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    Disappointing to see a Jags fan gloating about this. But not surprising.
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    That's £10 into the Fund for the Jags! I refuse to subsidise Cove Rangers!
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    Anyone remember the year 1BV when this forum used to be about PTFC. Not saying Covid-19 isn't important but can ADMIN not find another venue for the debate?
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    Good news, Frank is now home from hospital. Lets hope for a speedy recovery.
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    Up to you how to spend your money. I would say give the money to the Thistle go fund me .
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    Anyway, the vandalism was superficial. The biggest act of vandalism at Firhill in recent years was demolishing this, with no certainty of it getting replaced with anything to improve the stadium. Years later, and the damage is still there for everybody to see.
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    Makes sense. And also explains the missing letter in Cappielow.
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    We should never lose sight that one of the daily stats are deaths and no matter how small, it still means somebody has lost their life and a family is mourning a loved one, or in some cases more than 1 family member.
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    I pass by the old ground most days on one my constitutionals and took this picture of a truly resplendent Firhill basking in the glorious sunshine...a big thanks to the ground staff for keeping it tip top .
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    I don't know if this comes under fiduciary duties or not, but if I was a director of an SPFL club I'd be questioning the financial wisdom of forking out £388K to hire a ******* clown.
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    1120 victims only because we have taken extraordinary measures to keep the numbers down. The hospitals are full of desperately sick patients and health care workers are dying trying to treat them. Please don't put flu in the same sentence. I understand the economic damage that is being done. I work freelance and my industry has been completely shut down and will be one of the last to start up again. I have no income and precious little help from the government. I get it. We will have to find a way through this. A path to the 'new normal'. But we are at an early stage of living with Covid-19. Personally, I'm happy that the Scottish Government's approach is about looking after the health of its citizens first and foremost. It should be the first duty of any government. Rather that than the Trump/Johnson vision of opening everything up asap so that their pals can carry on making money and to hell with the risks. The document published today by the government is the first step along the road to the new normal. It is their starting point. Don't hold your breath waiting for such clarity from Downing Street.
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    Hope he recovers soon, not only for us or his football career, but his main job as a PT instructor which I’d imagine would be his main income. He’s a great guy who has always given his all for the club, wishing him a speedy recovery
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    You have a three month break from watching this insipid, slow and pedestrian brand of football from these full time players and then they pick up from where they left off. Our style of play is utter garbage.
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    Totally disagree! Unlike our Prime Minister who courts popularity, Nicola Sturgeon has been consistent throughout this pandemic in that all her actions and decisions have been made with a common purpose - to save lives! A recent article in the Financial Times states quite clearly that the Scottish Govt's decision to prioritise vaccination of Care Home Residents and Staff (was made knowing it would slow down the vaccine roll-out programme and therefore invite criticism of the Govt. from political opponents) has saved hundreds of lives in these establishments! We all know there was no justification for suspending the Lower Leagues in the first place and if suspension was justified then it should also have applied to the SPFL & Championship! I think the Covid issues at Rangers, Celtic, Aberdeen, Kilmarnock and St. Mirren prove the case. However my point here is that if she was after votes she would not be taking the difficult and unpopular decisions that resulted in tough restrictions throughout Scotland and in the case of football the suspension of the Lower Leagues!
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    At the end of a difficult year for each of us for obvious reasons - both on and off the park - and in some cases for less obvious reasons, I wish all fellow posters and your families a happy, peaceful and intimate Christmas. Special thoughts in particular to any poster who may be spending their Christmas in isolation due to restrictions. Be sure to enjoy your day folks!!!
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    Thistle will be the only club getting any money from me.
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    Glad they got your e-mail.
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    F**k's that got to do with today's vote? Change the record!!!
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    Update from Scott lifted from Facebook. Contrary to popular belief I do have a brain. My scan pic from the specialist this morning showing the stroke. My blood pressure topped out at 226/156.. MRI scan horrific. "Thank you all for the lovely messages you had me in tears the other night, I cant reply to them it's taken me all my time to write this. Prognosis is looking good although i need to make some changes. Voice and balance still all over the place. Shattered, and away for rest."
