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Thistle v Cove Rangers Sat 20th March

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On 3/17/2021 at 8:08 PM, Jimmy McD said:

Bobby Houston is down  at Haddows off sales getting his cargo already..................

correct Jimmy and I’m buzzing 

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According to Pie and Bovril Cove are without Harry Milne at left back due to season ending injury ( hope the boy recovers) with no obvious replacement .It’s a pity Williamson is still out as he might have caused some mischief buzzin down the right .

Still predicting 2 -1 Jags .

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The lack of Thistle games confirmed to me just how little interest I have in any other Scottish teams and just how poor the standard of football is. Without my team to watch I've struggled to care about football at all and could completely see how if my club didn't exist I would completely give up on watching the game.

Right now it just feels good to know there is a game to watch today. Hopefully I'll still feel so positive at the end of the game.

I think we'll line up as follows:





However I would prefer to see a 4-3-3 with Erskine instead of MacIver. Also not convinced with McKenna at right back but replacing him with Foster would result in too many changes to a defence that was pretty solid and a starting eleven that was fairly consistent prior to the league being shut down.


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6 hours ago, Bobbyhouston said:

Bet your no as buzzin as me 

We're aw buzzin but you were up at least 6 hours ago, so must be off the scale.

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I filled the Jags gap with watching even more of my beloved NFL. 


So, let's see if the Partick Panthers can use the strong arm of our Quarterback to make good plays from deefense and to get some touchdowns today. I reckon Elmer Squiddy Erskine will be MVP. 


Go Partick (waves big blue sponge finger) 

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