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Dundee v Thistle

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Good first-half, right from the first whistle. We’re at least trying to play football, maybe not always successfully, but Dungdee have been bloody awful so far. If this season so far is to be any guide we’ll fall completely out of the game second-half and they’ll become brilliant. Hopefully, that’s my subconscious talking.:clapping:

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1 minute ago, lady-isobel-barnett said:

The only time we're suspect is when we play those high ball clearances. We're grand tonight when we've the ball at our feet. Also some great tracking back. Good off the ball

Agree-when we play the ball on the ground, it's been silky and effective.

3 minutes ago, javeajag said:

Yeah it’s dreadful 

Cheers-was thinking it was my ears

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