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    During the latter stages in phase one of the season Sena played a number of games to a very high standard and the team barely lost any goals. Yes he did make mistakes against United which were very costly. The manager could have taken him out there and then but gave him the chance against East Fife. To be fair he really struggled in the first half and was taken out of the firing line which was completely the right thing to do for both player and team. Do I think that means he’s finished as a centre back? Absolutely not and although there may still be discussions about where he will play in the team, I still think he’s got a lot of learning to go through and will hopefully continue to be managed well to get the best out of him. While I would never deny any fan the right to have an opinion I think Sena deserves a bit more respect for the efforts he has put in so far this season and I certainly wish him nothing but a bright future given all he has had to go through to get to this stage of his career.
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    'Jings, crivins, help ma boab ' Am I the auldest on here. My name is Stewart Murray and I now live in Falkirk. As a hobby I've written my first chapter of my life as a jags fan, and as I have said before, I started going to Firhill not long after Hitler was trying to bomb the chip shops in Knightswood. Thistle Forever My first Partick Thistle game The date was Saturday the 7th of September 1948 and I was sitting at the kitchen table eating my usual plate of porridge, when my Mother announced that instead of going shopping in Glasgow city centre, we were going to visit my brother Ian and his new wife Nan at their flat in Park Road. I was naturedly ly delighted at this news, as I was only eight years old at the time, and nothing was more boring than going shopping. My father had just died in January, and my mother found times very hard and a day out in Glasgow[ We lived in Priory Road, Knightswood] helped her in her grief. The only enjoyment I had, was we made time for afternoon tea at Craig's tearooms, where you selected from a three tier cake stand. Starting at the top, you had freshly made sandwiches, the middle tier was the scones and best of all on the bottom plate, was the delicious cream cakes. There was a slight drizzle in the air when we left on the 11A bus from Knightswood Cross and fifteen minutes later, we arrived at my brother Ian's flat at 19 Park road. Another surprise was awaiting for me that Saturday, when my brother announced he was taking me to Firhill for the Jags game against our rivals Clyde. My brother was not really a football fan, so I guess he used the game as an excuse for my mother to get to know his wife Nan a bit better, as he kept the wedding to himself. Nan came from Airdrie, and her nephew was Paul Jonquin, who played and captained Airdrie for many years. We arrived in plenty of time for the kick-off and I was sent down to near the front at the North end. Firhill was very different to what it is now. The ground was oval shaped and as it was used for Greyhound racing for a couple of nights a week, gantries with lights attached, were placed around the ground. The north end had an enclosure round it, with pie stalls and the greyhound tote offices on the back wall. A large totaliser board stood in the far left hand corner at the Glasgow end. It was not the first game I had been to, my brother in law, George Lockhart [ Married to my sister Jean] took me to see the League cup final between Falkirk and East Fife at Hampden Park. The crowd was not far off 58.000 and with being not able to see much, and no goals being scored, it was not the greatest game for my first match. Five minutes to kick-off at Firhill, I stood opened mouth, I had never been so excited in my life. The aroma coming from the pie stalls, the smell of the smoke coming from all the tenement chimney pots in Firhill road, fans arriving and shaking hands with their pals. You could see the excitement in their faces as they awaited the start of the game. Suddenly a roar went up, eight young boys ran out who looked not much older than myself. It was the ball boys. Then a explosion of noise heralded the Jags onto the park, followed by their opponents from the East side of the City, the mighty Clyde. Thistle went on to win the game 3 - 2 with goals from Walker, Wright and Brown. My favourite player that day was Tommy Wright, a fast raiding right-winger, who signed for Sunderland later on in the season. I went home a very happy boy that day, with the customary bag of chips after a game. The start of a wonderful relationship with a great Scottish football club
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    The family of Bertie Auld has confirmed that he is suffering from Dementia. One of the best managers for Thistle in 2 spells, in my time of supporting Thistle. All the best to him and his family.
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    That's £10 into the Fund for the Jags! I refuse to subsidise Cove Rangers!
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    Anyone remember the year 1BV when this forum used to be about PTFC. Not saying Covid-19 isn't important but can ADMIN not find another venue for the debate?
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    36 games 20 goals Deserves a thread for that alone. Both his goals yesterday were down to his desire to score. A leader and example of the benefit of standards and positive attitude.
