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    Today was the 3rd anniversary of Robert's death, this is the wreath we took up to his grave. There is a thread talking about Thistle being a family club, anyone reading this thread can see what a great club we are.
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    My sister managed to get all 3 goals on camera somehow. 5787CB82-8FD3-4DC8-B467-FB567C23A8A9.MP4 1FFA33D2-B973-488D-B192-B52282D72E07.MP4 AB970605-B5E6-4D93-B9C7-8613B568B095.MP4
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    5 years ago today the Jags family lost one its most courageous, and much loved and valued, members when Robert Watson, otherwise known as Rab the Jag, passed away at the age of 31. Refusing to allow the limitations imposed by Duchenne muscular dystrophy to define him, Robert grasped every opportunity that came his way. A wheelchair footballer, a disability rights campaigner and so much more besides, and a passionate and dedicated follower of Partick Thistle. The repurposing of the John Lambie Stand for Thistle fans, and in particular enabling disabled fans to be in the front row and therefore right in the beating heart of the Jags support, was ideal for Robert, and if you watch the footage of some of the goals from that era (Kris Doolan had a particular knack of coming in from the right angle!), you will see Robert just to the left of the goalposts (looking from the City End) caught up in the surging wave of celebration. Robert's proud father bears the same name, although is perhaps better known to us as Auld Jag, a trenchant (and witty) poster on this forum, the man who was turned the humble balaclava into a must have fashion accessory, and serial winner of BB's prediction competitions. Whether it is 5 seconds or 5 minutes, please take 5 today and in whatever way works for you, give thanks for the life of Robert Junior, and remember in your thoughts Robert Senior and his wife Eunice. May there be many happy memories to lighten this day.
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    Just wanted to say how impressed I was with the calendar signing and kids Christmas party that took place last night. It's a real credit to the club to put something like that on free of charge. My 5 year old loved it. He met all the players and management team whilst his calendar was signed and he had a ball at the party afterwards. The majority of the players were really good with the kids although Jack Storer looked like he didn't want to be there. As a born Bristolian who has spent the majority of my life supporting Bristol City I can't remember Bristol City ever doing anything like that. I've only started watching Thistle with my boy since the back end of last season and we've got season tickets this year. I've mostly observed this forum as I've felt I've only been watching the team for a relatively short time and haven't the depth of knowledge as to what's happened in the past. In this case I thought it was worth highlighting that, as far as doing stuff for the kids goes, the club has really impressed me.
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    When Kris Doolan next scores, all his team mates should rush to the right touch line and take fake throw ins.
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    Today was my boy’s first ever Jags match and my first for far too long. i thought that the team and support were superb. We were 4 or 5 goals better than that shocking Morton team - no football from them at all. Pretty much everyone played well, and the old school daftness in the shed (mainly but not all handbags) brought back some amusing memories of very similar. My wee boy whose only other game was Brighton / Leicester said it was his best day ever, he was buzzing from the atmosphere, the goals, and how nuts people were going compared to the more ‘reserved’ south east. was it just me, or was that penalty decision literally the worst ever?!? Who cares really given the result. so happy tonight.
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    Thanks to Ptd and everybody else for the very kind comments. As a family we have a lot of very happy memories amongst them being 4 holidays in Florida which included us going to the Kennedy space center, since space was of great interest to Robert we also visited the National space centre in Leicester in 2014, we also met Coldplay before their Hampden concert in 2009. Robert graduating from Paisley university with a 2/1 honours degree in computer games technology and him receiving campaigner of the year in 2014 from the muscular dystrophy campaign are very proud moments for our family. Robert enjoyed going to concerts and dancing with his friends. Last but not least Robert and i shared in the ups and downs of being a jags and Scotland fan. I have put some photos that show, Robert at the Scottish parliament, Robert with myself and Eunice after he got campaigner of the year award, Robert playing wheelchair football, Robert with Eunice and myself outside TGI fridays on his 30th birthday, Robert pretending to be scared of a house robot when we went to watch the recording of robot wars, the wreath we took up to Roberts grave today and the video was done by some of Roberts friends just after he died. Thanks again to everybody for their kind words it is very much appreciated. 8_9_18_010.MOV
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    A serious discussion will need to happen. But i think to respect Colin Weir's memory just now is not the time.
