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Scottish Cup Pop Up 2022-23


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23 hours ago, BowenBoys said:

Semi Final fixtures

            Rangers  v  Celtic
            Falkirk  v  Inverness Caledonian Thistle
Ties to be played 29 & 30 April

Your teams

Just 3 games left, choose carefully.

Correct predictions worth 7 points.

Deadline 7pm, Friday 28 April


At least I won't forget to make a prediction! 😂

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With these predictions, it is now a two horse race and it could be decided on Sunday.

Fawlty Towers is in a strong position, eight points ahead of his rival, joe the driver. Joe needs it to go all the way to the final to stand a chance. A win for Rangers is the key.

A tie is also possible at this point.


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Only those who have gone before can know the joy of victory in this prestigeus competition. There is no trophy. For the winner, though, immortality. In a data store buried deep in an ice field in Greenland will lie a message from an internet forum containing the word 'Congratulations'.

Having spent months hovering over a keyboard or touch screen pondering whether to select A or H, our two remaining contestants can do no more.

There can no longer be a tie. So, whose name will be stored next to 'Congratulations'? It has distilled thus; if Rangers win the Scottish Cup, it will be joe the driver, otherwise it will be Fawlty Towers.

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15 minutes ago, BowenBoys said:

Congratulations Fawlty Towers!


Unassailable with one round to go. Joe the driver the only player to give it a go with a punt on Rangers. But no cigar.

Well done Fawlty Towers!

I could have been a contender if Queens Park had not fielded an ineligible player. 

Assuming that QP replicated Inverness' results. I would have chosen them as underdogs as they defeated Livingston and then Kilmarnock. Normally I would have chosen Falkirk as underdogs yesterday, but I had already chosen Darvel as underdogs v Falkirk, thus ruling out Falkirk as previous overdogs.

Therefore I would have picked up the points for QP/Inverness winning yesterday and of course cleaned up as the only person to choose QP/Inverness to wipe out Celtic in the final.

So close to immortality. Anyway, this justifies the underdog policy both morally and practically, and I will keep plugging away until eventual vindication.

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Just to echo what Auld Jag said - a big thanks to BowenBoys for all the time and effort he has put in to this.

In the best traditions of Scottish football I now look forward to coming up against someone from an Estonian team's forum and getting soundly thrashed.

Edited by Fawlty Towers
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