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    Happy Birthday RedYellow! A year of empty stadiums and sometimes, empty streets. Most importantly, for many, a year of loss. Not a cause for celebration but this is a milestone to be noted. When pausing to reflect on the last 12 months, there is one thing that I am proud of. The reaction of Jags fans to the plight of the club. At a time of great personal uncertainty, you have rallied to support the club financially. Caroline Mackie's GoFundMe total now stands at over £83k. You have bought raffle tickets, joined the Centenary Fund and supported RedYellow.org. Many of you had already bought season tickets you would never use. Now you are doing so again. The club has been severely disadvantaged, financially, over the year. You are doing a remarkable job of minimising the impact. The RedYellow year started brightly. By day 28, £1k had been donated to the club. The second thousand took 61 days. The third took nearly 9 months. No matter, we got there. Given all that has happened and your efforts to support the club as noted above, I'm delighted. My grateful thanks to you all. A venture like this will only succeed by providing products you would like to buy. I'm open to suggestions and feedback. So please get in touch, this is your store curated by me. I am happy to personalise designs and produce one-offs. I have already done so, including a Sheffield Wednesday themed version of one of the designs. Once again, thank you. BBx
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    Very positive comments. Season ticket will be purchased
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    Up to you how to spend your money. I would say give the money to the Thistle go fund me .
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    Anyway, the vandalism was superficial. The biggest act of vandalism at Firhill in recent years was demolishing this, with no certainty of it getting replaced with anything to improve the stadium. Years later, and the damage is still there for everybody to see.
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    A nice big to whoever bought Season Ticket No1971. Refused the freebie and in turn donated to a "worthy fan".
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    Rudden has been called up by the Scotland U21's, delighted for him
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    Just watched the young Jags completely demolish their Govan "equivalents;" the match was a couple of days ago, and could have ended up a cricket score. Some really terrific play and skills on show..... and none of it from Govan. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NAM1KlXuU6E
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    If (still a big if with me) we were to win the title I don't believe we should have a go at Doncaster vis-à-vis a snub. In fact I think we should treat the occasion with all the dignity it warrants. I'd nominate the Poster who goes by the forum name Bobby Houston to collect the League Trophy.
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    Hope he recovers soon, not only for us or his football career, but his main job as a PT instructor which I’d imagine would be his main income. He’s a great guy who has always given his all for the club, wishing him a speedy recovery
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    You have a three month break from watching this insipid, slow and pedestrian brand of football from these full time players and then they pick up from where they left off. Our style of play is utter garbage.
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    Totally disagree! Unlike our Prime Minister who courts popularity, Nicola Sturgeon has been consistent throughout this pandemic in that all her actions and decisions have been made with a common purpose - to save lives! A recent article in the Financial Times states quite clearly that the Scottish Govt's decision to prioritise vaccination of Care Home Residents and Staff (was made knowing it would slow down the vaccine roll-out programme and therefore invite criticism of the Govt. from political opponents) has saved hundreds of lives in these establishments! We all know there was no justification for suspending the Lower Leagues in the first place and if suspension was justified then it should also have applied to the SPFL & Championship! I think the Covid issues at Rangers, Celtic, Aberdeen, Kilmarnock and St. Mirren prove the case. However my point here is that if she was after votes she would not be taking the difficult and unpopular decisions that resulted in tough restrictions throughout Scotland and in the case of football the suspension of the Lower Leagues!
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    At the end of a difficult year for each of us for obvious reasons - both on and off the park - and in some cases for less obvious reasons, I wish all fellow posters and your families a happy, peaceful and intimate Christmas. Special thoughts in particular to any poster who may be spending their Christmas in isolation due to restrictions. Be sure to enjoy your day folks!!!
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    Thistle will be the only club getting any money from me.
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    A few of us Jags fans / forum members - myself William Sheridan (TJR), Jack Little (afkincaid), Stuart Deans (StuTheJag) & Niall MacTaggart (Camallain) - have been working on a new website - The Thistle Archive - which is basically a unique and accurate online encyclopedia of Partick Thistle stats and stories, 1876 to date. The site launched last Monday (7 September) with almost 7,000 pages in place, but is still very much in its infancy. Have a look around and see what you think. (What random player did you get?) http://www.thethistlearchive.net/ We're looking to spread the word, so any help to do that on social media would be appreciated. We're on Twitter, but are currently "shadow-banned" (tweets not reaching timelines etc) as we've been tweeting too many links and they've marked us down as spammers. Groan. Hopefully this ban will be lifted soon. https://twitter.com/thistlearchive Anyway, you can communicate any site-related discussion here on WAT via this profile and we'll make a few posts here over the forthcoming days to show you around. Hopefully it'll be something we can all enjoy using. 'mon the Jags!
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    A shout out to Stephen O'Donnell for an excellent performance against England. So close to scoring a brilliant goal. Doing his Thistle roots proud. It seems unfair to tag him with the "unlikely scorer" label. He has scored a good few for Thistle, Kilmarnock and Motherwell. One skill he does seem to have mastered is keeping his shots low and on target, when so many other "likely scorers" balloon them wildly over.
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    I'm almost in disbelief at the amount of work that's going into these archives. It really is monumental. Nothing but admiration and appreciation from me, and I'm sure many other people.