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    Does anyone else the now miss the golden Halcyon days of folk on here arguing about whether Archie should be sacked or not? Compared to the complete shit show and financial toilet paper dumpster fire this place is now? Its as if we are all in an endless circle of hell with posts from the same people arguing over the same things in a rotating cycle of crap with no new information. Wish i could just bug out and not look at this site anymore but unfortunately my love of our club means every time there is a new post, I will always have a look hoping that some sort of info on what is happening has been shared. I post this to send my love to my fellow lurkers who are stuck in this hellish loop with me.
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    He was a very talented and a modest young man. He would have been surprised at the amount of people who turned up at his funeral and the amount of tributes that was done in his memory after he died. He never let his disability stand in his way of enjoying life. He did a lot to help others and he received campaigner of the year award 2014. There is a 12 page thread on this forum about him and if you google Robert Watson dmd pathfinders a tribute video and article from a local paper about him come up. There is a memorial plague in the JL stand and we have sponsored some players in his memory this season. The money for this was raised by Bowen Boy, who ran a last jag standing competition and there was also a collection at the Ross County game 1/4/17 by Digger. My wife and I are very proud of him and we miss him every day.
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    Initially I was very, very impressed with what he had to say for himself and for the way he intended to set the team up. That was quickly eroded with the incredibly poor form that we had in his first few months in charge. I was, and probably still am to a certain degree, concerned in his inability to at least grind out results with the squad that he inherited. Good managers can generally get a tune out of a decent squad, whereas I felt that we regressed after his appointment. I was, like many others, bitterly disappointed to see Erskine leave and believe that he still had a lot to offer the team and I think the decision to let him go is an error in judgement on Caldwell's part. That being said, there certainly seems to be a movement in the right direction and on the face of it, the January transfer window is looking like being a real success. If by getting in the players he wants allows him to play in the style that he wants, then I believe that the results will pick up. I feel he deserves the criticism for the teams performances from his appointment till the beginning of January, but that doesn't mean that I don't want him to succeed or that I will be anything other than delighted if he were to turn the current situation around and untimately have us challenging for promotion.
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    A reading from the First Book of Lambiticus, Chapter 4, Verses 9.15-9.21 In which book doth the unnamed scribe of Possilonia relate of many wondrous endeavours: of the wandering of the Jaggites from the arid howling deserts of Pertyck to the crossing of the sacred waters of the Nolly and to the consecrating of the Ark of the Nolly in the Temple of the Shed in the year Anno Lambiticus one thousand nine-hundred and nine; to the parables and miracles of the great prophet Johannes Lambiticus; to the majestic deeds of the Jaggites in sacred raiment of vermilion and primrose; and to the joyful happenings and sorrowful torments of the twelve tribes, and of the miraculous assumption of the prophet Lambiticus into Heaven; and the waiting of the Jaggites for the New Messiah of the Second Coming. 9.15 And so it cameth to pass, after the third reign of the prophet Lambiticus had ended, on the ninth day after the Passover, the prophet Lambiticus, Messiah of the Jaggites, didst cry out at the sixth hour ‘Eloi, Eloi Lama Sabachthani’, which means in Aramaic, ‘Ma heid’s buzzled’, and yielded up his spirit to the Lord. Then there was darkness over the whole earth until the ninth hour. Excepting the Plains of Ehrdriy, which dwelleth in eternal darkness. 9.16 And after the sixth hour, there was unto the twelve tribes of the chosen people, the Jaggites weeping and keening and great cries of sadness; from the gutters of Possilonia; from the villa-dwellers of the Hill of Jordan; from wallie closes of Land of the Hynds; from the sacred Nolly by the Fair Hill and the Rough Hill and all beyond the lofty towers of the Roontohl; from the Valley of Spam, and the Loch of Baal, even unto the Nauld of Cumber, and even yet unto the bleak wilderness of the Uttermost of the Hebrides; from the Elders of the Shed, and from the Pharisees of the Basin, and form the Nomadic tribes of the Jaggites who wander the earth in the Pool of Blackness and amongst the Gens Norvegicus, there arose a wailing. All these didst lieth down and didst weep for the Messiah Lambiticus who had thrice led them from the wilderness to the land of EssPeeEhl, the land of milk, honey, locusts and parachute payments. 