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    The reason we can't get consensus on what the leagues should look like is that we have diametrically opposed outcomes. One is the best entertainment for fans and a stable platform to develop Scottish football and footballers in the whole. Larger leagues (more stable) with minimal relegation but maximum opportunity for promotion (playoffs). The other is entirely based on greed and serving a TV contract that satisfies the expectation of people outside of Scotland but only serves to magnify the gulf between the holy twins in Scotland; and a handful of clubs clinging to their skirts hoping for crumbs. The first is all about 'sporting integrity' while the second is about supporting £380,000 salaries for blazer wearing cretans and leeches. Of course, as we've seen, the boards of Scottish football clubs are extremely short sighted so we can expect them to come up with short sighted plans that benefit them in the coming weeks and months. So I'll be very surprised if we see anything that will improve the match day experience for the majority fans in Scotland as a whole being announced by the BudgeGrey committee.
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    That's it done my first ever season ticket purchased! Feels great having my very own seat at Firhill - mine, mine mine. Bring on the mighty Peterhead!
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    A few of us Jags fans / forum members - myself William Sheridan (TJR), Jack Little (afkincaid), Stuart Deans (StuTheJag) & Niall MacTaggart (Camallain) - have been working on a new website - The Thistle Archive - which is basically a unique and accurate online encyclopedia of Partick Thistle stats and stories, 1876 to date. The site launched last Monday (7 September) with almost 7,000 pages in place, but is still very much in its infancy. Have a look around and see what you think. (What random player did you get?) http://www.thethistlearchive.net/ We're looking to spread the word, so any help to do that on social media would be appreciated. We're on Twitter, but are currently "shadow-banned" (tweets not reaching timelines etc) as we've been tweeting too many links and they've marked us down as spammers. Groan. Hopefully this ban will be lifted soon. https://twitter.com/thistlearchive Anyway, you can communicate any site-related discussion here on WAT via this profile and we'll make a few posts here over the forthcoming days to show you around. Hopefully it'll be something we can all enjoy using. 'mon the Jags!
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    On this day 100 years ago there was bad news for all Thistle fans, as it was pretty much confirmed in all the papers that Rangers were going to win the Scottish Cup tomorrow. Are they, aye? The Day The Scottish Cup Came Up To Maryhill part 16 →
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    Think Sena is getting a raw deal , young player starting out on his career, he’ll get better and PTFC will get a good price for him. I was a big critic of Liam Lindsay at one point because of the mistakes he was making but he learnt from them , hopefully Sena will be the same .
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    I've just noticed I started this thread over a year ago. There's no way I was thinking that it would still be going after all this time. I can't actually get my head round it. Football is important but it's not more important than life. Here's to all the jags fans who are no longer with us.
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    The plague is a great tribute to Robert. As i have said before he was very modest and would have been very surprised about the things that have been done in his memory. Apart from the plague there was a very nice tribute to him in the Ross County game programme 1st April 2017 aka April Dools day and the disabled supporters player of the year award was also in Robert's memory. For anybody who has not seen the plague it is in the John Lambie stand, i have put a picture of it below.
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    Another Saturday with no football so I dedcided to knock a wee compliation together. Hope you enjoy...
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    Dean’s letter is so much better thought out and worded compared to our rant
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    Was involved in a Zoom call yesterday. Long and short: (a) the Working Group is a serious group of people (b) their pitch can be a wee bit sentimental, but I get that they'll engage 3 fans for every fan that finds it a bit twee (c) they've clearly been doing some serious work on the corporate governance side with the Club (d) they've been taking preliminary decisions which won't all be popular but which are, in terms of ensuring the Club has options in the future, are extremely sensible (e) the extent of the work they and the 3BC lawyers especially seem to have done now re-enforces how laughable the original timescale of three months was (f) it's not going to be a quick process, and will probably be driven more by the winding-up of Colin Weir's estate than anything else, but realistically the transfer is the only show in town now (g) main obstacles to making a success of this are engagement levels and (longer-term) alternative revenue streams (h) people need to be patient in the transition: it's not realistic to expect the fanbase to replace the existing expertise and corporate structures overnight. If fan ownership is to work, it requires the current Club board to have a role and even if you think they've been a bit shit at times, try not to lose sight of the bigger picture.
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    What is going on with Lyons ? A player who was a standout in league 1 last season, scored 10 goals in 26 league games. Just the type of player we need and his time on the park has been very limited. I know we were told a few weeks ago his fitness was not up to the mark, but surely we have sorted that out now.