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    Pay Per View Purchased here in Japan, where it's almost 3 am. Let's do this, Thistle!
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    On this day 100 years ago there was bad news for all Thistle fans, as it was pretty much confirmed in all the papers that Rangers were going to win the Scottish Cup tomorrow. Are they, aye? The Day The Scottish Cup Came Up To Maryhill part 16 →
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    Think Sena is getting a raw deal , young player starting out on his career, he’ll get better and PTFC will get a good price for him. I was a big critic of Liam Lindsay at one point because of the mistakes he was making but he learnt from them , hopefully Sena will be the same .
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    I've just noticed I started this thread over a year ago. There's no way I was thinking that it would still be going after all this time. I can't actually get my head round it. Football is important but it's not more important than life. Here's to all the jags fans who are no longer with us.
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    The plague is a great tribute to Robert. As i have said before he was very modest and would have been very surprised about the things that have been done in his memory. Apart from the plague there was a very nice tribute to him in the Ross County game programme 1st April 2017 aka April Dools day and the disabled supporters player of the year award was also in Robert's memory. For anybody who has not seen the plague it is in the John Lambie stand, i have put a picture of it below.
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    Another Saturday with no football so I dedcided to knock a wee compliation together. Hope you enjoy...
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    Dean’s letter is so much better thought out and worded compared to our rant
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    Was involved in a Zoom call yesterday. Long and short: (a) the Working Group is a serious group of people (b) their pitch can be a wee bit sentimental, but I get that they'll engage 3 fans for every fan that finds it a bit twee (c) they've clearly been doing some serious work on the corporate governance side with the Club (d) they've been taking preliminary decisions which won't all be popular but which are, in terms of ensuring the Club has options in the future, are extremely sensible (e) the extent of the work they and the 3BC lawyers especially seem to have done now re-enforces how laughable the original timescale of three months was (f) it's not going to be a quick process, and will probably be driven more by the winding-up of Colin Weir's estate than anything else, but realistically the transfer is the only show in town now (g) main obstacles to making a success of this are engagement levels and (longer-term) alternative revenue streams (h) people need to be patient in the transition: it's not realistic to expect the fanbase to replace the existing expertise and corporate structures overnight. If fan ownership is to work, it requires the current Club board to have a role and even if you think they've been a bit shit at times, try not to lose sight of the bigger picture.
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    What is going on with Lyons ? A player who was a standout in league 1 last season, scored 10 goals in 26 league games. Just the type of player we need and his time on the park has been very limited. I know we were told a few weeks ago his fitness was not up to the mark, but surely we have sorted that out now.
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    As St. Mirren park is closer to me than Firhill is, it is one of the few away games i went to in recent years. So i am really disappointed no fans are allowed, as i wanted to boycott the game.
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    Would be a gift for the headline writers.... Jags Players Say No to Jags!
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    £40,000 From the fund has now been handed over to the club. The money will be used in the player budget. Great work by Caroline Mackie who started the go fund me page. A big thank you to everybody who donated, no matter the amount. The page is still running. Currently at £52,290.
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    Maybe they offered a 3 year deal by email but Ashcroft didn’t receive it so they re-sent a 2 yr contract?
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    Very interesting interview with Scott Allison
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    Final standings Congratulations jaggy. Great that the competition was alive until the end. Unlucky Auld Jag. Thanks for playing everyone.
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    People easily forget players' form before they had a bad period. Njang (Senna) was fine in the first half of the season (when we were defensively pretty solid, our problem being scoring) . But the game against Dundee United after the restart when he made one bad blunder and another mistake (which was exacerbated by the ref ignoring a foul on him by Clark), both leading to losing goals, put a bad dent in his confidence and he lost his form. McCall gave him a couple of chances to get his confidence back and then brought in Bell. However, the boy is only 20 just now and can easily recover from that. Whether he ends up as a defender or midfielder depends on the coaches at Firhill and what they see in him training every day. Young players can lose confidence more easily than experienced players and we have to give them a bit of leeway.
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    Perhaps we should just have let Doncaster turn up at Firhill........., "Sorry, Neil, we've already done the presentation. We sent you an e-mail about the re-arrangements just before 5pm the other night. Did you not receive it?"
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    And so, to the last installment in our Scottish Cup story, capturing all the drama of Scottish Cup Final day in words and pictures. From beginning to end, tremendous energy and stamina were displayed by both sides; Thistle were trademark resolute and Rangers were frustrated. Meet the last two squad members; stand-in Watty Borthwick and goalscorer John Blair... eternal Partick Thistle legend! The Day The Scottish Cup Came Up To Maryhill part 17 →
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    Well it looks as though the government are now calling the shots and have told the SFA that the lower leagues aren't allowed to start anytime soon. If they're adamant that football is having such an impact on the spread of the virus that it cannot continue then this should apply to all leagues and not just the ones that they feel like they can push around without getting pushed back.