9.17 ‘By the waters of the Nolly bank, yea we sat down; We hanged our scarves and bunnets on willow branches, We wept until our eyes were like unto the fishpools of Heshbon when we remembered Lambiticus; Our enemies required of us mirth, our tormentors required of us a song; How can we sing the Lord’s song, Johnnnes-Lambitcus-Vermilion-and-Primrose-Army, now the Messiah is gone from amongst us?’ 9.18 Whereupon the other tribes of the EssPeeEhl, the foes of the Jaggites by name: the Hunnites and the Timmites, the Jamboites and Wellites, the Killieites, and the Donites, whom like the latter day Saints of the town of St. John’s, lieth with the beasts of the field; and the wandering uncircumcised Gyppoi, the minions who are called the Queens of the Sodomites, and the Eherdriyonions, fugitives and vagabonds in the Plains of Ehrdriy – which in Hebrew means ‘stinking pit of ordure, midden of the in-bred’, which doth be a habitation of devils, and the hold of every foul spirit, and den of every unclean beast and cage of every hateful bird of carrion and corpses; all these infidels, all save the sons of Hamilcar Academicus, didst mock the Jaggites, saying ‘Where is thy Messiah Now? Ye be doomed to perdition and relegation!’ 9.19 But thus had spake the prophet Lambiticus in prophecy some years past, in a tongue that was neither Hebrew nor Hittite, nor Philistine nor Aramaic, nor even north side urban patios: ‘And letteth this be as but a parable and a warning to the infidels. And woe be unto he who calumniates against mine own people, the Jaggites, for vengeance is mine; thrice woe and a slew of three times three plagues upon the wicked and evil who rejoiceth and maketh mirth in the bondage and sorrow of the Lord’s chosen people. ‘First up are thae big-heided soap-dodging beggar bastarts fae parkheid, for unto the over-proud Pharisaic Timmites shall be visited a plague of lice and boils, and expensive foreign diddies; Unto the knuckle-dragging Hunnites who waveth the Butcher’s Apron, I shall sendeth a plague of creditors and speculators, and seven years wandering in the abomination of desolation that is called the wilderness of the Park of Murray; Unto the lamb-defiling Donites, I shall send a plague of flesh eating sheep ticks to gnaw their manhoods and gonads (which in Hebrew means ‘baws’) as the locust devours the ear of grain; Unto the Jamboites, known in Aramaic as the Purple Hunnites, I shall send a plague of sandstorms which will blindeth the fcukwitted buffoon Leeveen and a pestilence that will causeth his bowels to fester with rottenness and his belly to burst; Unto the Hibees, I shall cause the street price of crack, in the gutters of Leith and in the slums of the Ton of Pil, to multiplieth by thrice times thrice; Unto the Killieites, I shall send a plague of tractor disorders for forty days and forty nights, whereupon their harvests shall wither on the vine, and bitter famine shall stalk their fields; Unto the Wellites, even I – the prophet Lambiticus – know whereof no punishment which could worsen the vile condition of this lowest form of life in all heaven and earth; And unto the Ehrdriyonians, for in the day of Airdriemaggedon they shall suffer the eternal weeping and gnashing of teeth of the wicked and sinful, the depraved and degenerate; from this foul mire will arise a stench like unto the scrotum of a camel thirteen days in the desert, or like unto the pisspot of the junkie Hibee; the thrice in-bred Ehrdriyonians shalt be consumed in the everlasting fires which are prepared for Satan and his seed; there doth be nae windaes to lick in the smouldering depths of Satan’s fire.’ Vox Lambiticus, vox Dei. 9.20 And it cameth to pass that on the seventeenth day after the Passover the mortal remains of the Messiah were borne aloft from the Temple of the Field of Bruce in the holy city of the Burn of Whit, wrapped in an ephod of vermilion and primrose with the sacred symbol of the Jaggites, the ‘Criocus Benedcitus’ or ‘Blessed Thistle’, and laid unto rest in the holy sepulchre of the Road of the Manse. For the cities of Lotheean of the West on the plain of the pit bings – the House of Fauld, the Kemmet of Paul, the Long Ridge and the valley of the Burning Stones – had been turned into barren howling wasted wildernesses by the genocidal sorceress Thatcher and the swivel-eyed lower-than-verminous Tebbit thirty years past, thus fulfilling the prophecy: ‘There shalt cometh an evil witch of Grantham Town, Yea, the Power and the Glory; She shalt screw thee up and shalt nail thee down; Beneath the Waves of Tory.’ 9.21 The Jaggites had begun to prepareth for great feasting and revelry with fatted calves and oxen to be roasted, bitter herbs and honey and figs and dates; hyssop and arrack in crystal vessels; a thousand white doves were released from the doocots of the Burn of Whit; and the musick of pipes and shawms and trumpets and harps as unto the air of life; and bone fires on hearth stones and dances in long circles until the dawn of the morning after the Prophet’s entombment. Thus did the Messiah Lambiticus, who thrice redeemed the Jaggites from all their iniquities, go unto his eternal reward, his tombstone inscribed thus: ‘Hic Jacet Johannes Lambiticus, Messiani Mirabilis Jaggitus: Atque Sic Transit Gloria Lambiticus.’ And when the feasting was over, then beginneth in sorrow and in woe, as unto the Israelites, the waiting of the Jaggites for the New Messiah of the Second Coming.
