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    Would be a gift for the headline writers.... Jags Players Say No to Jags!
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    £40,000 From the fund has now been handed over to the club. The money will be used in the player budget. Great work by Caroline Mackie who started the go fund me page. A big thank you to everybody who donated, no matter the amount. The page is still running. Currently at £52,290.
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    A few of us Jags fans / forum members - myself William Sheridan (TJR), Jack Little (afkincaid), Stuart Deans (StuTheJag) & Niall MacTaggart (Camallain) - have been working on a new website - The Thistle Archive - which is basically a unique and accurate online encyclopedia of Partick Thistle stats and stories, 1876 to date. The site launched last Monday (7 September) with almost 7,000 pages in place, but is still very much in its infancy. Have a look around and see what you think. (What random player did you get?) http://www.thethistlearchive.net/ We're looking to spread the word, so any help to do that on social media would be appreciated. We're on Twitter, but are currently "shadow-banned" (tweets not reaching timelines etc) as we've been tweeting too many links and they've marked us down as spammers. Groan. Hopefully this ban will be lifted soon. https://twitter.com/thistlearchive Anyway, you can communicate any site-related discussion here on WAT via this profile and we'll make a few posts here over the forthcoming days to show you around. Hopefully it'll be something we can all enjoy using. 'mon the Jags!
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    How unfortunate an incident that none of us will ever know the facts of becomes the main talking point. The internet really is a heap of shite sometimes. It's none of our business.
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    Given that Celtic were one of the prime movers behind ending the season early, with our relegation being collateral damage, was last night's victory by Ferencvaros the Revenge of the Magyars?
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    No need for them to worry about having big crowds for their champions league games this season.
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    I am not in the legal profession so just go by what these days seem old fashioned ideas. A person is innocent until proven guilty and an accusation is not the same as being guilty. In my opinion the guy should just be allowed to get on with playing football without comments about shadows hanging over him being made and people making hint hint comments.
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    Is it not just brilliant actually talking about a Thistle game again
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    Stopped reading at "Wee nippy." I prefer adult-levels of discussion.
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    Getting embarrassing now https://ptfc.co.uk/ptfc-news/virtual-50-50-draw-results-28th-august-2020/
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    Why do you say that? There are p[eople on here who cannot wait to look for the negative in anything/ everything the Club does. We have signed a new young player the aim of which is to strengthen our squad and assist in making Thistle ( the team we all allegedly support) better. What do people want to talf about? His playing style; attributes: playing history ?? No - some unproven allegation of wrongdoing. Pathetic.
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    A very happy birthday to my boyhood hero and true Thistle legend Donnie MacKinnon who turns 80 today! Wishing him and his twin brother Ronnie all the very best.
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    I used to go out between 6-30/6-45 am to my local newsagent to get the paper. Most mornings i went there was a guy standing in the corner reading a paper. I never paid any attention to him, then one day he came up to me and said, i have noticed that you wear a Thistle hat or scarf, i take it you are a Thistle fan? Only then did i realise the guy was in fact Donnie. From that day 25 years ago he always said hello and we had a chat about Thistle. The last time i seen him was about 18months ago in Tesco in Renfrew. I hope he is keeping well and that he has a great birthday.
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    Having the most appearances for a club doesn’t make you a good candidate to be a director of that club. Being a goalkeeper and being a director are slightly different things. And you are allowed to criticise the reappointment of someone who you think isn’t well-suited to fulfilling a director’s responsibilities without having the name and CV of someone you think should be appointed instead.
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    “Thistle’s transition to fan ownership finalised”
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    You make a good point. No one has developed a vaccine or is close to realising one yet. Remember we were told by via the media a couple of months back that one would be ready by September? Well its September and nothing so far (unless you fancy giving the Russian vaccine a go). The best case timescale was 18 months to 2 years which means maybe by the end of 2021. The Pharmacy companies have made a lot of money out of politicians who throw money at any indication of a vaccine but then again the politicians are the one who created this market by saying a vaccine is just around the corner rather than telling the public that lifestyle changes were long term. I would hope that in a few months time a public enquiry is launched into what money was thrown at pre-ordering vaccines before they had been tested, the relationship between the politicians running those companies and the government. Whilst they are at it a close look at what money was flung at IT companies to come up with apps to help with test and trace would I think be an eye opener.