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    Norgethistle posted yesterday that he felt that he could see no end in sight now. He's not alone in having lows during this pandemic. The football authorities seem to have forgotten that elite sport was allowed to continue to help communities through lockdown, and that included lower league clubs. Many of us have been there. Hopefully with spring and summer coming, things will improve. One of my favourite photos is of Pulpit Rock in (I think) Lysefiorden, "round the corner" from Norge in Stavanger. I took it in the summer several years ago, and the rock and blue sky look good from the fiord. Got it transferred to my phone and tablet, among others to remind me of happier times. Being retired, I don't work now, so as well as walking the dog, I've been doing a few projects, including looking at any potential origins of the junior football team Valencia in 1876, Thistle’s first recorded game. (Anniversary February 19.) Many better historians have been there before me. Looked at roads, streets, geographical areas, ponds and parks, (most football clubs are geographical in origin), rugby and rowing clubs (Clyde and Rangers originated from such clubs), clubs and not unusual for the time, temperance societies. Looked at businesses in the locale (Seville fc in Spain originated from Dundee sailors playing. There was a big trade in oranges for marmalade). The 1875 Post Office Annual Glasgow Directory brought up the Glasgow and Valencia Steam Packet Company at 47 Union Street Glasgow. Research on this company led to first Henderson Brothers and it's successor company the Anchor Line. I wondered whether or not the football club had any links to the shipping agents. No ship named Valencia, although many of the Line's ships had names ending in "ia", e.g. Caledonia, Victoria, and so on. Henderson Brothers did acquire a shipyard at Whiteinch, but the only "Valencia " was constructed on the Clyde later, in 1880. (Watt Library newspaper index.) Further research on the Anchor line took me to the Glasgow University Great War project, and American University libraries. Glasgow has an article on D & W Henderson Shipbuilders and Marine Engineers, Meadowside Glasgow. The University of Illinois have a scanned copy of the History of the Anchor Line 1852 to1911. At the University of Minnesota, I found scanned copies of the Red Anchor magazine, the company's staff magazine, but unfortunately the magazine started in 1918. Interesting though. Where has this got me? Not much further in establishing the origin of the football club. But the ships that sailed from Glasgow to Valencia around 1876 are the only link to the area that I can find. Lots of interesting information, but I need to get to the Mitchell when this is all over! (The National Newspaper Archive is good for old newspapers, but is subscription only.) I wonder if any of the club's more professional historians have been to the Anchor Line before me?
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    I thank my right honourable friend and will now proceed... So, today we begin the 100th anniversary celebration of our 1921 Scottish Cup success. 17 parts are scheduled between now and April, but don't be surprised if this changes. “Not so much a cup campaign as an odyssey” ~ David Ross (Gaffers, 2011) The introduction page → is published today, along with part 1 of the story → I hope you'll be able to join the journey over the next few months; some very entertaining pages are lined up for us all to enjoy. 'mon the Jags!
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    The player sitting down to right of the cup is Wullie Salsbury. He stayed at the end of my street and passed away in the late 50's, early 60's. His grandson Gordon Smith was in my class at secondary school and had a playing career with St Johnstone ,Aston Villa, Spurs, Wolves . The cup was taken round the schools in Maryhill and my dad had the pleasure of witnessing this great occasion.
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    We have been pretty rubbish since 1971 comparative to other teams who have had some successes(and well done to the St Mirrens ,St Johnstones and Caleys of this world). However, nobody should demean this amazing event. It was the greatest day of my life and probably any other Jaggies’ lives who were fortunate to be there. Those players will always be heroes of mine. We shouldn’t need a reason to celebrate in 2021 after the awfulness of 2020. So this is going to be good timing. I think all 12 are still with us thank God and I hope in good health. I’ve met Roughy and the wondrous Denis but would love to have a Firhill event when they could all attend and meet the fans. Even better if the celebrations can raise some money for the club.
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    It was 49 years ago today, When Thistle showed the Celts how to play.......
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    Everyone at The Thistle Archive is pleased to support Phil's excellent RedYellow.org fan merchandise initiative. With all profits donated to PTFC, it's a win-win with Christmas coming up and a great product range on offer. The footer of every page at The Thistle Archive now has a handy link through to the shop. 'mon the Jags!
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    That was the best Scotland performance in years. Only complaint was they didn't win more comfortably. Total sucker punch at the end. Great to see Scotland players having a real pride in playing for their country. Well done, totally deserved.
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    Clyde would probably claim that they are a river rather than just a mere stream, thus justifying the higher charge.
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    How unfortunate an incident that none of us will ever know the facts of becomes the main talking point. The internet really is a heap of shite sometimes. It's none of our business.