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    Seriously fed up with constant immature and frankly pathetic bickering on here. This isn't twitter, where any random person can turn up and badmouth any random person, and while there's not a lot can be done about it it's easily avoided. This forum is a relatively small community of Thistle fans who want to discuss Thistle. It might be online, but anyone coming on here and slagging other people and just basically looking for trouble is acting like the ar*ehole in the pub, attention seeking, dominating discussions and ruining it for everyone else. It's on virtually every thread and therefore difficult to avoid. The rest of us just have to scroll through it to find the decent conversation which is regularly drowned out. I'd ask people to stop, but I know that won't help. Anyway.
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    May be of interest to the forum. I have sent the following email to the Club ([email protected] and [email protected]). I will let you know if/when I receive a reply
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    I like Stuart Bannigan and am delighted he's signed. To be honest l'd rather he went to Aberdeen and didn't suffer that terrible injury because he was one who, at that point in his career, could really have kicked on and done well. I think it's a big pity he never got that chance. But given how things played out, l personally think we done the right thing sticking by him during the injury - it was the decent thing to do and was to Archie's credit that we treated Stuart as a person and not a commodity. If he had never kicked another ball for Thistle, l would have been content that we stuck with him. Recently when he hasn't at his best, l don't remember thinking that Stuart Bannigan has hidden during games. Or not tried. Nor given the impression he couldn't care less. That can't be easy, especially when you know you're not playing well in a poor team. If l was in the current Thistle team (a middle aged man can dream!) and was asked to pick the players l wanted to start an end of season do-or-die match with me, the first name l would put is Stuart Bannigan. For me he defines an attitude that you want beside you on the pitch. We have seen, signed and persevered with players a lot worse than Stuart Bannigan. If he performs like he has recently, l can't think of many l would have before and rather than Stuart Bannigan.
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    I’ve decided to give posting in this thread a break for now. Mainly because I see the arguments going round in circles and getting more personal as time goes ever so slowly by. I am getting more convinced by the day that the sale to the consortium is already a done deal. I am a staunch advocate for social ownership. Not just for football clubs but in many areas of society. Land ownership, housing, community centres, leisure facilities and power generation just to name a few. I do believe ordinary people can run social enterprises for the benefit of the community they are a part of. We do not always need external experts or professional business people to run our lives for us. If we take the opportunity we can shape our own society to the way that suits us best. So, to me Thistle fans owning their own club is a no-brainer and I believe it may be the only way for us to have a Partick Thistle we can continue to support and be proud of. We will be able to support our team to succeed on the pitch for footballing reasons and not because it brings a profit to shareholders whose only interest in PTFC is to make money. We want teams who do well and win because they are OUR teams and not because we can squeeze a bit more cash from the club. Football would be the biggest factor in our interest. Not just looking for a financial return by getting higher in the league. . We would be building and preserving the club for our children and grandchildren. Much of the objections on this thread have become personality driven. The people behind the move towards fan ownership are disliked by some posters. Others have a dislike to other personalities and nothing they do will ever be right with them. Some have a mistrust running so deep they wouldn’t believe the time of day from any of the other side. Then on the other hand there’s people who staunchly back the consortium purely because they trust the current chair and because he says it’s a good idea. They back his plans no matter how vague and indeterminate they are. Well as I said I am all for fan ownership and as of yet there is no hard and fast template for how that would go with Thistle. But the fact is it is fans who will shape the future of the organisation which will run the club if they decide to go down that road. The more fans who become involved the wider the knowledge base to draw on. The more ideas there will be to choose from. So if the TFE ideas do move on to a further stage I will be ready to step up to do what I can. But until then I will watch things unfold and I only hope that by the time things do become a bit clearer that it’s not too late.