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    Anybody else a bit suspicious about how pharmaceutical companies appear to be developing anti-Covid vaccines at amazing speeds, apparently in months, and have them tested and presumably approved for sale by the millions...... when normally it takes years for vaccines to get through all the pre-clinical and clinical trials and safety checks to ensure that there are no long-term negative effects on people, or on their as-yet unborn children? There is a lot of money at stake for these companies, possibly their biggest ever bonanza. Just a thought. Not a vaccine, of course, but remember Thalidomide?: "Perfectly safe."
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    I've been away from the forum for a while but thought I'd look in. But jeez, I'm away again
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    No he never, your making your own crap up. Uk classes numbers who have tested positive for COVID not those who have died of it, hence why the 1st minister states “With COVID mentioned on their death certificate” so do they measure of or with? Norway (Unlike UK) carry’s out postmortems and only counts deaths off COVID. We have 264 in total, of that 13 are under the age of 60 (11 men and 2 women), 24 are from 60 to 69, 61 deaths from 70 to 79, 92 deaths from 80 to 89, with the remaining 74 in the age bracket 90+. This is from a country the same population as Scotland, we are given clear and transparent information to allow us to make judgements, no daily broadcasts, no PR slogans, no gimmicks. Unlike other countries we have been fully transparent, and not whipped up a government led panic via the media with false data points. The government breaks all data (tests, cases, admissions, ICU’s, deaths) down, by location, age and sex.
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    Lets hope its a case of Partick rose up the leagues.
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    Do you really want a list of permanent signings who haven’t made our team better ?
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    Third virtual 50/50 first prize win for Brian Hannah. Think I’ll need to change my name.
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    I would think McCall will know if Thistle don't get promoted this season, not only will his job at Firhill be in doubt, but his reputation as being a good manager at our level will be severely dented. So whether he is, as you put it a bluenose or not, he will need to sign the best players he can get, no matter the team they come from.
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    That's not even remotely true.
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    These loan sigings will be cheap and at a higher level than our academy players. I don't understand why people would want our young players put in the first team if they are not ready yet,
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    News from RedYellow HQ Just a few weeks to go until the season begins. Fingers crossed, we will soon be climbing into our Firhill Bubbles. The start of the season will be a little chillier than usual. With that in mind I decided to extend the range of hoodies. Time to check the wardrobe (as some of us may be struggling to get into our pre-lockdown outfits) and sharpen the terracing wit for the new term. To help at this important time, I am introducing Back To Firhill Bundles. An opportunity to upgrade your kit with a pre-season discount. Offer available on all products with the exception of Organic Hoodie H2. https://redyellow.org
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    Yes sorry I did misinterpret your post - I thought you were saying McKenna should not be allowed to appear at Firhill- my apologies. What I think is negative and pathetic are so called Thistle fans who look for the negative in everything the Club does, and I am not including you in this.
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    After all the soul searching re attending away games, It would be kinda ironic if away fans aren't allowed anyway.
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    Yes he does say all the right things, but i have heard far to many players old and new going on about us being a big club etc. The place to do the talking is on the pitch and getting results.
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    Consider me lectured.
