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Another great result for the women just in: 3-2 vs. Hibs. I feared the worst after they went 1-0 down, and this shortly after a couple of drubbings at both feet of the auld filth. But great spirit and determination by the wimmen, and some fine play.

Great to be able to watch these games live for free on Youtube!

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26 minutes ago, glasgow boy said:

Girls football really taken off now

I run wee academy and one girl has just signed for celtic 

Great. Some people, including some on here, more or less sneer at women's football, but I enjoy it because it's clear that generally speaking they don't have the same skill levels as men. Neither do I, so I can empathize more with it!

Would the sneerers also sneer at primary schoolboys' football?

But actually in the matches that I've watched (especially internationals), there are  women players who are extremely talented and classy to watch.

Hard to tell today, but it even looked like the crowd today would have matched quite a few junior match attendances.

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The Women's Team are looking for some financial help to get a sleeve sponsor:


I have watched the home games on youtube this season and they are a credit to themselves with their attitude and no lack of skill either so it would be great if they hit this target.

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