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    I think this deserves a thread of it's own https://ptfc.co.uk/ptfc-news/wearethistle-fundraising/ Well done Phil and well done us.
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    That is one major, major, major result. Well done to the players, all who were able to be there today, and above all to the management team. I disbelieved in GC before New Year, but now I do believe in GC. First can of Stella has just arrived from the fridge. To every Jags fan wherever you may be, have a great Saturday evening.
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    Nice to see Chris at the game today
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    It is with great sadness that I post that lifelong Thistle fan Jack (John) Cross unfortunately passed away last night after a short illness, aged 95. Jack has been a regular at Firhill, attending his 1st match at the age of 14 in 1937, rarely missing a match home or away since. Although many may not know the name, I'm sure most would know & have seen his face at Firhill & away stadiums around the country over the years. Despite Jack being the best part of 70yrs older than me, I have him to thank for making me a Thistle fan, we have travelled the country together following Thistle for the past 15-20yrs & it really won't be the same without him. At the time of his passing Jack was the oldest living Thistle fan, Jack's last game was Stenhousemuir away where fittingly Thistle ran out winners. Jack was a keen golfer & up until a few weeks ago was still playing Bowls for Westermains BC in Kirkintilloch. Jack loved football but more importantly loved Thistle, thanks for the memories! Just wanted to post this on here for those that may have known Jack, I've attached a photo from the Play-Off Final last season so people can perhaps put a face to the name.
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    The season just finished was a difficult one for every Thistle supporter, as the outcome was not one we would have wanted or at the beginning of the season one we would have expected.For myself it was the first time in more than 20 years I attended every game on my own.Even if Robert was going to respite he would always try and make sure he did not miss a Thistle game,although over the years he did miss a few.So it was a really difficult season for me from a personal point of view.I would like to say that having the memorial plaque at Firhill does help because although Robert is not there in body it does seem as if he is with me(and Thistle) in spirit. I would also like to thank Bowen Boys and Partick the dog who I met at a number of the games.Also thanks to Elevenone and Sinistar who also came over to say hello.I hope to meet more fans in the coming seasons as I will be standing in my usual spot in the John Lambie stand.I will also be looking to sponsor some players in the coming season/s and will run a competition for the tops .As I have said before we have £600 remaining from the money raised for the plaque and this is what we will use to pay for the sponsorship.Once we have more details on this I will post again.
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    The memorial plaque was put in place today in the north stand.We would like to thank Bowen Boys who did a last jag standing to help raise money and also Digger who took a collection at the Ross County game last season.We would like to thank Ian Maxwell who helped getting the ok from Thistle.Last but not least we would like to thank everybody who donated any money to get this done. I know that Robert would be surprised that this has been done in his honour as he was a very modest young man.I hope as many fans as possible come along and see the plaque and say hello as well.We have about £600 left(the plague was £250 from Garner Memorials in Paisley) if anybody has an idea what to spend that on I am open to suggestions. An idea I had was to sponsor a player or 2 next season in Roberts memory and have a competition on the forum and the winner or winners get the top at the end of next season.
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    A Partick Thistle themed flag for Maryhill
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    During the latter stages in phase one of the season Sena played a number of games to a very high standard and the team barely lost any goals. Yes he did make mistakes against United which were very costly. The manager could have taken him out there and then but gave him the chance against East Fife. To be fair he really struggled in the first half and was taken out of the firing line which was completely the right thing to do for both player and team. Do I think that means he’s finished as a centre back? Absolutely not and although there may still be discussions about where he will play in the team, I still think he’s got a lot of learning to go through and will hopefully continue to be managed well to get the best out of him. While I would never deny any fan the right to have an opinion I think Sena deserves a bit more respect for the efforts he has put in so far this season and I certainly wish him nothing but a bright future given all he has had to go through to get to this stage of his career.
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    Disappointing to see a Jags fan gloating about this. But not surprising.
