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Accounts to 31st May 2022

Fawlty Towers

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26 minutes ago, Fawlty Towers said:

Ayr are the latest Championship club to file their accounts:


Still waiting on Queens Park, Dundee, Arbroath, Cove & Accies but some of them have different accounting periods so the deadline for filing is later.

Another club making a loss and revaluing some assets. It’s a tough life in the championship.

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Interesting to see that St Johnstone, who are normally considered one of the best run clubs, posted a £1.5M loss in their most recent accounts.

Our accounts to 31/05/23 will be a painful read but we are now hopefully on a better path but we need to be mindful of what can happen if we take our eye of the ball.


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On 9/17/2023 at 1:54 PM, sandy said:

That is a surprise indeed @Fawlty Towers. St Johnstone have generally been in the black over recent years. 

Not only that they had a double cup win in 2021. That must have filled the coffers. I wonder if some boards get careless** when they get unexpected money and blow it instead of saving some for future downturns.


**or something

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On 9/17/2023 at 10:25 PM, lady-isobel-barnett said:

If I mind rightly a major income stream at McDiarmid was catering for funerals. Perth Crematorium is just down the road. If so then the covid restrictions must have hit St Johnstone especially hard.

If we move stadium maybe we should aim for land at Cadder/Summerston to take advantage of the crematorium & Western necropolis there £££££##

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On 9/19/2023 at 2:50 AM, QXBoy said:

Re St.Johnstone's finances. Some seem to have missed one other piece of the article - they've got four and half million in the bank! Wish we were so financially bereft!

This was an important point @jaf had made in the past. The margin of safety buys you time and insulates you against shocks.

St Johnstone could run a £1 million deficit for 3 years and still have decent cash in the bank. Thistle nearly literally ran out of cash last season.

When you’re running up against the cash limit, especially in an expensive borrowing environment, breaking even (or even making a profit) is absolutely essential.

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