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    As St. Mirren park is closer to me than Firhill is, it is one of the few away games i went to in recent years. So i am really disappointed no fans are allowed, as i wanted to boycott the game.
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    Would be a gift for the headline writers.... Jags Players Say No to Jags!
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    £40,000 From the fund has now been handed over to the club. The money will be used in the player budget. Great work by Caroline Mackie who started the go fund me page. A big thank you to everybody who donated, no matter the amount. The page is still running. Currently at £52,290.
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    Maybe they offered a 3 year deal by email but Ashcroft didn’t receive it so they re-sent a 2 yr contract?
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    Just a small point..but wish they would stop calling it the PTH family. I've been going to games for over 30 years...but its a football club so please just call it that
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    Name dropping alert, number 2. In September 2009 Robert junior, Eunice and myself went to see Coldplay at Hampden. Before the concert we got to meet Coldplay and we spent about 15 minutes talking to the band members and getting a number of great photographs with them. My wife and i was never the biggest fans of them, but Robert was and it was one of the many great experiences we had as a family, and my wife and i will always remember how great the band were to give up time before a big concert. This was all arranged by a charity for young adults with life limiting conditions. The charity was started by ex Arsenal and Scotland keeper Bob Wilson, who lost his daughter.
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    Thank you for this information. I appreciate it. I completely agree with you about clubs turning against us. They are already against us. Thistle fans need to recognise that we have few friends in the game and the days when the Jags were everybody's second team are long gone. We have to accept we are generally on our own and in future we need to make decisions in terms of what's best for PTFC. In effect if a change is proposed and there is no direct benefit in the change for us we vote for the status quo! Thereby relegating the greater good to second place. If we want respect and influence the only way to do this is to put a winning team on the park, get back to the SPL and stay there! I hope more Jags fans will come around to my view which is: 1. to attend as many home games as possible (I live in the North East of Scotland so getting to Firhill is a hike), 2. not attend League 1 away games, for example, Forfar and Clyde who have made statements about revenue from our travelling support) 3. Donate gate money saved by not attending away games to PTFC. 4. Review when we return to the Championship (for example, Raith Rovers, Dundee, if still around, and Ayr Utd definitely off my travel plans) If enough fans do this the £75k - £100k that Forfar estimate they will receive from 2 home games each v Falkirk and Jags will be well and truly shafted! At the same time PTFC revenues will be that bit healthier!
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    Agree. We should not just lie back and take it, while thinking what is the best for Scottish football. Our only concern should be the best thing for PTFC.
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    Much as I have not contributed to the threads concerning the forced expulsion to League 1, I have read just about every one of the 170 (and counting) pages of "what if they shut down the season" and the 13 pages of legal advice for the opposition spouted by WJ. It strikes me as odd that the main theme, apart from boycotting certain clubs, which I fully support, is usually focused on what we can't do, shouldn't do or are not allowed to do. I would like to put forward a few ideas that WE CAN do, as a club and as individuals, which would be of our own choosing with no one being able to tell us different. Some of MY thoughts may be rubbish in the eyes of others, some may agree, in part or in full and some hopefully, will add ideas of their own, which can be taken forward. Let's try to push a bit more of the things we can control and deal with what we have no control over as it happens. First off the Club should get onto O'neils and make a few changes to the strip. The away strip should be an all black affair (some redandyellow design collaboration?) this to remind every other club we visit how we feel about recent events, but this time we will not forget (or forgive) in a season or two. The home strip should have a black armband designed into it, with 2004 and 2020 easily visible. Seeing how we should all look up to those big succesful teams and emulate them, how about a couple of stars on our shirts. 