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    I know I will be criticised but I think this is an excellent statement. I have said I would like nothing better than to stuff these so-so's in court. But this is a short term emotional response that we know from previous experience will not win. A legal response is the easy course of action and whether or not we end up in the Championship or League 1 will make it very difficult for Budge to support us by winning others over to her argument that there are wrongs that need to be corrected. This statement, which I do think is the difficult but strong course of action, accepts we will face challenges but focuses our efforts on the football field and on the longer term. Also by not taking action that could put clubs out of business by denying them much needed cash we are showing them up by demonstrating we are not doing what they have done and that we are morally and ethically better! I think the statement gives Budge a lot to work with and unlike Dundee, Raith, Forfar,or the SPFL Board puts us on the high moral ground. A lot of hogwash many on here will say and I understand that view! However all we need to do is put a winning team on the park and then you will see the benefits of the club's statement and chosen course of action. In spite of my arguments above I do feel we should do something to demonstrate our disgust at the manner in which we have been treated. 1. Attend Home matches only (exceptions being other no voters) 2. Stop running buses to away games and ask fans who travel by other means not do do so. 3. Donate gate money that would have been spent attending away games to PTFC and to any other No club who are having Cash problems. 4. When Yes clubs and Directors come to Firhill - give them hell, eg "Nelms is a????" chant! Also write to Club ask them to offer minimum courtesy etc! We can call it cost cutting! Have I missed anything. Very sorry for length of post!!
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    I’ve probably been a right argumentative d!ck to many of you on here over the years. But I think the events of the last few weeks have put a perspective on there’s really more to life than football. As disappointing as relegation would be if it happened that the season officially ended today and the league placing stood it will be worth putting up with, if as much as one life is saved. most importantly I hope all of the Partick Thistle family keep safe so we are all here to agree/argue with each other for next season. Keep safe everyone
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    This is a photo i took of young Robert at half time of that game.
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    Only with bigoted gammons.
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    So. You love your job. You love the organisation, to the extent that you go out your way to be a champion and a role model for it. It's been your home, so to speak, for the last decade and you don't see yourself working anywhere else. In fact, you are even due to be rewarded for your service and loyalty and to top it off, your customers love you. Your boss, who's not been in the job for very long, asks to see you and tells you that you're no longer required as he wants to move the organisation "in a different direction". I'd be more than devastated. It quite honestly is an abhorrent way to treat someone who has been an outstanding example to all who work with or support Partick Thistle. Yes, Kris hasn't had a great couple of seasons, but neither has the rest of the team. Without the midfield creating the chances efforts on goal were few and far between. Lets face it, we could have had Lionel Messi playing for us and he would've struggled to score goals. There is no doubting Kris's ability or his commitment by anyone other than Gary Caldwell (his commitment to the club might actually have been the problem for Caldwell, he saw Doolan as a threat). Keeping him at the club for his experience and knowledge, plus his development as a coach, and dare I suggest a potential future manage, was surely a no brainer. It's these kind of professionals that other clubs would kill to have. With the right recruitment I'm sure he would be back scoring plenty. Releasing the guy is bonkers, and the manner in which this has been handled almost seems malicious. Caldwell has made a rod for his own back now with this. There are signs that he's turned it round, but if it goes wrong at the start of the season for him it seems likely many fans will give him short shrift. I really thought that as a club PTFC was better than this.
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    Some people on here, on both sides of the argument, make this forum absolutely tedious reading. How about you all leave personal digs and fight out of it and actually discuss the issue like adults for a change?
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    Thanks for the memories on the park but also of it. Chris and Callum(Booth) visited my son Robert when he was in hospital. It was a surprise visit and when the 2 players went into Roberts bed space his face just lit up with a great big smile. Both players spent over an hour talking to Robert, my wife and myself, they also brought an autographed ball for Robert. Robert died about 4 months later. My wife and I will never forget both players for what they did.
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    The linesman must have been thinking: 'crikey, these boys know how to celebrate winning a throw-in...'
