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45 minutes ago, partickthedog said:

After Rae was sent off as a player,  he tried to come back to the pitch side to coach the team as manager, but the referee despatched him to the stand. All added to the hilarity.

My daughter had a primary school assignment that involved taking a story from a newspaper. She found a report of the game and was able to supplement this from her eye witness knowledge. I think her piece had a tabloid style heading something like “No Rae of Sunshine at Firhill”.

Said daughter now on the Board of the Jags Foundation!

Belter Alan, Heather has done well for herself since being in the shadow of Armand One! 

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Only good fun as it was on the back of that Rae Day but the corresponding fixture later that season at Firhill produced a good laugh as well. With his team trailing to us 2-1, Dundee's chances of grabbing a late equaliser all but evaporated when Rae managed to receive his second yellow in the 90th minute. I wouldn't really want to draw any conclusions but something in the back of mind reckons Alex Rae wasn't exactly cut out to be a player/manager. 

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Correct M'lady.

Shameless plug for "You Couldn't Make It Up" extract from The Thistle Archive...

Ah, the witty banter of the football supporter!  The 2-1 defeat of Dundee at Firhill on 14/4/2007 was also memorable for the red card for Dundee's Alex Rae. Always a ready target. He claimed afterwards that he had made just 3 tackles and had been booked for two to them. This cut little slack with the Firhill faithful and the "Glasgow Herald" reporter was able to repeat one of the more printable taunts "Even yer maw an' yer da' hate ye!"


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