2004 and 2020 again spring to mind, but even better if we could get it incorporated into the badge somehow. Every bit of communication, newspapers, websites, club programmes and of course EVERY SPFL communication that shows club badges would advertise our resentment for us. And it's not difficult. Bowen Boys had a new badge knocked up in minutes after it became known we were going down the legal road. It would also serve as a good learning tool for young Jags when they ask what we got our stars for. If we survive, which of course is debatable, I would like to put forward a proposal to get the tv gantry moved across to the Colin Weir stand, so that if we ever get to the giddy heights of televised games, that the cameras are pointed at us, not an empty stand with about three people in it. Since nobody uses the stand the cameras could take over a few seats anywhere they like. Cost £0. Going forward it would be nice if the club would reward it's own fans with a pledge that never again would anyThistle supporter be forced to give up their seat to accomodate support from ANY other club. This is one thing that really annoys me when I cannot go to my usual part of Firhill because somebody else has been given preference, for my seat, over me. Relegation Clauses. On the not too unhappy news that Fox and Zannata had bailed out using the clauses built into their contracts, I began to wonder why these even exist. The very players who dragged the team down to the bottom (again) decide they are too good for the league below and walk away. What should happen is they should be automatically forced to stay unless released and take an automatic 50% pay cut for dropping down a league. Any player who insists on a clause like this if we are playing League 1 football should be ashamed. In fact McCall should name them before showing them the door. (Sorry about the rant, just a real bug bear of mine) As many on the forum have excellently pointed out, it hasn't paid off for us by trying to be a decent club and support. The cuddly toy image has been knocked out the park in recent weeks and a raft of directors are now gunning for us for having the audacity to stand up to them. The very predictable attitude that they want to expel us is classic bullying. They were delighted when we announced we couldn't afford the legal route." Good old Thistle, sorry old chap, but bugger off to League 1". Now they all hate us and we ain't the cuddly toy anymore. The only reference to a cuddly toy would be if we as a club could adapt and adopt Roachford's song "Cuddly Toy" and play it every time we scored against any one at home. I'm sure some of the younger ones could adapt the words. Sorry about the full on rant, but had a lot of things to say and others just popped up as I wrote. I'll probably add to list as time goes on, but please don't take all this with a pinch of salt. There are merits in some of the points and I know others can add good ideas too. We just need the board to read some of it, or some one can PM them and get them to follow up.
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    Agree. Eunice and myself will always be grateful for the time that Chris and Callum Booth visited young Robert when he was in the icu in hospital.2 Great guys and we will never forget the smile on Robert's face when they walked into his bed space. All the best to Chris wherever he ends up.
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    is a fud. Close thread. Thank you.
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    Morning cuppa, sun sparkling on the Minch and nae midgies! Perfect.
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    Walking up the hill in the pishing rain, never winning 50/50, getting a rogue pie both cold and scalding, sitting on a broken seat, cold water taps in the toilets. In the December dark and cold. I WILL GENUINELY HAVE A LUMP IN MY THROAT AND A TEAR IN MY EYE WHEN THE ABOVE HAPPENS
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    On what basis should he get a Life Ban - it didnt involve the Club nor was it anywhere near the Stadium - like all Clubs we have a Broad Spectrum of Fans - including idiots
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    You've really cheered me up. I might not have a job at the moment but at least I'm not working for you.
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    I know for a fact that players have made donations as well as ex-players, Ian McCall (on more than one occasion) and other employees. They have their troubles too with at least half a dozen of them out of contract and the possibility that their income will dry up entirely in a few weeks time with restricted opportunities out there. We each have to do what we can ourselves.
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    Everyone at The Thistle Archive is pleased to support Phil's excellent RedYellow.org fan merchandise initiative. With all profits donated to PTFC, it's a win-win with Christmas coming up and a great product range on offer. The footer of every page at The Thistle Archive now has a handy link through to the shop. 'mon the Jags!
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    Oh dry up, you tiresome gammon. Thistle showing solidarity with a cause isn't a bad thing. It's the club using its position of visibility and privilege in the public eye to provide support and exposure to people or organisations that need it. Having the rainbow flag on the shirt last season was no different to us giving over shirt space to the Beatson a couple of years back, or having a pink breast cancer ribbon front and centre of the away kit a couple of years before it. We're not the first club to do it, we won't be the last, thankfully. Frankly, I wish we'd do more in this vein. When we have the ugly sisters and their venal tribalism and sniping dominating the city, anything which makes us stand out above that as better members of the community should be applauded. Even on a basic publicity level, do you honestly think we'd have had all the folk at the Women's World Cup plugging our away shirt last summer if it was just plain white? We probably sold a couple hundred more shirts than we would have previously because we had Eilidh Barbour, Hope Solo et al plugging it on their social media accounts. It's 2020. The only mindset that sees a club doing something to support the communities that support it and surround it is one that belongs in the 1970s along with repeats of Mind Your Language and Bernard Manning.
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