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    Message from new chair https://thejagsfoundation.co.uk/message-from-the-new-jags-foundation-chair/
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    A lovely young guy, very humble and been through so much in his young life already. if anyone deserves to be successful in football then it’s Sena. Hope he does great at Hartlepool
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    After Rae was sent off as a player, he tried to come back to the pitch side to coach the team as manager, but the referee despatched him to the stand. All added to the hilarity. My daughter had a primary school assignment that involved taking a story from a newspaper. She found a report of the game and was able to supplement this from her eye witness knowledge. I think her piece had a tabloid style heading something like “No Rae of Sunshine at Firhill”. Said daughter now on the Board of the Jags Foundation!
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    The new board has been in place 18 days today, that timescale has had an extended bank holiday and 3 weekends in that time, of which we’ve been meeting up over weekends, late at night and we are all communicating daily as a full board or as sub-groups. We have various wheels turning at the moment between the full board and sub-groups, from growing membership, sorting legally required documentation, opportunities to increase funding, increasing social media content, looking at fan engagement, plus of course the negotiation side. Updates are coming on various elements of the Foundation, but I can assure you the 8 board members i am working with are putting a huge amount of effort and personal time into ensuring what is done is done correctly and diligently.
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    Great to see some new and old faces back at Firhill today volunteering as part of the annual pre season stadium spruce up which runs to the end of this month.Also big hello again to the lads from the Jags Trust who helped out again today .Great effort by one and all .
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    I never liked Dick Campbell - I found his couthy Fife miner persona absolutely cringeworthy. I was appalled when he was appointed Manager at Firhill...he was awful with his only "achievement" fluking promotion at Peterhead. I was pleased and relieved when he was eventually dismissed...it was long overdue. Ross County realised they had made a mistake much sooner and sacked Campbell after 3 months when they were top of the League. In fairness, he has a good record over the years with the Angus Clubs and Arbroath's performance last season was remarkable...but any time I heard him interviewed, he came over more like a rambling half-wit than an engaging character. There was a tabloid story some years ago with Campbell joining in enthusiastically in a drunken rendition of the Sash with Rangers fans in a pub. One of the worst features of Scottish Culture is the Rangers/Celtic Punch & Judy Show...anyone who gets involved in that nonsense is just a Dick.
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    Well, the title of the thread is "Flagging Up", and this is Glastonbury 2022. Well done, that fella !
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    No. Bobby should leave now.
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    @one banana
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    If you buy it, max up the size. I can normally camp in a 4XL with my cat, but the fit is slim.
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    Over 50 years old !
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    We're on a great run of unveiling never-seen-before (by us) Jagsmen lately. It's a combination of catch-up post-database-crash, some inspired digging by ourselves and some great contributions from modern-day descendants. Five more have been added since we last posted here, taking us up to the great milestone of 1,300 Jagsmen with a face to their name. Yep, after some 10 years of digging, scanning, cropping and whatnot, we're seeing our 1,300th Partick Thistle player (John Hastie) image today, and what a cracking shot it is; all the way from his great granddaughter, Ros, in Australia. It's a huge gathering, and possibly even the largest tally of first team player images of any club side in the world. Special mentions for Stuart Deans for breaking the ground with this task many moons ago, and to Joe Kelly for all his great digging in recent times. We'll keep at it, you just never know what could still be lurking out there! Incidentally, just like Doolan vs. County, we've passed the milestone immediately (behind the scenes) and we'll have news of this shortly when they've been applied. Full details (and keep your eye on) our home page news... → p.s. Could you help with our missing player images?
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    That was part of my point. Many ST holders can't get to Firhill without incurring increased travel expenses.
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    It would be remiss of me not to remind folk that it's really easy to sign up to The Jags Foundation. Just click this link and fill out your details: https://thejagsfoundation.co.uk/sign-up/ Remember you can do this by Direct Debit or regular card payment, on either a regular membership (£10 per month) or a concessionary one (£5 per month). If you'd like to, you can also make an additional monthly contribution to the Foundation while signing up. More than 100 fans have joined, or rejoined, the Foundation since a group of us published The Open Letter on 13 April. It's a numbers game right now, so every additional member counts. Join today, tell your friends and family to join today, and spread the word. If you feel unable to make a regular contribution at the current moment, please still sign-up as a Friend of the Foundation. This is also open to those under the age of 16. You can do this here: https://thejagsfoundation.co.uk/sign-up-2/
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    Next year will mark the 60th anniversary of an event that shook the world. Yes, you've got it. It was of course. the assassination of John Fitzgerald Fotheringham..
