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Kris Doolan, One Year In...

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39 minutes ago, The Thistle Archive said:

Exactly one year on, and KRIS DOOLAN is shoulder to shoulder with Davie McParland in terms of the first 50 competitive games...



For further comparison can you clarify what division McParlands games were in, please. I assume, some, at least were in the old 1st division?

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56 minutes ago, The Thistle Archive said:

Sure, you can always refer to the individual manager's pages where we break down the game list one-by-one and you can also see more appropriate comparison tables in regards to levels (albeit the current manager is only updated annually)...

Davie McParland →

Thanks. Had a look. Only 2 of his competitive games came in the old 1st Division, at the end of 69/70 season when Thistle were already relegated, presumably. It’s a pity for Doolan that his 50 have been more evenly spread over 2 seasons, otherwise it is more than likely he would have had a promotion already.

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3 minutes ago, Auld Jag said:

I did not expect to see DC at 4th. Didn't feel that good at the time.

Not trying to defend DC, but I think that the perception was worse than the reality, due mainly to a relatively small number of disastrously heavy hammerings at home from the likes of Gretna, St Johnstone and Clyde.

Most of his best results were away from home where we were much more resilient and often fought back to overturn deficits. I think that I am right in saying that this happened in 4 away games in a row at Stirling, Dumbarton, Stranraer and the unforgettable Peterhead.

The stats do not really match our memories of the dreadful style of football.

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