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    'Jings, crivins, help ma boab ' Am I the auldest on here. My name is Stewart Murray and I now live in Falkirk. As a hobby I've written my first chapter of my life as a jags fan, and as I have said before, I started going to Firhill not long after Hitler was trying to bomb the chip shops in Knightswood. Thistle Forever My first Partick Thistle game The date was Saturday the 7th of September 1948 and I was sitting at the kitchen table eating my usual plate of porridge, when my Mother announced that instead of going shopping in Glasgow city centre, we were going to visit my brother Ian and his new wife Nan at their flat in Park Road. I was naturedly ly delighted at this news, as I was only eight years old at the time, and nothing was more boring than going shopping. My father had just died in January, and my mother found times very hard and a day out in Glasgow[ We lived in Priory Road, Knightswood] helped her in her grief. The only enjoyment I had, was we made time for afternoon tea at Craig's tearooms, where you selected from a three tier cake stand. Starting at the top, you had freshly made sandwiches, the middle tier was the scones and best of all on the bottom plate, was the delicious cream cakes. There was a slight drizzle in the air when we left on the 11A bus from Knightswood Cross and fifteen minutes later, we arrived at my brother Ian's flat at 19 Park road. Another surprise was awaiting for me that Saturday, when my brother announced he was taking me to Firhill for the Jags game against our rivals Clyde. My brother was not really a football fan, so I guess he used the game as an excuse for my mother to get to know his wife Nan a bit better, as he kept the wedding to himself. Nan came from Airdrie, and her nephew was Paul Jonquin, who played and captained Airdrie for many years. We arrived in plenty of time for the kick-off and I was sent down to near the front at the North end. Firhill was very different to what it is now. The ground was oval shaped and as it was used for Greyhound racing for a couple of nights a week, gantries with lights attached, were placed around the ground. The north end had an enclosure round it, with pie stalls and the greyhound tote offices on the back wall. A large totaliser board stood in the far left hand corner at the Glasgow end. It was not the first game I had been to, my brother in law, George Lockhart [ Married to my sister Jean] took me to see the League cup final between Falkirk and East Fife at Hampden Park. The crowd was not far off 58.000 and with being not able to see much, and no goals being scored, it was not the greatest game for my first match. Five minutes to kick-off at Firhill, I stood opened mouth, I had never been so excited in my life. The aroma coming from the pie stalls, the smell of the smoke coming from all the tenement chimney pots in Firhill road, fans arriving and shaking hands with their pals. You could see the excitement in their faces as they awaited the start of the game. Suddenly a roar went up, eight young boys ran out who looked not much older than myself. It was the ball boys. Then a explosion of noise heralded the Jags onto the park, followed by their opponents from the East side of the City, the mighty Clyde. Thistle went on to win the game 3 - 2 with goals from Walker, Wright and Brown. My favourite player that day was Tommy Wright, a fast raiding right-winger, who signed for Sunderland later on in the season. I went home a very happy boy that day, with the customary bag of chips after a game. The start of a wonderful relationship with a great Scottish football club
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    Like dogs after a bone. Folk have tried being polite, jokey ways to try to get this to stop. I've had enough. Look up. The whole ******* world is in crisis. People are dying in their thousands. If you're around in a years time then lucky you, resume your point scoring exercise then. But in the mean time just stop. Make yourself useful. Help someone in need. If you can't do that, just shut the **** up.
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    Well done to both of our U18s who started today for Scottish Schools U18 against Northern Ireland with Gospel scoring our goal in a 1-1 draw. Whilst there are areas that definitely need to improve at our club there are still positives out there
  40. 10 points
    It's Harkins' Nutritionist, Ronald McDonald.
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    Disappointed about this on a number of fronts. I thought this was a major step forward for Thistle as a club, not only by providing better training for the senior players and making us more attractive to sign with, but also making us more attractive to the parents of youngsters when considering offers to sign, not to mention how much more attractive we'd be for clubs looking to put players out on loan. On another level, I think it's really disappointing that Davie McParland and his family were told that the proposed training ground would bare his name and that this is no longer going to happen. It feels like we've let them down. I hope that in the fulness of time something will be done about rectifying this.
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    For me Friday night is not about being pro/anti the old Board, pro/anti the new Board or pro/anti a takeover it is just about being PRO PARTICK THISTLE. The eleven guys on the pitch might not be the eleven best players to have played for our club but on Friday night we need to get right behind them and do whatever we can to help them get the result we all want. C'mon the Jags!
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    Our U16/17 team are currently in Northern Ireland taking part in the Foyle Cup. They won their group with 3 wins out of 3 and have now won 2 more games to reach tomorrow's final. Our U15s are in Iceland taking part in the Rey Cup. They won 2 and lost 1 of their group games and are in the semi final to be played tomorrow. With Evan Galasso and Callum Wilson having had game time in the first team as we topped our League Cup group and a graduate of the youth academy, Aidan Fitzpatrick, having moved to an English Premiership side for several hundred thousand pounds there is a lot to be positive about. Good luck to both of our youth teams over the weekend and to the first team over the season! C'mon the Jags!