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    To quote Jaggernaut - FIX! All I can say is congratulations to Gregor: https://ptfc.co.uk/ptfc-news/virtual-50-50-draw-results-21st-august-2020/
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    Donnie McKinnon made his debut just about the time I was becoming a serious and dedicated jags fan. He represented everything was that was good about the Jags. I recall a fairly recent article in which Donnie stated he was a regular in the Thistle team before his brother Ronnie achieved same at Rangers but it was Ronnie who became an International. Of the two our McKinnon was the better footballer but the other McKinnon was more streetwise and ruthless. I recall a 5-1 hammering at Firhill from Celtic who moved big John (yogi) Hughes from No. 11 (where he normally terrorised Joe Hogan) to No,. 9 where he gave Donnie a really hard time! Well McKinnon's weakness - he was to fair, too much of a footballer and not a practitioner of the 'dark arts'. His brother by comparison kicked everything that moved! Next game against Celtic, Donlevy (our No. 6) played as No. 5 and Hughes didn't get a look-in plus acquired a few bruises! So is Donnie a legend - without doubt. 321 games in the red and yellow says it all. Happy birthday Donnie
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    T Shirts arrived. Great service again, thanks to BowenBoys again
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    I wonder if Pele has ever wondered what it would be like to be Colin McGlashan....
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    £55,000 of the £60,000 target now reached
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    Like honestly, I never thought a live stream could somehow be the most tinpot thing we've ever done. They could have just used a top end mobile phone and put it on a tripod and it would have been better than a camera that detects movement.
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    Received a nice photo of a hoodie with its owner from Western Australia this morning. By far the most distant photo yet. If you're reading this in Wagga Wagga or Miners Rest NSW, only you can beat that. Get snapping!
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    Astonishing depth in this site guys. Amazing what can be done when you 'Furlough the Jags'
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    Like the dinosaur (Stegosaurus - thick plates for skin) I am, I've been using the Official History 1976 - 2002 , plus photocopies of the subsequent seasons results as my main source of info. All except last season. That doesn't merit the paper to print it out. Great site. Mrs EKJ won't see me for weeks! (No sarky comments on that, please.)
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    Oh, you are funny. And henceforth, ignored.
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    Due to the current lockdown measures in Glasgow, no test games will be allowed in Glasgow until these measures are eased again. Meanwhile in England Cambridge's home games against Fulham U 21's in the EFL trophy and league 2 game against Carlisle will have crowds. The EFL trophy game will have a crowd of 1000 and the league 2 game will have an attendance of 2500. I look forward to @elevenone confirming the crowds once the games are played.
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    Absolutely. And deliberately so. J. Low will just flannel everything and stay in complete control. And those who have bought this stuff? Lol
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    And closer to home - TAG
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    while NZ looks rosy to outsiders it has come at a huge cost which very few here have actually grasped. As mentioned tourism is a huge part of the NZ economy & with the borders remaing closed will be coming home to roost very soon with the end of furlough schemes. Huge unemployment is round the corner & the country is building a huge debt with a small older population that will never be able to repay without massive tax increases or huge reduction in public spending which gets back to reason why NZ shut down so quickly was the health system does not have capacity or facilities to cope with large number of covid cases.
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    I see from the Dundee Courier that Wraith Rovers' megamouth deceitful chairman Bill Clark has stood down. Perhaps he's got a job on the Trump presidential campaign team. His (imo) talent for being economical with the truth and lack of integrity will be of use there! MacLennan; Doncaster; Hewitson; McGregor; Cameron; McKinnon ; Tatters et al still to go! Keep football tidy!!
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    Could they come down the canal by barge, narrow boat, canoe, coracle or raft, with online payment and ticketing in advance, and an exclusive poly-tunnel all the way from waterside to inside of stadium to avoid contact with any other human beings?
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    Hamilton has two exits at either side of the away stand. That should certainly help to ease crowding on the way out. On the downside, Hamilton has the slowest turnstile/ticket operators in the history of the world. Even if both entrance turnstiles are open, I can see the socially distanced queue stretching right back to Blantyre.
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    Thanks Phil. I did many years ago before I was a seller. It was a midweek game in the Challenge Cup early in the season and the prize was about £80. It was back in the days when Mr McHaffie would walk around with a board that had the numbers on it.
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    Here's a T Shirt Top Of The Pops. Dark Side Of The Moon spent 950 consecutive weeks in the US Billboard charts. Here's hoping...