a quarter of the home support in making regular financial contributions, is really well placed to engage with the wider Thistle community on a number of different levels. After years of wrangling by personalities and proxies, a genuinely fresh start would do the world of good. An opportunity to define Thistle by its positives, rather than just by what we're not. This isn't just something for big clubs. Morton is about to become fan owned and controlled. A club that, for decades, spent literal millions™ of one of the last of a dying breed of entrepreneur owners of football clubs. That model is dying out as a viable one in Scottish football even more so than elsewhere, and the clubs that are going to benefit the most in the next 20 years are those that recognise that and adapt. Hearts and Motherwell are steaming ahead on this. Let's join them on the train before it leaves the station.
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    I think the last sentence is cutely worded but you're smart enough to know that those views of TJF came from opposite ends of the spectrum. Criticism from fans here and elsewhere was that TJF wasn't being brave enough and demanding some clarity on finances from the club, approaching the transaction professionally and ensuring that the directors of TJF fulfilled their fiduciary duty to its members. JL wanted to dictate terms to TJF and rejected even the most basic financial interrogation. When TJF finally, meekly raised its hand to ask questions, she pulled the plug and did so publicly in a ridiculous statement that writ large the conflict of interest she has had from the start of this. The reality is this, the members of TJF and the wider support contribute far more to PTFC than JL ever has. This isn't her personal investment where she has earned the right to set terms, she is a custodian and yet she's treating the fans with contempt. She's made lots of mistakes at Firhill but the conduct of the past week is irrecoverable for her.
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    I don't usually post, just read an absorb the 'expert' views I'm an older supporter like most of us. I've been following the Jags for well over 60 years, and most of all I really don't want to lose my club, whatever division we're in. So a couple of points and genuine questions .... I'm not totally sure I understand what occurs with due diligence but it seems sensible to find out the financial situation as soon as possible, so realistic plans can be made. I don't understand why 3bc should refuse dd. What can be wrong that isn't half expected and if there is something wrong we have to find out about it sometime. In defence of 3bc why would they want to hang on to the shares which have been bought for the fans. This is Thistle not Barcelona. I don't understand what they can get from this except a lot of grief. I've joined TJF and paid my money. I'm not particularly wanting to have my voice heard over others but I'm disappointed with the amount of information and consultation that has taken place so far. It all seems a bit repetitive and slight in content. If we own the club shouldn't we be meeting to make some important decisions by this time. Has the final format been decided? Did I miss it? What is it? The Motherwell model seems to be working so far for them. Does that model fit/not fit with PTFC? I admit I may have missed this in some of the emails from TJF However I'm not the only one. The figure of 1000 members for TJF is being used as a necessary goal or hurdle. Why is that? If we only get 500 members then that's what we have, and we should proceed with that number. Anyway I think more will join when the transfer occurs and there is a better recruitment campaign. At the moment it just seems to be all very negative and defensive. Finally if it is all doom and gloom financially wouldn't we still want to transfer the club to the fans and then if we think it necessary, we can actively look to recruit new owners who would invest their buy in cash and maybe more in the club. Finally, I suppose I should admit that I don't really understand why anyone would not want to have fan ownership over being owned by an individual or group. But I suppose that is just my politics.
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    This was posted on Facebook and makes sense of Due Diligence Why is due diligence important? Some people have been querying just how necessary due diligence is in regard to the fan takeover. It’s a fair and reasonable question. I asked a friend of mine about this today who runs his own accountancy firm and has a few decades experience behind him in this field. Here’s what he said: “Here’s some things that I have found out in due diligence that even the sellers didn’t know. 1. They didn’t own the shares 2. They were on a vat scheme they were not entitled to be 3. They were on a vat scheme they were not entitled to be (again) 4. They had paid dividends instead of salary to an employee resulting in underpaid tax of several hundred thousand 5. They were under insured to a material extent Plus many more.“ Not for minute saying that any of these things are going on just now at PTFC. But I think it shows quite clearly why this is so important. I would be absolutely delighted if due diligence gave the club a clean bill of health. It would mean the fans could take over the club with confidence and peace of mind. It would also be a complete vindication of the current ownership and would allow them to depart the club with their heads held high. If any of them wanted to stand for the board again their chances of election would be extremely favourable as well you would think. So if everything at the club is fine, let the due diligence happen. The longer the club stand in the way of this, the uncertainty and rumours will only get worse. If there are problems of any nature, be honest with the fans. We’ve proved so many times over the years that we will do everything in our power to help the club. Be it financially or otherwise. What I personally could never forgive is dishonesty and diversion which could put the future of the club at risk. The current owners legacy is still in their own hands. It’s not too late to turn this situation around but time is running out.
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    So. You are right in the middle of the storm?
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    We were the better team. Previous Thistle teams would have folded after that ludicrous decision for the penalty. There’s clearly a strong team spirit and resilience. Hopefully a couple of quality signings to come to strengthen the team and turn some draws into victories. Given the teams were given 500k and we received 150k we are in no bad shape and position.
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    The last of the Christmas orders shipped this morning. Godspeed Royal Mail. Hopefully I can relax now for Christmas A busy December to boost the Jan transfer fund. Will post some figures next week. Thanks one and all.
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    I don't think the condition of westertonjagfan's prostate is any of your business!
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    Can only second what everybody else has said. They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old. Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn. At the going down of the sun and in the morning, we will remember them.
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    Days like today is why I love this football club. Get it right up Tommy Wright and the tractor driving hordes - you are a bolt short of a functioning engine. Well done to the players and the management for today's result. And to every Jags fan tonight - may those beers taste good well into the night!!
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    112 years ago today Thistle played their first-ever match at Firhill, the stadium of dreams, the palace of the gallus. It's the place we've called home since 1909, but there's a lot more to the old ground than just Partick Thistle. Which Olympic champion ran at Firhill? Which Jag was born closest to the ground? Heard about the time we burned the pitch? Firhill's stories are as weird and wonderful as the club itself; join us for a 30-minute celebration of The Life And Times Of Firhill Park → Supporting the piece, we have 14 new list pages → breaking down all the (mainly non PTFC) Firhill activity from 1909 to date. Our ambitious Firhill diary → goes for the full megalist approach. Happy birthday Firhill!
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    Very interesting interview with Scott Allison
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    Final standings Congratulations jaggy. Great that the competition was alive until the end. Unlucky Auld Jag. Thanks for playing everyone.