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    It usually says 0-0 so we don’t really need one.
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    Match highlights from the Kelty Hearts YouTube page.
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    Update from the Foundation Chair: https://thejagsfoundation.co.uk/update-on-discussions-with-three-black-cats/ Good evening fellow Jags fans. I wanted to take this opportunity to provide an update on some recent activity from the Foundation Board. We can confirm that on 20 June representatives of the TJF Board met with the Directors of Three Black Cats. The meeting was considered to be constructive by the TJF board members present and we are grateful to 3BC for the face-to-face meeting. As a result of the meeting, TJF agreed to submit a follow-up document which has now been actioned. We are committed to providing members an update on progress on 16 July. There can be no further comment until then. Best Sandy Fyfe, Chair and Negotiations Sub-group Lead
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    Johnny had his own song , sung to the tune of The MIghty Quinn by Mannfred Mann...Come on without Come on within weave got Johnny Flanagan...
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    Good thing tonight was once again the youngsters all accounted well for themselves. Indeed the goal itself was a thing of beauty. Stanway doing a Jinky Johnstone before clipping the ball back for Lyon to score. Weather was miserable, which maybe is reason for a poorer spectacle compared to Tuesday night.. Another plus was I thought Mitchell looked comfortable in goal. Uses his feet weel.
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    With the signing of Mitchell and Niang going I think that means we have 16 signed of which 6 are new signings. The 6 signed so far looked like upgrades on those they have replaced Mitchell> Stone/ Firth Milne > Hendrie Muirhead > McKenna McMillan > Foster Lawless> Murray Dowds > MacIver If McCall wants 21 in total we still have 5 to sign. The 5 we still ned to replace are McAllister/Hastie Mayo Crawford/Gordon Niang Rudden/Jakubiak With rumours of Fitzpatrick, Maxwell and MacKinnon signing that really only leaves replacing Mayo and Rudden/Jakubiak. We already have a stronger more balanced squad than last season but if McCall can find players similar or better to Mayo and Rudden then we potentially have one of the strongest squads in the league. If I had one concern it would be at defensive midfield. We are very reliant on Docherty and if we go for MacKinnon its asking a lot of a very inexperienced player. On the plus side we have more permanent signings this season so it might be possible to use the loans to get a couple of players of genuine quality rather than having to fill major parts of the squad like last season.
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    He earned us a much needed £350,000. Hardly a failure. Is he the new Sena for you - another young lad who is a scapegoat for you?
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    I thought he did ok at QOS but was out injured for a while. Still only a young boy
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    I don't quite get your train of thought. Perhaps we should leave this thread entirely for Thistle Archive info and patter?
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    Correct M'lady. Shameless plug for "You Couldn't Make It Up" extract from The Thistle Archive... Ah, the witty banter of the football supporter! The 2-1 defeat of Dundee at Firhill on 14/4/2007 was also memorable for the red card for Dundee's Alex Rae. Always a ready target. He claimed afterwards that he had made just 3 tackles and had been booked for two to them. This cut little slack with the Firhill faithful and the "Glasgow Herald" reporter was able to repeat one of the more printable taunts "Even yer maw an' yer da' hate ye!"
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    Belter Alan, Heather has done well for herself since being in the shadow of Armand One!
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    Our gaffer may split the support but surely the majority in agreement with him today. https://www.heraldscotland.com/sport/20220010.partick-thistle-manager-ian-mccall-brands-spfl-chairman-murdoch-maclennan-bloody-useless/
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    I agree with what you're saying. Actually I also feel very uncomfortable discussing any addiction (or excesses that can lead to or appear as addiction) on a fans forum. The old adage "a little knowledge is a dangerous thing" most certainly applies.
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    Cause an 8 looks a bit like a snowman ?
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    Welcome back Stevie. A Thistle Legend who at 31, should still offer us good service as well as experience
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    Me too. Once they got older and slowed down they weren't nearly as much fun.
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    TJF now have a board elected by the membership. They have been in place for a couple of weeks. Remember, they are volunteers and working on this in their spare time. Already they have set up a negotiating committee. The negotiations will be delicate. We need to give them time to establish trust and move forwards. TBC will probably be spooked by a running commentary being published. We must have faith in those elected and allow them space do their jobs. I, personally, have confidence now that TJF will keep us informed of the facts when appropriate.
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    To be clear I mean purely from the new Foundation Board’s perspective. Maximising memberships makes clear to all involved that we are the support’s preferred fan ownership vehicle. Nothing more or less than that.