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    Thanks everybody. Eunice and I went to TGI Friday in Braehead , as that was always Roberts choice for his birthday meal.
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    Just as well it wasn't planned for tomorrow. There would be mass panic amongst the Airdrie fans at the sight of sheriff officers.
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    I wish to God we'd sign someone so we could stop posting about this and instead come on here to discuss how shite they are...
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    In Alan Archibald's third last game we beat QoS and scored two of the best team goals I've ever seen at Firhill. The team also battled really hard that day. We were 6th in the league. It was a poor start, because we'd been told to expect promotion, but we didn't look like relegaion candidates. Now, despite this, I do think it was right that he was sacked two games later, because that performance was way too rare. However I just don't fully sign up to the idea that Caldwell was starting from such a low ebb that 1 point out of 18 can in any way be seen as "progress".
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    There's already been good summaries of the content of Caldwell's answers from last night so I won't repeat them. But I would just say that despite him being a hugely confident speaker and, actually, despite showing bravery in actually taking part in the event, once you dig beneath the surface of what he said it just doesn't stand up to scrutiny. He continually highlighted the improvement that he maintains he has seen, but in the context of five defeats and one draw this just doesn't reflect reality. Listening to him you would think he had taken over when we were already bottom of the league, but we weren't - he has taken us there. I also grew tired of the constant reference to improving the team being a "process". Caldwell wasn't brought in to evolve the team over the long-term, he was expressly brought in to get us promotion (which was a ludicrous statement for the board to make, but it was made nevertheless). The fact is that he has failed to shape us into anything resembling promotion contenders, and the suggestion that there has been improvement as part of this 'process' just doesn't bear weight. I think he is a genuinely decent guy and desperately wants to succeed (and I really want him to succeed, as we all do), but he needs to lose the buzzwords, cliches, and coaching course management-speak if he is to win fans like me over. Just get us winning, it's simple. The night also made me think of wider concerns about the club and its leadership. The Fans Trust, for example. Having sat through the update provided by the trustees I am still no clearer as to what it has actually achieved in the two years since it has been established. We were told of a new Buy a Brick Scheme, that seemed the sum of it. More importantly than that, we were told that the Trust is the largest shareholder at the club - so why does it not have a place on the board? We were told that it is in communications with the board and that it receives regular updates, but shouldn't the fans - who through the Trust are the largest shareholders - have a direct voice on the board? This doesn't make sense, particularly when most of our current directors don't (as far as I am aware) have any substantial shareholdings in the club. Why, also, are three (I think) of the trustees either directors or the Chief Exec? This is a supporters trust. It just comes across as a pat on the head from the club, with no real efforts to empower the supporters or ensure any meaningful influence or representation. I don't mean that as any disrespect to the volunteers who are managing it, and who I am sure are working really hard on it, but if it isn't empowered or taken genuinely seriously by the club then it's utterly meaningless. It all just seemed a bit too cosy. More broadly, it made me think of the wider communications from the club which - to my mind - have been atrocious. It is fine for the Chairman to talk about how important communication is etc., but when your attempts at PR (e.g. continually maintaining that the aim is promotion, and putting out weird interviews with the Chief Exec which are clearly scripted) are as subtle as a punch in the chops, then it really isn't very good PR. When your Chairman's background is seemingly PR it makes it even more baffling and worrying. These are seriously worrying times at the moment, and I am very worried that we don't have the leadership at the club to see us through them in good shape.
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    New Flag ready and flying for Friday night. Let's see the John Lambie stand bouncing on our way to victory!
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    To be fair I think it's a reasonable question regarding the persistently negative attitude towards the team and the management that is on regular display from many posters here. I have no doubt that everyone is a Thistle fan and wants the team to win, and I'd guess that many people use the forum to express their frustrations, and that's where it comes from. But I do think that there is a danger that constant negative posting feeds through the forum, to the wider support in general, and therefore adversely affects the club and the players. I think we saw today what a positive attitude from the stands can do for the performance on the pitch. Great to hear on the videos, the Jags fans singing and getting behind the team even before we scored our equaliser. That's the attitude that will get us out of this position, not constant sniping about how pathetic we are. So to those more negative posters; you may think I'm talking nonsense, but maybe just consider. If there is even the slightest chance that a positive attitude from the fans could help bring success over the next few games, wouldn't you rather be part of that?