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    I think it’s time to take this monarchy debate elsewhere. Nothing to do with PTFC or football in general apart from Roughie getting an MBE
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    All now sorted. Many thanks for helpful comments from everyone. Went back to my PC to check for ChiThistle's pop-up blocker, and before I could do anything the details for my 2 grand-daughters whom I have signed up as Junior Jags appeared, though nothing appeared about me! Anyway, having seen from Aberdeenjag's post that the phone line was open (I had assumed that it would be off for the Jubilee holiday), I followed his lead and phoned. All was easily dealt with for the whole family. Still not sure how it ought to have worked, but that no longer matters. Looking forward to next season with a strange sense of optimism already!
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    We're hopeful we can bring you more on this fairly soon. I don't want to prejudge anything but lines of communication are open, which I consider to be significant progress on where we might have been.
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    Must say I thought this was the quickest and easiest renewal in many years.
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    Airdrie were awarded an OBE in that 7-0 game at Firhill in 2012 Overwhelmed By Erskine
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    I was at the game. Very clear early on that: 1. Hickey was very uncomfortable at right (wing) back & seems unwilling to drive forward. I watched a couple of bologna games &, even at left back, his instinct was to go back rather than forward 2. Dykes was nowhere near match fit which only highlighted his limitations. 3. McTominay should not have been picked ahead of Souter. Hopefully tonight proved once & for all that he's a midfielder. Easy to criticise the players but I'm afraid the manager is the most culpable. He got a lot wrong tonight & he'll know it
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    I’m not wrong about either, but we’ll agree to disagree, it’s a new season and time to move forward.
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    You should research your topic before presenting erroneous information as fact.
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    You really think it was down to McCall we got Jakubiak? It was penny pinching from the board, neither Jakubiak or Allegria were targets as you can probably see why they were only signed last minute. The targets identified in January were not backed apart from Crawford Jakubiaks wage on loan was 90 per cent paid for by Dundee and pretty much all of Allegrias by Rangers. The board in my opinion has escaped lightly with the fiasco of the January window. Little backing meant we were onto absolutely desperate signings. Though they thought we were going to get decent money for Rudden I guess which would have been used for the signings McCall had targeted
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    I would be pretty upset if this transpired. Not only a young, talented player but also one in a position where we consistently lack young talent. Makes you wonder if an academy is really a good investment if the goal is to develop maybe 1-2 super talented players and then sell them off at a pittance.
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    Derby Jag, As far as I’m concerned, Jags for Change has served its purpose. We got together to engage the support on the continued viability and importance of The Jags Foundation in this fan ownership journey, to make clear that there would be plenty enough candidates to run the TJF Board to fill most of the positions, and to encourage others to run to work with us to make it a success. The Open Letter was an organic process, but obviously there was some initial discussion between its original signatories about its content before we invited others to sign it. We are like minded and aligned about the way forward and there’s really nothing more to it than that. We ran a slate because we think it’s better that the members know we’re aligned and buying into the same approach than that they’re left to work that out from short candidate statements. But now we’re just 7 of the 9 individuals in whom the membership has put its trust. Time is obviously of the essence, which means we will need to take some swift decisions, but as far as I’m concerned there is no distinction now between JFC and non-JFC candidates; there is just a board of 9.
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    It used to refer to male fans of nerdier subjects like comic books or Dr. Who. It’s evolved a bit and now is used to denote any male having a borderline romantic obsession with a topic or person. Used in a sentence: “The Marvel fanboys from ComicCon got into a fight with the Ian McCall fanboys. No one was harmed, although several calculators were broken and Gerry can’t find his asthma medication.”
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    Michael Stewart saying "should of" all the time. VAR, and the whole concept of believing that a better decision can be made in slow motion, when that's not the speed it happened at. VAR, and football people's inability to recognise that the immediate outpouring of emotion when a goal is scored is an essential element of football. When commentators make reference to a player's lovely smile, only ever female or non-white or both. Players taking their shirts off to celebrate a goal, and revealing one of these weird bra things that they're suddenly all wearing. (Talking male this time) Suggestion that a player has to be booked if they've fallen over and a foul isn't given, like it's impossible to fall over while playing football. BBC Scotland graphics in their sportscene montages. The modern contrived staging of trophy presentations, gathering everyone round for the photo, and going woooaaaahhhh, before the captain lifts it. The notion that if a Brazilian player does something you'll be talking about it for months. Working class Scottish football pundits on radio saying "ever so" (meaning very) like they've just stepped out of an Enid Blyton novel.